Curry Cauliflower Pickles & Love of salty crunch

I love me plenty of good pickles. Anyone else here in the pickle-loving camp? Please chime in because I’d love to know that there are other obsessive picklers out there. When I eat something off the grill, bbq or a sandwich, I crave a fresh and salty crunch. If the pickles have some extra spice, unique flair or flavor, then I’m double happy! Yes, admittedly I’m addicted to pickles and if you crack open a new jar of fresh homemade pickles, I’ll devour the whole jar in one sitting.

This pickle recipe is long overdue and it’s dedicated to my pal Lori at Lemons and Lavender. Sorry Lori for taking so long to post this!

A few months ago, Todd and I hosted a fun luncheon at our studio for local food bloggers. The attendee list was filled with some familiar faces, but mostly brand new people that we’ve never met and have always wanted to meet outside of our social media circles.

At the lunch, we served up our homemade trio of pickles: spicy korean kim chi, crisp celery and curry cauliflower. All three pickles were a hit and each jar had their dedicated fans. But the pickled curry cauliflower was a major hit and so many people, including Lori, asked for the recipe. Lori was the one who was always on top of reminding me to share the recipe. That’s why this recipe is for Lori.

I often wonder why this curry cauliflower pickle resonated with so many palates at the luncheon. Many of the attendees noted that they’ve had pickled cauliflower before, but never like my pickles.

Maybe it was the spice? The intense bright yellow color of the cauliflower? or maybe it was from the depth of flavor of the soy sauce based brine that made everyone coming back to a practically empty jar.

Either way, I re-made this recipe again several times and actually remembered to write the recipe down. Each time, I ate the pickles and realized that my pickle recipe is very flavorful and balanced with spice. I do love spice and flavor and when it comes to pickling, I always want to have each jar chock full of crisp fresh veggies and bright with fun flavors.

The spice level of these pickles is all up to you. Though I used red jalapeños, each batch was different based on how spicy the chiles were. So before you pickle, please taste your chiles to test their heat level. Or if you don’t want to add spice, this recipe is great even without the spice!

So here it is, finally. My flavorful curry cauliflower pickles. Enjoy!



Curry Cauliflower Pickles

Yield: @ 2 quarts

Total Time: 15 min

The curry flavor in these cauliflower pickles adds a nice savory crunch. Cut the cauliflower in bite sized pieces, but the remember that the bigger the cuts, the longer it will take to pickle. We like to pickle them in one large 2 qt. mason jar, but use whatever canning size jar that works for you.


  • 1 Head Cauliflower (about 2 lbs), cut into bite sized pieces
  • 1 large Red Jalapeño (or bell pepper), sliced
  • 8 c (1900 ml) Water
  • 1 c (235 ml) White Vinegar
  • 3 T Sugar
  • 2 T Salt
  • 2 T Soy Sauce
  • 2 medium cloves Garlic, finely minced
  • 1 T Curry Powder


  1. Make pickling brine. In a large bowl, combine water, vinegar, sugar, salt, soy sauce, garlic, curry powder. Whisk until fully combined and to mix curry powder well into brine.
  2. In jars, layer cauliflower and jalapenos to the top of the jars. Using a large measuring cup (or other easy pouring vessel) fill jars with pickling brine to cover the cauliflower and jalapenos.
  3. Close lids on jars and refrigerate. Allow pickles to brine for 4-5 days for best flavor and texture.
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  1. Angela

    This looked so delicious that I decided to try it with the cauliflower from my CSA box. It’s pickling as we speak but I have a question. I used your “one large 2 qt jar” suggestion but was not able to get all the pickling liquid (9+ cups) and the vegetables in the jar. Did you use a 4 quart jar?

  2. Jen

    This looks great! I just bought some cauliflower to make giardiniera, and was wondering what I’d do with the rest of it. Now I know!

    Also, as the fellow owner of a white Boxer, I very much appreciate your lovely pictures of your sweet pup!

