Some dishes don’t require a written recipe. Many home cooks we know grew up cooking without the guidance of the written word. Their kitchen lessons and “recipes” were passed down from generation to generation by watching, touching, tasting, testing and cooking from the heart.

Do you know of anyone who cooks like this? We know of many home cooks who have prepared food for us and these were some of the most wonderful meals that we have ever eaten. These dishes were made with so much love and heart.

So, to celebrate and honor those cooks, recipes and kitchen traditions, we made this video. Filming this video reminds us of those simple dishes that only require some thought, patience and a bit of trial and error.

Here is the recipe story we made.

The strawberries in the garden are still plentiful and they were the perfect subjects to film for this strawberries and cream video. With a fresh berries, cream, powdered sugar and vanilla, we treated ourselves to the perfect afternoon snack.

Hopefully by watching this video, you’ll get an understanding of how to make this extremely simple whipped cream. All it takes is some personal touches to make it sweet to your personal taste.

Do you have any favorite dishes that you make or someone makes for you that you really don’t have a recipe for? Would love to hear!

Have a great day!

diane and todd
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