Kentucky Sidecar Tangerine Cocktail

Kentucky Sidecar Tangerine Cocktail Recipe from @whiteonrice

After reaching a triple dozen fruit trees in the garden, it’s hard to pick a favorite.  So many wonderful fruits and ensuing cocktails (among other things) have delighted the senses.  Yet there is one tree which brings particular pride to the WORC household. Our Algerian Tangerine tree (also known as the Clementine).

Upon first planting,the Algerian Tangerine which graces our garden was a scrawny “Charlie Brown” twig.   Paltry and sad, we merely hoped for its survival. Then a couple of years ago, it started growing like it was on crack.  Most likely it found a decaying underground tentacle from a former landscape behemoth which held root in that corner.  It definitely wasn’t the hard packed clay which inspired the tangerine’s growth.

Whatever the reason, our little Charlie Brown became a show-stopper.  Throwing out clusters of tangerines as that would make a grapevine weep in jealousy. Citrusy sweet with that perfect tang which only a righteous tangerine can impart. Luckily the tree holds her fruit seemingly forever, allowing us time to eat them at our leisure while the sugar content continues to intensify in the vibrant orange bombs.

Kentucky Sidecar Tangerine Cocktail Recipe from @whiteonrice

Today we pick our morning’sVitamin C from its branches while still having plenty of tangerines to squeeze, shake, and pour into the evening’s cocktails. Although our Margarita & Meyer Lemon Margarita Trees, Sidecar trees, Salty Chihuahua trees, Bellini tree, Screwdriver tree, and Blood Orange can’t-choose-any-one-cocktail trees, all supply us with many exceptional inebriating options, none are as prolific and cocktail vibrant as the tangerine’s precious jewels.

Like with our blood orange trees, it’s hard to choose a favorite cocktail recipe coming from the tangerine tree.  Diane has her favorite which she requests for herself and guests when they come over.  It is a sweet, luscious, tangy cocktail, heavy on the tangerine juice,  however I have my own personal favorite.  The Kentucky Sidecar.

Another brilliant twist off of the eternal classic, The Sidecar, the Kentucky Sidecar combines a touch of fresh lemon juice, fresh tangerine juice, and a nice little kick of whiskey to form a thoroughbred of a cocktail.  Spirited, fiery and beautiful.

The combining of bourbon and tangerine is magical.  The smooth, smoky fire of the whiskey balances so well with the sweet tang of the tangerine. It is a perfect pairing which doesn’t need to be limited to drinks, but is at its highest form when in a cocktail.

At the beginning of May, when the Kentucky Derby rolls around, and if you want an alternative beverage to the Derby classic, the Mint Julep, remember this beautiful cocktail.  Until then, “Cheers!”


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Kentucky Sidecar Tangerine Cocktail Recipe

Yield: 1 cocktail

Total Time: 5 Minutes

A bourbon twist on the classic sidecar. Tangerine and bourbon make a great pairing for this cocktail. Depending on how strong we want to make the cocktail, we'll use anywhere from 1 to 1.5 ounces of bourbon per cocktail. Adjust the simple syrup amount to your desired sweetness, plus choosing whether or not to sugar the rim of the cocktail glass will affect the sweetness of the cocktail.


  • 2 ounces (60ml) fresh Tangerine Juice
  • 1/2 ounce (15ml) fresh Lemon Juice
  • 1 to 1 1/2 ounces (30-45ml) Bourbon (a nice small-batch bourbon preferred)
  • 1/2 ounce (15ml) Simple Syrup *see note 1
  • dash of orange bitters
  • optional- sugar for rimming glass


  1. Optional- If a sweeter taste is desired, rub the rim of a chilled cocktail glass with a tangerine wedge & sugar the rim.
  2. Put all ingredients (tangerine juice, lemon juice, bourbon, simple syrup, and orange bitters) into a cocktail shaker with ice, then shake it with passion for 15-20 seconds.  Strain into your cocktail glass.
  3. Garnish if desired - a zest for tangerine is always a nice finish, plus the if you zest over the glass the oils from the tangerine will add additional flavor to the cocktail.

