Chef Stephanie Izard

Stephanie Izard, Top Chef winner Season 4

Oh wait, what day is it today? When you’re on Bahamaian time, there’s no possible way to remember the time nor date. But I think today is Tuesday….OMG, is it really? You mean I’ve only been here two day and I’ve already consumed 10 pounds pork, fish, more protein and loads of wine?

It’s so hard to get into detail what has happened so far, all the amazing shots that I’ve taken and the amazing food that been consumed in just TWO days. I’ll have to write up a series of posts when I get back.

But I wanted to share some fun shots I’ve been getting in this gorgeous Bahamian setting, it’s just spectacular. The bloggers that are here with me are equally stunning, funny, talented and brilliant in their own unique way. No wonder they’re on this VIP list. I’m honored to be here.

So, yesterday we all played on the beach and had one of our many beach parties. With towels, suntan lotion, drinks and camera’s in tow, the picture taking was crazy.

I was able to take a few minutes to capture Jaden frolicking on the beach. Isn’t she just beautiful? Can you see why I had couldn’t let Todd be the lucky one to go with her? Heck no!

Jaden, Steamy Kitchen

club-med-colombus isle bahamas


club-med-colombus isle bahamas

club-med-colombus isle bahamas

We also had a personal cooking demo with Stephanie Izard, last seaons Top Chef winner. OMG, I just love her. She is talented, warm and funny. For some who has worked so hard to be where she is, she is deserving of every bit of fame. Stephanie is the nicest person on earth and I’m thrilled that so much success that come upon someone so deserving, both in terms of talent and personal character.

chef stephanie izard

Stephanie Izard, David Lebovitz and Kate (Club Med, Director of PR)

chef stephanie izard

David says, “Oui, Oui, I am ze TOP CHEF! “

chef stephanie izard

Stephanie says, “No, No, I WON the Top Chef! “

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