Sriracha Recipe – Homemade Chili Sriracha Hot Sauce

Sriracha Recipe

Twitter got me into some big trouble. Last week, I innocently twittered a photograph of some Vietnamese condiments for a Viet Nhậu (tapas) party we were having for one of our Supper Club Dinners. In that picture, there were some yummy, traditional Vietnamese toppings of scallion oil confit, fried crispy shallots and many more goodies I prepared for the evenings feast. But I never thought a simple Twitter mention of “homemade sriracha hot sauce” would cause such a commotion, create incessant demands for the recipe, and getting all the love and attention over the other toppings. I knew Sriracha style hot sauce was popular, but a cult following? Never.

So yes, that’s what I’ll call it from now on, Cult Sriracha.

When I first made this sauce a while back, I asked myself: What makes Huy Fong’s Sriracha, this ubiquitous Asian, cock-labeled chili sauce so popular? It’s just a chili condiment in a squirt bottle for god sakes and there’s a gazillion different brands out there on the market. But I myself, can confess to squeezing the dickens out of this bottle of orange/reddish gold goodness. It’s like a prized commodity when it hits the palate and gives incredible sensations of heat, sweet and tang. Sriracha has the perfect balance of all flavors: delicate spice combined with sweet and garlicky tangy undertones that make it perfect in almost any dish.

Garlic chili hot sauce recipe

Huy Fong’s Sriracha isn’t too spicy to where it will cause beads of sweat to roll down one’s face, nor is it claiming to be “hotter than a motha” and attempt to cause a brain concussion. Neither is it trying to break records with the million scoville scale mark, nor is it trying to keep you on the toilet for the entire morning after.

Being the fresh sauce addict that I am and loving to create outside the bottle, I wanted to re-create the theme of Sriracha in my own kitchen and customize the spice/sweet/tang layers to my own preferences. I can take a little more heat than most and I wanted to raise the spicy bar in the sauce to accommodate not just my own taste buds, but also for my chili loving friends. Give me more spice in my hot sauce and I’ll be a very, very good girl.

YOU MUST MAKE THIS!! This is not only so easy, it’s so fresh tasting from all the fresh chilies! I was able to find the right balance of the sugar, vinegar and spice, all blended together to get the smooth, hot sauce consistency. Unlike some other chili sauces with the seeds and peels still coarsely evident, I used tomato sauce as the base to help blend the sauce together and keep it more like the Sriracha consistency.

It’s smooth, pretty and delicious. This homemade chili sauce sings sweet and spicy songs in your mouth, while being kind to your body with the perfect amount of heat.

As with any recipe, you can tailor this to your own palate to create your own version of the sauce. I know some folks like their hot sauce to counter balance the heat with a little more sugar and some like more of the vinegary tang. Go for it and customize all those balancing elements to your body’s tolerance. Personally, I’ve added a touch (just a slight “Diane spicy style” touch) to my version for that extra little kick of heat.

Last but not least, please don’t skimp out on any of the ingredients, especially the fish sauce. The fish sauce adds the savory, salty and umami depth to this recipe. With out the fish sauce, this chili hot sauce doesn’t have the exciting umami layer of flavor that I can taste in the original Sriracha.  For vegetarians, you can replace the fish sauce with a soy sauce.

All of the listed ingredients come together beautifully to harmonize the flavor and texture of this hot sauce and without them, I wouldn’t dare call it “Sriracha style”.

Hope this rocks your spicy hot sauce world!


Sriracha Hot Sauce Recipe

Sriracha Recipe - Homemade Chili Sriracha Hot Sauce

Yield: @ 1 cup

Total Time: 20 min

This recipe all varies depending on the chili's (red jalapenos, habanero's, etc...). Every chili pepper has a different heat level, so you must be the judge of the amount of spice you prefer. Start your first batch with smaller chili pepper quantities to familiarize yourself with the heat level of your chili peppers.


