Goodmorning, Dragonfruit

Dragon Fruit Flowers and Dragon Fruit Vines Plant | @whiteonrice

During the last few months, we found our selves rolling out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and heading out to the garden with our eyes still half closed. Yes, even without our espresso, we’re hauling our sleepy carcasses out of bed. This morning ritual only occurs during our dragon fruit season. The reason why is because our dragon fruit plants have produced tons (well, almost) of flowers , which only bloom at night and into the early morning. This 12 hour bloom cycle is fast , furious and spectacular! The dragon fruit flowers are stunning trumpets of white petals with all the flower sex parts, exposed for us early morning risers.  Seeing the monstrous detail of floral stamen and pistil sex parts is almost erotic, if we were awake enough to enjoy it! Once the heat of the sun and day fall on the flowers, they wilt and disappear into floral oblivion. That is why we wake ourselves up early, to see this amazing blooming ritual. After that, we go back to bed! 😉

It’s been a good dragon fruit year for us collectors. We have a total of 5 varieties, all different, unique and some rare. The variety here is the pink/red skinned and white centered variety, which is the most common in the United States. Our bounty is not quite ripe yet, maybe in another few days the sugar content will increase and will be ready for picking. It was such a beautiful sight to see our plant still producing flowers this late into the season.

I thought I’d quickly share with you what I saw this morning. I just couldn’t wait till the big dragon fruit post to be finished. We’ll have lot of dragon fruit recipes ideas too. But until then, here’s a few photo’s of my beautiful morning. This is the best part of gardening, seeing all of natures steps, one flower at a time and one fruit at a time. I hope you are as excited as we are about this amazing plant.

Morning sunshine

Dragon Fruit Flowers and Dragon Fruit Vines Plant | @whiteonrice

up close and personal

Dragon Fruit Flowers and Dragon Fruit Vines Plant | @whiteonrice

dragon fruit “scales” or “fins”

Dragon Fruit Flowers and Dragon Fruit Vines Plant | @whiteonrice

dragon fruit happiness

Dragon Fruit Flowers and Dragon Fruit Vines Plant | @whiteonrice

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Some cool dragon fruit recipes we’ve found. If you made something with dragon fruit, please feel free to link away too!


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  1. GAy

    could you please help me with this, my friend has only one dragon fruit tree, which flowered last year, then no fruit, does she need to have another tree for the bees to polinate thank you for your time to answer this querry, Gay McKay

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Usually most dragon fruit don’t need another plant nearby. They just need the pollinators. Sometimes it is a type of moth, other plants bees do the work. It usually doesn’t hurt to have a second plant though. More to attract.

  2. Kes

    1 dragon fruit
    2 apricots
    1 nectine
    2 plums or greengages
    1 sharon fruit

    wash and clean all fruits,then cut and peel then place in dish,cut sharon fruit in half and squeeze juice out, then use teaspoon to scrape all seeds out.This makes a zesty fruit salad to be enjoyed with ice cream or double cream.
    Another thing you can do is either make or get a menringue or make a paviola,add the above and spoil yourself rotten..whip up double cream and dust it with abit of chocolate.I use the white variety of chocolate but any well do.
    This treat is gorgeous enough to grace anybody’s dinner table.

  3. Larry Clark

    I’m in Savannah Georgia. Where can the plants/seeds be purchased?
    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Precious Pea

    Wow! So beautiful. Never heard that dragonfruit plant produce flower like this. Very very beautiful.

  5. Hélène

    I’m just picturing myself, with my coffee, looking at this beautiful scenery. Wonderful pictures.

  6. bee and jai

    truly spectacular. thanks for sharing the wonders of your amazing garden with us.

  7. dhanggit

    i am so jealous!! i have seen dragon fruits in my salad or in my plate but nothing much the beauty of this! yay!!

  8. Nan Slaughter

    Wow! Your pics are beautiful! How fun to grow dragonfruit! I’m still struggling to grow the lowly tomato – and with a week of temps in the high 70’s I’ve picked about 17 of them – a bumper crop for me! I haven’t been here in a while and I’ve spent the last bit getting caught up – time well spent!

  9. giz

    Absolutely out of this world!!! I’m so entirely jealous that you have the climate and growing season that harvests this wonderful fruit. You’ve captured one of the most spectacular wonders of nature. Great job!!!

