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Hello & Chaò, we’re Todd and Diane. Welcome to our world of food, photography, travel, gardening and life with our beloved pup: Lexi, the once energetic Rhodesian Ridgeback is now an old-timer. The dog you’ll see in the video below was our sweet Sierra, the White Boxer, who was Lexi’s big sister and passed in 2020 at the age of 14. Lexi wasn’t born yet when we made the video below, but we’re hoping to make a new one soon. And who is Dante, whom this video was dedicated to? He was our first pup, a loving and devoted Rhodesian Ridgeback. He gave us 11 years of unconditional love and taught us so much about life that we will never forget.

Why White On Rice Couple?  We saw a funny play about a Vietnamese family and how they always stick together like “white on rice”. That term stuck with us in the sense to describe how close we are together as husband and wife, best friends and co-workers. We feel inseparable as we work, live and play together. Thus, the “white on rice” really stuck, along with how it’s a tongue-and-cheek reference to our heritages.  When we needed a blog name way back in 2008, this made most sense. And we didn’t take ourselves too seriously when we started the blog back then and still, kinda, sorta take ourselves more seriously now. You can always ask our pups what they think of us!

We’re full time commercial/editorial food, travel & lifestyle photographers, creative directors and filmmakers. Visit our portfolio of professional photography, film & cookbook photography: TDPhotographers.com 

Our Photography & Work: By day we stay busy in our photo/multimedia studio and freelance on assignment. Clients include Taco Bell, Food & Wine Magazine, Fine Cooking Magazine, Thermador, KitchenAid, Nestle, Williams Sonoma, Whole Foods, Sunset Magazine. Partial client list here. We’re recipe contributors to Food & Wine Magazine Here

Personal Food Blog. And we’re very busy cooks too. In our free time we share recipes and stories on our blog here, which is our happy little creative space. Our food blog here is a small slice of life that allows us to get away from our busy photography careers to just escape and connect with wonderful friends around the world. It’s our delicious creative outlet. 

Bountiful Cookbook Awards Todd Porter Diane Cu-Porter

Our Cookbook:  We wrote a cookbook called Bountiful. Created, cooked, recipe tested, and photographed everything in the book. And washed every single dirty dish ourselves.

Love of Food, Culture, Kindness. Fueled by our love of local culture, people & rich heritage, we document powerful stories from around the world. Whether on assignment travel or working in our photography and event studio, we feel so lucky to be doing what we love. 

We believe in celebrating kind people, good food, great conversation, green gardening and traveling. Our lives have always been about love, family, friends and sharing. Connecting with people through food, sharing stories and supporting one another to live our dreams is what inspires us to publish this blog. Memories from our childhoods inspires us to cook, consume and create what you see here on our personal blog.  Todd was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Elgin, Oregon and Diane was born in Da-Nang, Viet-Nam and raised in Southern California. Although our backgrounds are vastly different, we know that what we have in common far outweigh our differences.  After over 25 years together, we’re  always continuing to evolve together as husband/wife and professional colleagues. 

This site is our outlet to share our love of food, cooking, travel, adventure and friendship. Welcome and nice to meet you. We’re based out of Los Angeles/Orange County , California.

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Some of Blog Press, Interviews & other mentions: 

Speaking events and presentations at industry conferences/workshops: 

  • Food Blog Forum, Orlando Florida 2015, Food photography
  • CreativeLive  2014, Seattle CA. Food Photography & Natural Food styling, 3 day workshop.
  • Food Blog Forum 2014, Food photography/food styling, Asheville, North Carolina
  • BlogHer Food 2013, Mobile Photography , Austin, Texas
  • IACP , Video Storytelling, San Francisco 2013
  • Food Blog Forum 2013 , Food Photography & Food Video, Orlando, Florida
  • BlogHer PRO 2012, San Francisco – Welcome Keynote Address: Bringing your best, authentic self to your business
  • BlogHer Annual 2012, NYC –  Photo editing techniques  
  • EVO- Evolution of Women in Multimedia 2012, Salt Lake City, Utah – Mobile photography & Food Photography/Food Styling
  • BlogHer Food 2012, Seattle: Keynote – Storytelling : Sharing your unique food story
  • Food Blog Forum, Orlando, FL 2012: Sharing your unique photographic story, voice & food styling, photo editing
  • Blissdom 2012, Nashville: Storytelling and Embracing Imperfection: Empower Your Visual Voice with Photography and Video
  • Creative Connection 2011, MN : Finding your voice & Story telling through multimedia, Food Photography and Food Styling
  • Evolution of Women in Multimedia 2011, Utah: Portrait Photography, Food Photography/Styling
  • Boston University 2011 : International Food Photography & Styling Conference: Video & Film Workshop
  • IACP, Austin, TX 2011 : Let there be light! Lighting & Photography
  • USC Creative Careers:  University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA : Online publishing, blogging and integrating social media to achieving your online career
  • USC Creative Careers 2010: Achieving Success & Values in your career
  • Techmunch, Los Angeles 2011 : Video and Storytelling
  • Cancun Mexico, 2011: Food Blogger Camp : Hands on workshops for food photography, lifestyle and photojournalism.
  • London, 2011 : Food Blogger Connect: Finding Your Niche
  • Food Blog Forum, Nashville, TN 2011 : Storytelling, Food Photography & Food Styling
  • USC Creative Careers 2011:  University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA : Online publishing, blogging and integrating social media to achieving your online career
  • USC Creative Careers 2010: Achieving Success & Values in your career
  • The Art of Food and Light Workshop, Boulder, CO 2010, 2011- Natural and artificial light workflow, food styling and hands-on workshop
  • Blog World and New Media Expo, Las Vegas 2010– Food Photography
  • BlogHer Food Conference 2010, San Francisco, CA – Food Photography for Food Bloggers
  • Food Blogger Camp 2010, Ixtapa Mexico : Multimedia Presentation- integrating video, podcasts and other forms of new multimedia to building your best blog
  • Food Blog Forum, Los Angeles, CA 2010– Food Photography, Workflow and Equipment
  • Food Blog Forum, Atlanta, Georgia 2010– Food Styling, Food Photography
  • BlogHer Food Conference 2009, San Francisco, CA – Principles of Photography

We love hearing from all of you! 

But with the flood of emails that we get on a daily basis, we are unable to answer each and every inquiry.  That’s great to send us a quick line and “hello!” but if you’re expecting an answer, please know we try to best to respond and it won’t be right away.

If it’s a recipe, technique or ingredient related question, please ask it on the comment section of the post so that everyone can benefit from the information. We like to share all recipe related questions to all our readers. xoxo Todd and Diane 

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