  • 1 cup thai red chili peppers (@ 100g). *Start with less (about half) if you want a more mild, gentle hot sauce
  • 4-5 medium cloves of Garlic, crushed or minced
  • 2 medium Shallots, minced
  • 1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil
  • 2 - 8 ounce (or 1- 15 oz.) cans Tomato Sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon Fish Sauce (don't skimp out on this!) or use Soy Sauce, if you can, try to use the Fish Sauce.
  • 3 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar
  • 3 T Sugar


  1. Remove stems of chili peppers, rinse clean. Blot dry with paper towel. Wearing rubber gloves, mince the chili peppers. The smaller the cut, the smoother your final sauce will be.
  2. In sauce pan, heat oil then add minced garlic and shallots. Over medium-high heat saute for a about 1 minute or until light brown and fragrant. (don't burn your garlic!)
  3. Add tomato sauce and minced chili peppers. Let sauce come to a simmer then lower heat to keep at a low simmer. Add fish sauce, vinegar, and sugar. Mix well.
  4. Continue simmering sauce for about 5 minutes. This will break down the chili peppers and soften them to create the smooth consistency.
  5. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely.
  6. Transfer sauce to blender and blend till smooth or until most of the chili pepper skin and seeds break down- preferably on the "liquefy" mode.
  7. Taste the hot sauce. Further customize the hot sauce to your liking: add more sugar, vinegar or water. Blend one last time till smooth.  Pour into clean, air tight jar and refrigerate. Use within about 1 week.
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  1. kevin

    Looks amazing! Do you recommend tomato paste or tomato sauce? Can’t wait to try this!!

    1. Todd & Diane

      Hi Kevin, tomato sauce is better because of the consistency. Tomato Paste might be too thick unless you water it down a bit.

  2. Jason

    Thanks so much for posting this recipe. We had a large number of Thai chili peppers to use from the garden and this was the perfect fit for us. We did use just a bit more sugar and Fish Sauce than suggested based on our tastes. We blended half of it with mayo and lime juice so that we’d have a nice sriracha aioli to use with crab cakes and then we stored the other half for tomorrow night’s grilled shrimp. Doubling the recipe made enough for two full mason jars and so now we’ve got lots of eating to do!

  3. Frank

    Does canning Sriracha weaken the hotness of it . It shouldn’t I would prefer doing that when
    It’s summer and the tomatoes and peppers are at there best. . In winter there is no fresh home grown produce in Canada , so canning a years supply should be easy . I can dilly beans and pickled hot peppers with all the hotness I want .

  4. Jeff Farris

    Just finished cooking a batch up. Wow. I’ve grown American and Caribbean chiles for years, but this was my first year growing Thai chiles and wanted the first picking to go into something special. This recipe was perfect. I looked at dozens of Sriracha recipes and somehow settled on this one. I was originally skeptical about the inclusion of tomato sauce, when most pepper sauces do not include tomato product. I decided to give it a shot. It isn’t exactly like the green topped rooster sauce…in fact in my estimation it is much, much better.

    I usually follow a recipe to the letter the first time I make it, but I made a couple changes. I used palm sugar instead of regular sugar, a teaspoon of cane sorghum and about double the amount of garlic. I also cooked it longer than mentioned. I ran it through the strainer attachment of my KitchenAid instead of blending in the skins and seeds. I’ve found in other sauces this leads to a cleaner flavor.

  5. Pat J.


    I just learn about your blog today via David Lebovitz. I live in Thailand, and I have a clip of how they make Sri Raja sauce at the local town of Sri Raja, a small fishing town about an hour away from Bangkok. The vdo is in Thai but you can easily get the idea of what gets into the original hot sauce.

    Btw, your version looks beautiful.


  6. Damien McKinney

    So I made this tonight and put it on a leftover larb salad I made yesterday. My bald head is sweating but it burns so good! Thanks for posting this!

