Dragon Fruit, The Pups & Signing in SF

Dragon Fruit from the Garden by WhiteOnRiceCouple.comThe weather can’t decide what it wants to do in January. Well, at least on our end of the world that is. As we’re watching the news of blizzards and people using their front porch as a back up freezer in some parts of the country, we’re bathing in 87 degrees over here.

Yes, over here, in our part of California, we’re wondering if turning on our air conditioning in mid-January is wrong. Or worse yet, we’re seeing blooms on our volunteer tomato plants AND we’re harvesting a truck load of dragon fruit.  All this seems so terribly wrong, yet Mother Nature has already dictated to our garden that it’s time to start fruiting tomatoes and dragon fruit?

Dragon Fruit from the Garden by WhiteOnRiceCouple.comGo figure. Everything seems backwards. But one thing is for certain, we’re eating a ton of fresh dragon fruit in January instead of the end of September!

Sierra and Lexi are having a blast in this generous offering of hot weather. They’re playing outside much more and Lexi is out to attack the drip irrigation lines. Again. Again. And again.

Sierra and Lexi on WhiteOnRiceCouple.comFor many of you who have asked for more Lexi pictures, here they are. She’s not the tiny little white-paw puppy you saw last.

 The Pups back in August 2012Sierra and Lexi on WhiteOnRiceCouple.comThe Pups today

Sierra and Lexi on WhiteOnRiceCouple.comShe’s become a full grown pup and she’s outgrown Sierra by about 15 pounds.  Lexi is always looking for a play-mate and that’s great for Sierra because it keeps Sierra out-and-about instead of sleeping all day or waiting for a beach romp.

before all the beach romps….

Sierra and Lexi on WhiteOnRiceCouple.com…and after. Sierra and Lexi on WhiteOnRiceCouple.com

They are two lucky pups this weekend because we’re all heading up to San Francisco. Yup, another doggie road trip. We’re signing books at Book Passage at the Ferry Building during the last hour of the Farmers Market on Saturday, so if you’re free on Saturday afternoon, please stop by and say hello! Here are the details. It would be lovely to meet you.

And for Lexi and Sierra? They get to tag along and if they’re good pups, we might stop by a few doggie beaches along the coast. Or two. Or three.

Have a great weekend friends,

Diane and Todd

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  1. Michele

    Where in the San Francisco area can I buy dragon fruit? I will be there on business in a couple weeks and want to pick some up.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Best guess is Chinatown, but we don’t live in the Bay area so don’t know for sure.

  2. Thanh

    Where did you get the dragon fruit plant? I have a stalk and it’s growing so slow!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      We got most of ours from a local little old Vietnamese couple. Diane’s dad found them somehow. That was several years back and I don’t remember quite where they were at.

  3. JulieD

    I love the pictures of puppy Lexi and Lexi today. Gosh, time flies!! And those dragon fruit look amazing!

  4. Meegs

    Mmm, dragon fruit. I’ve been in love with that stuff since I had some in China years and years ago. Send me all your extras! 😉

  5. Yvette @ Muy Bueno

    Wow, you have dragon fruit too? What a fantastic garden you must have! And the puppies are so darn cute!

  6. Terry Covington

    Climate change has been doing bonkers things here in the Northwest, too — our rhododendron bush bloomed in November and is done; the camellias in some places bloomed a few months ago, and spring bulbs were pushing out of the ground in early November, too. It’s bizarre and concerning. I’m interested to hear as you go along how your garden responds, and any advice you have. Wow, 87 degrees in January. . . .

  7. Sandra | Foodmanna

    The dogs and dragon fruits are awesome!

  8. Shut Up & Cook

    Love to see a blog where the pups are a regular occurrence, as they are on mine as well. As for 87 in January…let’s just say you have the rest of us very jealous!

  9. Samantha C.

    I have never tried dragon fruit! They look delicious! and yes, I am SO jealous of your weather right now! I live in ND and this is a miserable cold winter. ha. Lucky us!

  10. Mandy@ladyandpups

    Omg! We are also a “couple” of parents to two pups (hence the URL)! When we were living back in New York, we used to take them on doggie road trips which, now that we moved to a place where such joy doesn’t exist anymore (Beijing….)(hence, running an angry blog), makes me wanna weep a little just thinking about it. Please enjoy your trips TWICE as much for our part, please.

  11. Deanna

    I bought my first pack of locally grown strawberries yesterday and they tasted like they were grown in July. I’m just happy my apartment gets almost no direct sunlight. I don’t want to run the AC.

  12. Heather P

    Your pups are adorable! Our dog Sirius (Black) has one white paw. We call it his Michael Jackson glove!

  13. Joanna

    Love, love, love the pics of dogs!!!! Nothing more warms up my heart as dogs…. sorry.. I know there are many gorgeous things/creatures in the world but for me dogs do it!
    And I am jealous of your dragon fruit. I live in Boston area and I still have to wait long time before the gardening season starts:( in mean time I started to get a seeds catalogs which is always a nice preludium. thanks for a very nice post!

  14. Lizthechef

    Dragon fruit fascinate me. I would love to see a shot of them growing – do you have a tree or are they a plant? Love the “pups” update –

  15. Deeba Rajpal (@vindee)

    Gosh look at ’em pups…adorable! And those dragon fruit. Just gorgeous. I’ve had a treasure trove of dragon fruit recently. They are stunning fruits. I did a tropical rice pudding and a jelly with them recently. The colours had me smitten!

  16. karen

    How kewwwwt! Love dogs.

    So jealous you have dragon fruits! It’s been arctic cold in the East so enjoy your warm weather!

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