  3. Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)

    I made pickled cauliflower (along with carrots) while I was in culinary school! Very delicious and add a bunch of kick to any meal. Yum! Definitely need to do more pickling in my life.

  4. Alex

    This looks delicious! After 4-5 days marinating in the fridge, how long will these keep?

    Thank you.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Alex- we’ve kept them as long as 4 weeks in the fridge. 🙂

  5. Alessandra

    This is lovely, I am pinning it 🙂


  6. Parry Aftab

    can we use a traditional canning method for these to preserve them longer? Have more cauliflower than I can store in the frig. Never quite sure what is acidic enough…

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Hi Parry,
      You are able to can them for longer storage. The texture will begin to change over time of course, but they are quite tasty still. Enjoy!
      T & D

      1. Parry Aftab

        thanks so much for getting bak to me. I just tried it, adding keffir lime leaves and star anise (was out of curry) and used some red curry paste. the smell was amazing. I added some rice vinegar too. Cross your fingers!
        Love your blog (am summering in Prince Edward Island and canning like crazy).

  7. Megan

    I made these and we loved them. I didn’t have any jalapeño peppers so I just used a sweet orange bell pepper and it still turned out so beautiful and tasty. I can’t wait to make more with the spicy bite of jalapeño next time.

    (PS saw you guys present at BlogHer Food in Seattle and you guys were my fav of the entire weekend. Your stories were inspiring and your videos and photos are beautiful. Wish I had that skill.)

  8. @huangy07

    Pickling for the first time today! Trying this Curry Cauliflower Pickles recipe from @WhiteonRice – looks amazing!

  9. Hannah

    You are not alone in your love of pickles. I’m heading to the kitchen now to begin making these and know I will have trouble waiting for them… Your first photo is so inviting and I’d happily sit down and begin nibbling.

  10. shannon

    i think i’ve died and gone to heaven.

  11. Sunny

    I am currently discovering the hardest part of this recipe: the waiting!!! 😉


  12. amelia from z tasty life

    Italian use cauliflower in their “giardiniera” pickle, but I like the intriguing color that the curry gives to your variation and the mono-vegetable focus which cauliflower deserves.

  13. Garrett

    Love it. Pickled cauliflower is a treat I make for me since Brian doesn’t much care for pickles. This is fine as I don’t have to share then.

  14. susan

    Pickles are one of my all time favorite foods. And now the idea of big jar of sweet and spicy, pickledc cauliflower sitting in my fridge would make me very happy. Cannot wait to whip up a batch of these.

  15. Lori @ Lemons and Lavender

    I haven’t stopped thinking about those incredible cauliflower pickles since I had them at your studio. They are the perfect combination of salty, spicy and sweet…just like you 😉

    I can’t wait to whip up a batch and indulge. Thank you for the dedication and for all the love. I’m feeling it!


  16. Amber

    These look incredibly yummy! And your photos are beautiful too. My husband and I have been talking about pickling stuff, maybe we’ll finally try it with your recipe!

  17. Diana

    I’m a pickle addict, in fact my dad’s nickname for me as a kid was pickle monster. Last fall I pickled about 40 jars of different vegetables and am so glad I did as it’s been one of my nausea cures during this first trimester. I go through a jar a week!

  18. Karen M.

    Your cauliflower pickles look beautiful – I look forward to making them after my next trip to Farmers Market! I am a major pickle lover from way, way back.

    One question: do you have a brand preference for the curry powder or do you make you own blend?

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Karen- You can use any curry powder. Making your own blend would be terrific as well and make your pickles even more unique! The curry blend I use is on the spicy side, so my version has extra kick.

  19. Lea Ann (Cooking on the Ranch)

    :::waving hand! I’m a pickled anything lover. I do appreciate this recipe. Thanks so much for posting it. I’ll be pickling cauliflower soon. Absolutely beautiful photos.

