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Easy Air Fryer Recipes

These are fantastic Air fryer recipes that are perfect for snacks, appetizers, side dishes and main entrees. These foods cook crisp and quickly without alot of oil. A great starter recipe that the whole family will love are our Air Fryer Potato Wedges. If you’re looking for a healthy dinner, the air fried low carb salmon recipe  is wonderful.

Is Air Frying Healthy? Why Are Air Fryers Good?

  • Getting foods crispy in an air fryer definitely uses less oil.
  • Air Frying is a Healthier way to cooking fried foods. Food isn’t deep fried in oil and only needs a light oil spray.
  • There’s little clean up and less of oil while cooking.
  • Air Frying doesn’t release any of the greasy deep fried odors and the food is much lighter in taste than deep frying.
  • Because of smaller baskets, the food cooked quicker when compared to ovens and no pre-heating is necessary
  • You don’t have to heat up your house in Summer when you’re craving something warm, roasted or deep fried
  • Its super great for cooking frozen foods without oil and great for re-heating foods.

When is an Air fryer not good?

  • Big Servings for a very large family: You really can’t cook big servings of food unless you buy the larger air fryers or cook in multiple batches. The larger the air fryer, the larger the investment.
  • Price: They aren’t cheap and some can be more hassle to clean, depending on the design and model.
  • Small space in your kitchen or little countertop space: If you already have a little countertop convection oven and love it, you might want to stick to that, unless you’re into really low oil cooking.


  • Air frying needs space between the food: Don’t over crowd the baskets with food. Cook in batches if you need to (2 small-medium batches cook better than 1 large batch).
  • Shake or gently toss/turn the food: Don’t forget to shake while cooking, but sometimes shaking the basket during cooking isn’t enough. Gently toss the food with a rubber spatula so food doesn’t break or tear.
  • Safety first! The bottom of the air fryers can get hot while cooking. Make sure to place on a heat-safe surface or wooded cutting board.