Not sure about you snow-bound friends, but our weather down in Southern California has been quite spectacular. We had a great handful of warm days and plenty of sunshine. Alongside that feeling of early Spring, we were in the cleaning mode. You should have seen our buzz of cleaning activity in the house and garage over the last few days. What was always an eyesore of piled up boxes are now organized and neatly arranged in their place. We can actually now walk in the garage and know where everything is!

Our organizing state-of-mind carried over to working on managing all our iphone images. Oh geez. Now this is a monumental task in organizing. Between our love of instagram, iphone apps and documenting daily life on our phones, it’s now time to manage all these files better.

But you know what, flipping through all our iphone images over the past few years, we re-lived some great memories. From travels around the world, the pups, food and gardening,  it was a great few hours experiencing those memories again.

That’s what is so wonderful about iphoneography. We can document and share our daily life moments in an instant and re-live them again and again.

So we thought it would be fun to share with you a few images in four categories that occupy our daily lives and that are important to us.

Our pups, the garden, food gathering with friends, and coffee were the first four that instantly came to mind!

Our pups: what would we do without these crazy four-legged creatures? They are bundles of fur joy and are full of daily challenges. Between a rambunctious young Lexi puppy and more mello but ever so sweet Sierra, there is never a dull moment in the house.

Our garden, our sanctuary. It’s our outdoor living space and when we’re not traveling or working, we spend just as much time out in the garden as we do in the house.

Coffee. A perfect morning ritual and a source of exploration for almost anywhere we travel. It has brewed its way into our veins. Some of our best coffee memories were in Puerto Rico, Seattle, Portland, NY, and San Francisco. Whether meeting friends, warming from the cold, cooling from the heat, slowly waking up side by side with coffee in hand, or having a afternoon pick-me-up, so many memories wrap around coffee.

Feasting with Friends. Cooking, eating and sharing food together makes our lives full to the brim. Is there a better way to spend the day than sharing a meal and conversation with those dear to you?

 Feel free to share your a link to your favorite instagram or iphone images!