  7. Resiteanu' Exilat

    I am a hot sauce maker (doing it for years with peppers, onions, tomatoes, etc., I cultivate in my garden) and very good at it. But I also fell in love with Sriracha sauce and use tons (1 ton = 5 spoons) of it at each seating. It must be the fish (I used many exotic ingredients before, but never fish) sauce that gives its character and I will surely try this recipe.
    All the best!

  8. Alexander

    So Im a little late to the sriracha thread but I have to gush for a second.. this recipe is pretty dang amazing! Seriously.. I was panicked when I saw that Huy Fong Foods was court ordered shut down but now I am sighing with relief. While Ive been stock piling the great rooster sauce I have to say that there’s no need any longer. I love your recipe, its ‘s smooth, spicy, tangy, umami and well, amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m going to now stand on my patio deck and yell to the world, “this is the best sriracha ever!!”

  9. bonnie paddle

    This sounds amazing! I’m going to make this as a present for my boyfriend, but wondering what you mean by tomato sauce? Do you mean blended tomatoes like passata? Or more like a ketchup? thank you!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Tomato sauce in the recipe refers to simply a pureed tomato sauce. We’ll see it sold in cans fairly frequently in the markets here in the US and it is packaged as tomato sauce, although it can easily be made at home by cooking some Roma or other paste type tomatoes until they are tender then pureeing them up. Hope you and your boyfriend love the sauce!

  10. Debora Cadene

    I”ll be making this for sure. I was wondering if you or anyone you know has canned this. I was thinking that it could be blended while its on the stove, as someone also mentioned then put into the canning jars so they could seal. I was also wondering if you’ve used habanero peppers mixed with the red chili peppers, and if so…did you use very many for with the 1c. of chilis? Could you successfully double or triple this recipie? I ask, because not everything turns out as good if you make the plan bigger.

    thank you again,
    Atikokan. ontario

  11. mehemrodn

    What kind of jars are those/where can I get them?

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Those are Weck jars. A lot of good kitchen stores carry them plus you should be able to find them on amazon. Weck makes some of the cutest jars.

  12. lillian

    just made the recipe last night, but with habaneros only. i must say it is even much better than the commercial brand! thanks so much for the recipe. happy christmas and new year!

  13. Jared

    Just made it with double the chilies! Yum! Still not spicy enough for me though!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      This recipe was set more to have the spiciness of the sriracha we will often find bottled, but for home we often kick it up quite a bit more. We’ll change out a portion of the chilies with ones higher on the scoval scale. We grow one called Goat’s Weed (the Vietnamese call it Devil Pepper or Evil Pepper) or we’ll throw in some chocolate habaneros. Glad you like the recipe! Go to town with other chilies in it!

  14. Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom

    oh my! so happy I found this!!! or that you shared this with us! 😛

  15. Lissa

    This recipe sounds delicious. Is there any substitution for the fish sauce or soy sauce to reduce the sodium. I am on a sodium free way of life. Thanks

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Hi Lissa,
      The only way we can think of that will get close is too find a low sodium fish sauce. Sodium Girl may have a better solution than we do. Sorry we couldn’t be more of a help but it isn’t an area of expertise for us. Good luck!

      T & D

  16. Katja

    So excited. I had mountains of peppers last summer left over. So now I have a massive amount of dried peppers. I was thinking for those who can not eat a whole jar in a week or two, freeze it in ice trays and pop one out when you start running low. My aunt does this with pesto (you can put a cube right into the hot noodles. so easy!) and I figure it would work with the Sriracha. Thanks for the recipe. Love the Weck jars too.

  17. megan

    You have done it once again…. upped the game…

  18. wayno

    I’d like to know just which chiles huy fong uses in their sauces. this NYT article suggests ripe red jalapeños:

    1. White on Rice Couple

      We don’t know what chilies he uses. Just as he mentions that his isn’t a Thai sriracha, but his own sriracha, our recipe isn’t Huy Fong’s but is our own. If we were you, we’d experiment with different chilies until you find the flavor you like best. Good luck.

