Preparing the day’s wahoo catch for dinner at Watlings’s

We’re continually asking ourselves what day of the week it is because when living on a small tropical island in the middle of the most magnificent blue ocean, we all lose track of time. I’m just a lucky visitor here to Club Med’s San Salvador island locale, but a girl can pretend that she’s a princess living in one of the most magical places on earth, can she not?  I certainly do that I’ve been here. Bartender, I’ll have another mojito, please.

Yesterday, we took a little stroll down to Cockburn Town, the small local town on the island. Don’t ask me where the origins of this name came from. I can only imagine maybe…..that it has to do with a male rooster, right? If not, what the heck was your dirty mind thinking???!! Shame on you.

The pleasant stroll opened up more of the tiny town’s friendly, smiling locals to us. On such a beautiful and relaxed island, everyone was warm and inviting. Between all of us, we probably shot thousands of beautiful pictures. Everywhere we turn, there’s a Kodak moment waiting to be captured by a camera yielding blogger.  I had a hard time limiting my self between my digital camera and my video camera. I could barely walk three steps without wanting to stop and snap. Seriously, I’ve got TONS of snaps to share later.

For now, here’s a few snapshots of Cockburn Town, Bahamas:



I can’t end this post without some mention of the amazing food I’ve had. Seafood has been the prized dish over the last couple of days. The chefs have been going on daily deep sea fishing trips and bringing back the days catch for the evening’s dinner. Now that’s what I call eating local and sustainable, from sea to kitchen to table.


Yesterday, the whole group dressed in all sassy, classy white attire and headed to the beach for some amazing group photographs! They’re still on the editing board and will be posted later.

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