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Baked Brie Dip w/sun dried tomatoes, thyme

Warm. Cheesy. Flavorful. Dip. On. Bread. Need we say more?This brie dip recipe…Read the full story →
Asian Crispy Chicken Wings + sweet, spicy chili sauce

Asian Crispy Chicken Wings + sweet, spicy chili sauce

Tis' the season for appetizers, delicious and flavorful small bites that we never,…Read the full story →

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Dear Autumn, as your beautiful season slowly comes to a close, it's so…Read the full story →

Asian Food Wine Pairings

Thanks to Lia and her wonderful wine inspired blog, Swirling Notions, we're finally…Read the full story →

Vietnamese Yogurt

We love the current food fad of the Red Mango-Pinkberry-Yogurtland-a million other knock…Read the full story →

The Wine Opener

An amulet. A ring.  Tattoos. A phrase we say.  The name we give…Read the full story →

Vietnamese Cinnamon – & Give Away drawing!

If we could put a stick of true Vietnamese cinnamon into the hands…Read the full story →
Chili Martini Recipe

Chili Martini Recipe

Please, don't cringe at the name of this cocktail. Give me a chance…Read the full story →

Grilled Eggplant – Rosa Bianca Eggplant Heirloom Variety

Our eggplants are showing signs of surrendering to Fall's arrival. They're becoming yellow,…Read the full story →

When Oranges are Green, Viet-Nam

Vincent: "... But you know what the funniest thing about Europe is?" Jules:…Read the full story →

The Face – Elderly woman in Hoi An

Her face is deep, hypnotic and riveting. Every line, crease and wrinkle in…Read the full story →

Club Med, Ixtapa Mexico and Pina Colada Recipe

I'm baaaack, nicely tanned, ten pounds heavier and three bottles of Tequila richer!…Read the full story →

Heading to Ixtapa+Zihuatanejo, Mexico…

My equipment bags are still packed from my fabulous trip to Viet-Nam and…Read the full story →

For the love of Vietnamese Iced Coffee – Hot Coffee (Ca Phe Sua Da – Ca Phe Sua Nong)

Enjoying Cà Phê Sữa Đá & Chinese checkers (Cờ tướng) in Đà Nang,…Read the full story →

Pineapple peddler in Hanoi

She is the memorable pineapple peddler in Hanoi. She stood out from most…Read the full story →

An American in the Family

Me at fruit market: Mangoes and Sweet Sop (custard apple, Viet cherimoya) There…Read the full story →

Return from Việt-Nam, fresh perspectives.

Vịnh Hạ Long Bay, Northern Việt-Nam Whenever we return from a trip away…Read the full story →

Heading to Vietnam

We're heading to Vietnam for a much needed trip! There's so much to…Read the full story →

Dinner party gone bad? Roberta Isleib asks us to share.

We're hosting a little party here folks and you're all invited to participate…Read the full story →

Goodmorning, Dragonfruit

During the last few months, we found our selves rolling out of bed…Read the full story →

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