      T & D

  19. Angela@spinachtiger

    I love sriracha but I don’t think I could eat that sauce within a week. I like it in every soup, in every shrimp dish, a dash here, a squirt there. Especially helpful when you have the flu or cold. I think it has its own healing properties.

  20. katealtmix

    we had no idea what to do with the beautiful chilies our neighbors gave us- until i remembered i’d bookmarked this recipe from so long ago! just finished and we LOVE it! great recipe (as usual!)!

  21. Scotland Squire

    I just made this sauce. I is so delicious. I did make a few changes. I could not find Thai red chilies so I just used a mixture of some other red chili peppers, jalapenos and serrano chilies. Also, I added a whole lot more garlic. This was so fantastic that my husband was eating it like crazy and he usually doesn’t like things like this. You get a really nice sweet taste at first then you get hit with the most amazing spicy heat that is very addictive. We ate it last night with buffalo burgers and then today with spring rolls.

    Thank you so much for this recipe!!!

  22. Kurt

    I recently found your site, it’s wonderful. Question though. I found 2 different recipes for Vietnamese style carrot and daikon pickles. One calls for 3 C water and 3 T vinegar and the other calls for 1 C water and 1 C vinegar. Are these correct quantities for the individual recipes? The one doesn’t seem to have enough vinegar. I really want to try these but want to make sure I make them correctly. Thanks

    1. White on Rice Couple

      They are just two diff styles. The first we wrote is our home recipe, the second is one we liked out of a cookbook. Try small batches of each and see which you like better or adjust to your own taste. That’s what we do.

  23. zach

    Why didnt you blend the sauce while it was hot:
    blending hot makes smoother sauce.
    I am sure of this.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Not worth the atomic scald! Plus this is a sauce which is we don’t need particularly smooth. The touch of texture is nice.

  24. Kevin

    I am going to try and can this when the peppers come into season. Will let you know how it works out.

  25. Joel

    Thanks for the inspiration on this one. I made a slight variation this afternoon and it was great. I doubled the garlic and instead of tomatoes I used roasted red bell and long peppers. I also added a dollop of shrimp paste.

  26. Rob

    I love your Sriracha recipe. I must confess, I’m an addict for the stuff too.
    I have my own wing sauce that I make with Sriracha, Soy Sauce, black pepper. It is an outstanding flavor that is not too hot, with just enough kick and a touch of Asian flavor.


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  27. Neel

    Bookmarked this recipe months ago. Waited until I could get fresh-off-the-vine red Thai chilies. Stirred it up as directed. Seasoned the pureed final product to my taste with more vinegar, fish sauce, and sugar. And voila… it turned out fantastic. So simple yet so delicious! Thanks for posting this recipe.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Neel – glad it turned out well for you. I like that you added more vinegar and fish sauce!

  28. Vance in Ohio

    Loved the recipe. I used all fresh ingredients from our garden,even the garlic. After making it once using your recipe,I tweeked it a little for my own tastes. I upped the garlic and omitted two Table spoons of sugar and replaced with a whole red bell pepper. Was perfect for my own tastes,sweet as well and the color was more red and less orange. Thanks again for giving us the basics to making this addiction at home.

  29. pixen

    This sauce reminded me of Hainan Chicken Rice. I sure missed dipping the chicken in it! I’d been looking around for this Sriracha sauce for cooking of Thai’s Red Curry recipe for some time now. I can’t find the recipe for this paste. Thank you for sharing this info! 🙂

  30. Jessica@FoodMayhem

    I’m going to make this today!

  31. Annie

    Yea – I always buy the big rooster squirt bottle and now I’m very excited to make my own sriracha. Now, about this scallion oil confit…

  32. Prix Fixe

    Great recipe! Another idea if you want a really smooth sauce, after pureeing it – pass it through a chinois.

