Club Med Bahamas -Deep sea fishing…wahooo-ooo!

Beautiful Trip to Club Med Bahamas | @whiteonrice

I was defeated.

Four hours of choppy ocean waves in a clean, but sardine can sized fishing boat, with one hand clutched with dear life to the edge of the boat, while the other hand was clutched on to my prized digital camera was way too much for me. I quickly (and quite discreetly) lost half my lunch into a plastic bag, without anyone really noticing my moment of equilibrium imbalance (apologizes for the visuals, but I don’t know how else to describe “upchucked”, “vomited” or “threw up” with finesse). My experience was inevitable, considering how hard the boat was humping the ocean waves, is was impossible to stand in the boat without holding on to something.

Beautiful Trip to Club Med Bahamas | @whiteonrice

Captain Clyde (not your normal looking Skipper, for sure)

I did it all in the name of photojournalism and exciting video coverage.

I threw all my motion sickness tendencies aside and continued to shoot photographs & video footage while the boat threw me off my feet, only finding myself bracing the side of the boat again and saying “1,2,3, cheese!” to my fishing comrades. The last thing I remember was telling myself, “don’t shoot one more thing, or else you’ll lose it….”.

When I look back at these fun and PRICELESS pictures of our deep sea fishing trip during this Club Med blogger trip, I don’t regret my humbling moment when I stuck my head in the plastic bag, nor did I regret the great pasta lunch I had a few hours prior.

Beautiful Trip to Club Med Bahamas | @whiteonrice

setting the bait

The pictures tell it all: the fabulous day of deep sea fishing, the gorgeous captain(s) at the helm of the boat and the reels, the beautiful crystal blue colors of the Bahamaian sea and the camaraderie in the exuberant faces of my fellow companions. Besides, the best part is that we caught 4 wahoo’s and 3 barracuda’s!!! Every single one of us (Jaden, Matt, Adam, Alex & Steve-Anna) caught at least one fish.

Every morning, Captain Clyde accompanied the chefs from Club Med’s Food & Wine Festival event to the sea to fish for the evenings meals. Every day of the fabulous 7 day event, we were dining on fresh fish from the sea, all cooked to perfection by these talented chefs. Each evening I was dining on a fabulous seafood but I never understood the process of bringing in the evening’s  dinner, until it was my turn at the reel.

Beautiful Trip to Club Med Bahamas | @whiteonrice

taking off from the dock

Beautiful Trip to Club Med Bahamas | @whiteonrice

As we waited for the small bait to be taken by the fish, we chatted, quenched our sun parched thirst with refreshing beverages (wink, wink), listened to upbeat tunes, and occasionally tried to steal glances at our gorgeous Captain Clyde (well, most of us did). When our Captain yelled, “stop the boat!”, our attention was brought to the music of the fishing line, turning, churning and being pulled further into the deep ocean.

A fish, a fish! One of us immediately stumbled to the lucky chair and Captain Clyde placed the pulling reel-y thingy to the posty-thingy between the funny looking chair-y thingy that we braced ourselves in. With all our strength, we turned the fishing reel-y thingy round and and round to bring in the fish.

Beautiful Trip to Club Med Bahamas | @whiteonrice

Sitting in the fisherman’s seat and turning the reel with all my might felt like a lifetime. I thought I was in good physical condition until after about 30 seconds of straight reeling, my arms were burning, my breath was heavy and I was ready to just give up. But with the supporting voices and calls from my cheerleaders behind me, I continued to find the strength to reel in my barracuda! It wasn’t the eighty pound mahi mahi that I was hoping to brag  about, but I was still thrilled at my catch. It was exhilarating.

Beautiful Trip to Club Med Bahamas | @whiteonrice

catching a beautiful wahoo

Beautiful Trip to Club Med Bahamas | @whiteonrice

Beautiful Trip to Club Med Bahamas | @whiteonrice

happy me & my catch (photo credit:  below, jaden)

Beautiful Trip to Club Med Bahamas | @whiteonrice

Our day’s cache of fish was brought to the chefs to prepare for the evening dinner. Chef Sean Bernal prepared one of the wahoo’s for an evenings Food and Wine Event demonstration. It was an amazing sight to see the whole wahoo cut and prepared right before our eyes for a delicious Wahoo Escabeche dish.