  20. slywlf

    I love pickles and I especially love cauliflower, so I foresee a trip to the farm stand in my near future 😉

  21. Cathy/ShowFoodChef

    I was lucky enough to taste these awesome pickles and am so happy to have your recipe to try. Happiest 4th, you guys! Much love-

  22. Shut Up & Cook

    Outstanding..I love almost all things Cauliflower (Cauliflower Gratin, Blasted Cauliflower, Cauliflower and White Bean Soup), but have admittedly never tried it pickled…you’ve inspired me yet again!

  23. Anna @ Crunchy Creamy Sweet

    Now that is something I am dying to try! Gorgeous photos as always!

  24. White On Rice Couple via Facebook

    Sean Timberlake absolutely, anything for you. Do you have more info on Punk Domestics?

  25. Sean Timberlake via Facebook

    Curry + cauliflower = perfection. Will you submit it to Punk Domestics pretty please?

  26. Kelley {mountain mama cooks}

    I too love a good pickle. Your photos are always stunning and I can’t wait to try this cauliflower with curry…..I’m pleasantly intrigued!

  27. sandhya@vegetarianirvana

    Love your photos and your stories.
    Households in India will have at least five different pickles at any given time. Indian pickles are done differently though. They are mostly preserved in spices and oil rather than brine and vinegar.
    Please check this out,

  28. Mathilda

    I am also a big pickle lover, and always interested in new versions : soon, I want to try with flowers !

    1. Tate Mcgee


      Please let me know how that went :).

  29. Jeff @ Cheeseburger

    I love pickles too and this pickle recipe is great!

  30. Deanna

    I love pickles! My cucumber plants are going crazy so I’ve been in cucumber pickle mode. Lately its been pickles based on some I had at my favorite restaurant (The Playground in Santa Ana) they were sweet and spicy pickles with lots of fresh chilies and mint. The brine also makes for an excellent drink with some gin (Hendricks) and club soda. I really need to write down the recipe.

    1. Linda O'Neal

      Yes you do need to write down and post the recipe for gin (Hendricks) and club soda!! I am anxiously awaiting. I already have my pickles in the jars!!

  31. Christine

    Ooh, can’t wait to make this! Love any kind of fridge pickle…too chicken to get into the more heavy duty canning bath types. The flavors in this recipe are a nice change from the basics, yum!

  32. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    When I was at your studio for the event, I had this..and loved it! I love pickled anything and brine-ey vinegary things. Mmmm, so good.

    And btw, that event and that day, is my singular #1 favorite day, by far, of 2012. Thank you again!!! 🙂

  33. pam

    I adore quick pickles, and I always have several jars in my fridge! This is next on my list!

  34. Marina@ Picnic at Marina

    Diane, this is such a fresh and crisp post. I feel a cool breeze from your photos in this hot-hot summer day. Cauliflower pickles are lovely, thanks for the recipe! Have a great 4th of July! 🙂

  35. Joanne @ Fifteen Spatulas

    I’m always looking for new ways to eat cauliflower, and I LOVE pickled things, so this is definitely going on my food to-do list. I’ll let you know how it goes when I make it!

    1. Joanne @ Fifteen Spatulas

      Hi Diane and Todd! I made these about 6 days ago, and they were AWESOME. So simple, and now officially my favorite way to eat cauliflower. The flavor reminded me a lot of something my Korean mom would make for me growing up, she called it “water kimchi” though I’m sure that’s an English translation of something I don’t know the name of lol.

  36. Andrea

    Hi White on Rice! I am a first time comment-er here, but wanted to chime in and say how much I love making fresh pickles. My favorite is spicy carrot pickles either flavored with cilantro or oregano (depending on our mood). I’ll make a new batch every couple weeks. I am excited to try out your cauliflower recipe. I think I’ll stop by the store on the way home…

  37. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    Mmm so summery! Love this!

  38. Tate Mcgee


    Thank you so much for the great recipe. I not only enjoy me a pickle a meal but I also love myself some cauliflower.

    And the photos…. they have given me an appetite :).

    Great Post! Great Recipe! Great photos!

    Wow! What a day!

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