  33. White on Rice Couple

    Thanks for all of the shared excitement over our little spicy kick. Answering those who are concerned about the lasting capacity of the sauce, it usually always does last much longer than a week, although some batches have developed mold after about two weeks. Other batches have lasted much longer and the taste changes a bit over time, but not really deteriorating.
    Denise-Yeah. The site moved locations and messed up the feeds. We fixed one problem, but some might still need to re-subscribe. Sorry about that.
    Pam- We have a few different brands we use for fish sauce, depending on it’s intended purpose. The one we use the most is Phu Quoc “Flying Lion Brand.”
    Thanks for all the spicy love everyone.

  34. Michele

    This looks beautiful…I just wish it lasted a little longer in the fridge. Does it really degrade so quickly?

  35. Morgalieden

    The sauce looks amazing! You know what’s really sad? I’ve been living in Sriracha for almost a year now, and haven’t seen Sriracha Sauce anywhere in town… it’s a myth!

  36. Dana Zia

    Wow, I have never thought of making Siriahca. What a great idea. I use Siriahca is almost everything but my oatmeal cookies these days. Yum. Beautiful pictures! I love the contrast of the green, brown and red. Very nice. Have a great weekend filled with food and fun!
    Dana Zia

  37. Shavedicesundays

    As I mentioned on Andrea Nguyen’s site who btw is also featuring Siriacha, my favorite non-Viet way to use siriacha is for Bloody Mary drinks. Your version looks beautiful and so very fresh.

  38. Paula Maack

    This is fantastic, Diane!! I have been thinking about a homemade srirachi sauce, and here you have nailed it! It looks perfect!

    The photos are just gorgeous!! I can’t wait to try it out.

    Thank you!!!

    ~ Paula

  39. MPG

    cult is correct! i even tweeted about your post, but forgot to come & comment…shame on me! i’ll make it up by making it the veg way 🙂 this family is part of that sriracha cult…my mouth is watering just looking at this post!

  40. Heidi Robb

    Note to self: Must make.


  41. Melissa

    “a more mild, gentle hot sauce”

    *does not compute*

    Bring on the Thai chiles. YUM. Thanks for posting this.

  42. Katie

    Sirachi isn’t hot to you? Holy cow – it kills me on sushi and in pho! I only use a tiny bit! My boys would love this tho – may have to try it!

  43. Kate

    You’ve got me hooked! I love sriracha, though I fear I’m hopelessly Western in my application of it — I often mix it with mayo.

  44. Julia

    I assume you saw this article in today’s New York Times about the genesis in America of the much loved sriracha sauce:

  45. pam

    Sort of off topic, but not really, what kind of fish sauce do you use?

  46. Natanya

    I know this is “supposed” to be a condiment for Asian food, but I’d love to pair it with some of my TexMex, MexTex, and Interior Mexican food dishes as well. I’ve always wondered how I might make Sriracha, and now I have a place to start.

  47. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    I’m a Sriracha addict, and also can take the heat, so customizing my own sauce is definitely something I want to try. Thanks for the recipe. I’m off to the Asian market for Thai chiles!

  48. Jeff

    I grow thai chili peppers every year and usually end up drying them because I do not have enough uses for them. This is an awesome suggestion and had I been following you on Twitter (I am now) I would have been begging you for the recipe too.

  49. Pigpigscorner

    I love this sauce! Sounds quite straightforward and easy! THanks for sharing.

  50. Victoria

    This looks great. I will have to plant chili peppers as well as tomatoes this summer so I can make this with my own stuff!

  51. Manggy

    Skimp on the fish sauce? I wouldn’t dream of it! 🙂 I didn’t think homemade sriracha would be so easy! Thanks for the recipe!
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with beads of sweat rolling, hee 🙂

  52. Kara

    Ok, I really did make a version of this on Saturday before I ever saw this post. It’ll hit my blog in another 2 days. But I’m not being a copycat, really! 🙂 Actually I think my recipe is quite different from yours, but now that I’ve seen yours I’m inspired to make several different versions.

  53. Bren

    now i want to try, though i don’t handle too much heat, very well. i must try b/c of all the rave! lovely pics.