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  1. muddywaters

    Thanks for sharing. Today I tried your recipe for the Banh Mi. I’m a product of the Great Plains, so I was a bit nervous that my palate wouldn’t like this sandwich; however, this was a hit. I loved the recipe and suggestions for serving. It was a great day in Lawrence, Kansas. Weather in the mid 70’s, a great sandwich, and the Jayhawks are in the Sweet 16.

    This weekend, we might have a crowd over for the game, and we might serve Banh Mi. I’ll blog about it later.


  2. Jennifer

    Hello Couple….Can you tell nosy me how this trip came about? Invited by the Club Med folks? I am finding some posts about this all over and wonder if I can get in the ‘know’ for the next trip??? Thanks!

  3. Leah

    Wahoo! That’s a big ol’ fish girl. Nice work. Sorry you lost your lunch, fortunately, it sounds like there was a lot of good food when you were back on solid ground to help you recover.

  4. Hélène

    Those pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. heartkorean

    still jealous

  6. Paula Maack

    What a great experience! Nice job on the catch, Diane. Sounds like a challenge and a half!!

    Welcome back! I have been enjoying your Club Med posts, greatly.

    ~ Paula

  7. Nate

    That’s a beautiful fish. I have a real hard time with motion sickness, so I’d never be able to do something like that. Mad props to you for going out and getting the shots and the fish!

  8. Amy


  9. Abigail

    Diane, you look so bright and chipper for someone’s who’s just been barfing! Wow! When I look back at (seasick) pictures of me when I was deep-sea fishing, I did NOT look so good. That’s a big fish, girl!

  10. Jen Yu

    Oh, you poor baby! My mom gets *sick* on any boat, so I really feel for ya. However, kudos on getting the big one. What a beaut of a fish, hon! Mmmmmmm. Fish… 🙂 Glad you didn’t lose your camera despite losing your lunch. xxoo

  11. Chez Us

    Hi Diane,

    Glad you hung in there & never let the big one get away. I love deep sea fishing, all that power and the rush you get when you snag the big one. Not to mention the delicious things you can do with it after wards! The first I ever caught anything was in Hawaii & they turned it into the best sashmi ever (it was my first sushi experience too). I will never forget that!
    Your pictures are amazing – love the blue water in them all!!! Great job, Diane!

  12. Luna Pier Cook

    That, my dear, is one beautiful fish. Congratulations on a great catch! 🙂

  13. anya

    Good God, that’s THE catch!

  14. Asianmommy

    How totally fun!

  15. pam

    Wow! What an impressive fish. Seriously impressive.

  16. Laura [What I Like]

    As someone prone to seasickness, I completely feel your pain. but what a beautiful dinner! I feel like lately the seafood I’ve been seeing in the market is pretty pathetic…I am so jealous of your fresh fish dinner!

  17. Quyen

    what a catch! congrats on catching the big one. I am sure this will be one of the best memories of your life. so cool.

  18. Phoo-D

    Beautiful fish! I get sea sick frequently in the open ocean and feel your pain. Two dramamine are definitely necessary along with avoiding anything other than water. The photos and fish look to be worth it though!

  19. Jesse

    Oh my dear Diane, you are such a trooper!!!! It’s one of the things that make you so damned awesome!! Despite being sick, you still look amazing in that last picture, and woooo, lookit the size of that wahoo! =D Love it.

  20. Heather

    wow! that’s quite a catch! congrats!

    glad you’re having fun! it looks gorgeous!!

  21. The Daily Colander

    Wow, Diane, you look like a pro! What a huge fish! It makes a big difference to see your food go right from being caught to the dinner table.

  22. joey

    Fantastic photos! Everything looks so bright 🙂 Great job on the fish! Woot!

  23. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Excellent pictures! Must have been an amazing experience. Psst, captain looks like Denzel Washington. 😉 I likey.

  24. Sandie

    Incredible shots! That fish is almost as big as you 😉

    Glad you’re enjoying yourself, looks like a great place to be right now (and I’ve never seen a more joyful captain in my life—his smile alone makes me want to charter a boat and go fishing)!

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