  10. Cynthia

    That is fantastic! It immediately brought a smile to my face.

    Never had dragon fruit before. Can’t wait to learn more through your posts.

  11. Tartelette

    What a lovely sight….I would love that instead of old dog breath and young puppy licks 🙂
    I love just looking at them and the flowers are gorgeous!

  12. Babeth

    Great pictures! It looks very Japanese.

  13. toontz

    Breathtakingly beautiful. Wish I was there to see it for myself!

  14. lifeinrecipes

    So excited to see this post! My local grocer just started carrying dragonfruit and I was wondering what in the heck to do with those beauties.
    I cannot, cannot believe that you have these growing in your little eden. But of course you do!

  15. Chez US

    Great shots! Don’t you love early am photo taking .. nice soft light and beautiful things you normally don’t see! We have some lillies that only seem to open on mornings like that.

    Hey … I saw something on Twitter, that Todd was up in the Bay Area – what’s up??!!! 😉

  16. mikky

    simply amazing!!!! i love dragon fruit… different, but very good… 🙂 thanks for sharing… my kid2 loves to plant… all the seeds he got from the fruits he ate, he planted them… he’s so excited to visit his plants every morning…

  17. We Are Never Full

    ok, officially i must get myself some dragonfruit! i’ve seen it written about everywhere and now i’m more curious than ever!!!

  18. Jen Yu

    Wow! Amazing to me how similar they are to my Queen of the Night (I guess it is no surprise as they are both cereus?). I wish my QotN would produce fruit like that though 🙂 Thanks for stumbling out of bed so early to capture those awesome pics! Sorry I’ve been outta the loop lately – been in a bad way 🙁 xxoo

  19. grace

    beautiful pictures. this may be the closest i ever come to seeing a dragonfruit. 🙂

  20. Mike

    Those look great–I wish I had such a green thumb! I’ve come to find seeing the whole fruit lifecycle strangely interesting as well. And its funny, but I could swear that I’ve found some passionfruit growing next to where I park my car at work…and I’ve watched it day by day as its sprouted bizarre looking flowers to now when it has nicely sized fruit…if only the area wasn’t so polluted, I’d be taking those fruits home by the handful. 😉

    I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for these fruit. And thanks for the mention 🙂

  21. Ivy

    Absolutely beautiful. Good thing you woke up early in the morning and we have the chance to enjoy your photos. Thanks!

  22. Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

    What a spectacular sight to wake up to! I am in total awe! The fruit are so beautiful, themselves, but those flowers are unbelievable! I wonder if they would grow here.

  23. melissa

    How funny. I just had my first taste of one of these on Saturday. Don’t know if you’ve heard about the new Thai place in Santa Ana everyone is raving (and Yelp!ing) about – Siam Taste of Asia. I’ve gone two weeks in a row. The owner, Siam, is very generous and is always giving away free desserts. Anyway, last week I was the only one in there at the end of my meal and she was talking to me about gardening and using her own herbs and vegetables at the restaurant and next thing I knew, she had a dragonfruit in front of me with a plate and a knife so I could try it. 🙂 It was so, so good. So expensive to buy though! So you guys are lucky to grow your own for sure.

  24. evil chef mom

    those are absolutely beautiful. so where do we get these lovely things at?

  25. matt wright

    Man, these guys have changed since we saw them! Talk about an awesome sight. I can completely understand getting up early to check them out!

    I really hadn’t seen these before, and just saw some at a local grocery store last week.

    I am waiting for some recipes from you guys, then I might well have to dive in!!

  26. RecipeGirl

    So, so pretty. How lucky you are to have those blooming wonders in your garden!

  27. moowiesqrd

    Amazing! I love how gorgeous the flowers are. My folks were just in town and my mom was so excited about her little plant blooming. Yay, dragonfruit!

  28. Audrey

    I was wondering where one can buy the dragon fruit plant. I am located in Southern CA. Thanks!

  29. maybelles mom

    what a lovely muse.

  30. Manggy

    I love it when you talk dirty… Dirty flower secks, hahaha 🙂 I’ve only ever seen the white-fleshed variety here– the fuschia ones are a curiosity to me. I can’t believe the plants grow so huge from those tiny seeds!

  31. Kitt

    Spectacular! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten these. I wonder if they would grow here. Probably not, but it’s nice to see your beauties!

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