  54. Lisa

    I’ve been a quiet lurker for a little while now, and I have to say, not only are you two one of the cutest couples ever, but your dishes, photography and write ups are a joy to ‘virtually’ take part in. I must have bookmarked dozens of your recipes by now. You’re both definitely an inspiration in so many areas! Thanks for providing the blogging world with such fun, creativity, and SALIVATING!!

  55. RavenousCouple

    We just made this recipe last night and posted about it. Thanks so much–it tastes great!!

  56. mikky

    simply amazing!!! 🙂

  57. Nhu

    yuum…home-made is always better! We have a garden full of chili pepper plants (I believe most Viet families do haha) so my Mom’s always making different chili sauces, or “tuong ots”. She makes tuong ot from dried chilis too…it’s pretty good in its own way…tastes more like the “sate” kind. We store them in jars as big as yours and finish each jar off in about a week. It’s funny and a bit sad how we’ve come to put them in EVERYTHING.

  58. tara

    Oh, you brilliant, brilliant woman. This is life-changingly exciting. Cannot wait to try this out! Thanks so much.

  59. Alta

    And the clouds opened up, and you could hear the angels singing from the heavens! Okay, maybe over-dramatic, but this is awesome!

  60. The Duo Dishes

    Ooooh, how interesting. We never thought about making this before, but why not?

  61. ravenouscouple

    Amazing! darn!! wish we knew this recipe for the barbecue to use in our nem nuong sliders! We have bags of homegrown super hot chilipeppers from her relatives so can’t wait to try this. Thanks!

  62. Tartelette

    The pictures are simply stunning and the recipe…well…already in the file to try soon. We are addicted to this sauce over here too!

  63. Kristine

    Thank you so much for the inspiration to make my own. I can’t find any sriracha in my town that doesn’t have preservatives. I live in a So Cal city with a 3 health food stores, 2 asian groceries and a fancy food market. I have to let the purity thing go when eating out, but for my home I don’t like to buy it. So excited to make it.

  64. matt wright

    OK, I would never sirracha “delicate spice”! that stuff kills me everytime! Lovely photos.. no wait, not lovely – STUNNING. Love the pics of this evil sauce in the jars.

  65. lisaiscooking

    I love making fresh versions of hot sauces, and this looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try it.

  66. Garrett

    Damn, I am all over this. I actually have a huge bag of those chilis I bought on impulse. Now, I have something to use them for. =)

  67. Howard

    Thank you very much, I believe I was one of those annoying people on Twitter asking for the recipe 😉

  68. Chez US

    ps…. I have not been getting newsletters – I just signed up again.

  69. Chez US

    I have been meaning to try to (make some time) make some hot sauces. Oh, I am going to have to try this out for sure as a certain someone likes it HOT HOT HOT! I love that you used Weck jars as well … they are my favs, so very European!

  70. Louise

    What an easy and simple recipe for such a versatile sauce. It inspires me to try and make my own once I have a free night.

  71. Giff

    count me in on the Sriracha cult. This summer, when the fresh chilis are pouring off the farm stand, I definitely want to try this!

  72. Haley W.

    You have made my day! Now I can make my own Sriracha, from my own homegrown chilies instead of buying it! Fun and delicious! YES.

  73. Lori Lynn

    I have always wanted to make my own, this is great, appreciate the recipe.

  74. Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

    My mouth is watering, your creation looks delicious. Can’t wait to give it a try!

  75. Carol Peterman

    I would never have thought to make my own Sriracha, but now that I know…!

  76. Angela@spinachtiger

    Although I’m Italian, I got turned on to the wonders of sriracha sauce when I had a vietnamese room mate. We would make the simplest soups and add the sauce and go crazy eating it up. I remember one rainy california winter, and we were never sick. We swore the soup kept us in good health. Ever since then, it’s just as important to me as my olive oil. Never thought of making my own. What a great idea!

  77. Lan

    oh they only last a week?! i’m going to have to make this as divvy out as gifts for all the cookouts i’m going to just this month alone.
    thank you for sharing this recipe, it’s pretty ingenious.

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