Note 1: A basic simple syrup is a 1:1 ratio of sugar dissolved in water. example- One cup sugar dissolved in one cup of water. We usually make larger batches and keep on hand in the refrigerator.

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  1. aaron

    Just made this and it’s quite tasty. Cheers.

  2. M@!

    Hold the ice! This is a great slow sipper at room temp. The cold keeps the flavors from coming together, making it bitter out of the gate. I say, start mellow, end mellow.

  3. Nikki

    This is my new favorite cocktail. I served this for our NYE party and they were a hit even to a super picky bartender friend. Thanks for posting this recipe!

  4. Sheik Yerbouti

    Fantastic recipe. Thanks for posting it – it’s become my drink of choice.
    I keep trying to find things to do with.

    I really suggest adding some egg white to give it a great look and fantastic texture. Also, I muddled some blueberries and added them to drink (I should try this with raspberries!) which goes quite nicely. And more bourbon. Can never have enough bourbon.

  5. Warren Bobrow

    oh, anything but triple sec. Why ruin a good small batch Bourbon with something as cloying as Triple Sec?

    What about Orange Bitters and Cointreau?

    Cheers! wb

  6. sheila @ Elements

    *sigh* Looks incredible!!!! I totally want one! 🙂

  7. Diana

    Gotta say…I love all your food photos, but the cocktail shots are the most amazing by far. If you’re ever teaching in the New York area, I’m in!

  8. benjo

    people always scoff when i combine citrus and bourbon! now i know – i’ve been missing the classy presentation. soon they will all be under my spell. thanks, worc!

  9. Chase

    That picture is stunning… and the combination of bourbon and tangerine is fabulous I’m sure!

    If you’re looking for something else to do with your freshly picked tangerines (sounds amazing, btw!), check out my post on Tangerine and Grapefruit sorbet! Who knows, maybe try and Tangerine and Bourbon sorbet and let me know how it goes!

    Take care!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Chase- thanks for sharing Chase! that sorbet looks amazing!

  10. shutterboo

    Mmm… bourbon makes everything better!!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      shutterboo- yesss! burbon is a good thing.

  11. cheila

    yikes! this is so perfect! i need to make this asap! and i love the idea of cocktail trees. brilliant. really.

  12. A Canadian Foodie

    Sometimes a photograph can say it all. I have never wanted to taste a sidecar until now. That splash of tangerine and glow of goodness is calling my name. Beautiful. Thanks for the great recipe… Simple, fresh and with a serious kick.

  13. Noerah

    Great photo! I love the light highlight in the first photo against the black background.

  14. Delia

    First of all, spectacular photographs! I enjoy your site so much and most of it is because of the creative, captivating way you capture food and drink. I can almost taste that sweet, tangy sidecar and even get that ache in the jaw and increased salivation just from looking at that picture. There’s not really a second point here, except to say that I am on my way to the store to pick up a few clementines to recreate this (although the citrus here most likely pales in comparison to the well tended trees in your garden). Thanks for the wonderful posts and delicious photographs.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Delia- thanks! Clementines should work great too.

  15. Angie

    What a beautiful photo, and great recipe too!

  16. Chris @ bonviveur

    Great post guys and your pictures are always so captivating! We’re heading into autumn here in the Antipodes so the latest harvest should be available soon. Will look out for them the next time I’m at the markets.

  17. Sara @ OurPrivateKitchen

    What a beautiful photo Todd and Diane! The drink sounds amazing too!

  18. TripleScoop

    Great post. Like the shoot was that just a fixed light shining down or upper left and right?

    You guys rock!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      TripleScoop – it was just shot with one speedlight suspended above the cocktail! simple, but effective lighting!

  19. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    You guys are too cool for school… I love the splash photo. How many takes?? Just one I would imagine 😉 Love this idea for a cocktail. So refreshing!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Lori- we practiced first with water so that we could get our timing and exposure correct. For the final splash shot, it just took 3 tries. Although the shot looks like alot was wasted, it really wasn’t much!

  20. Maria

    Fabulous first photo! Love the splash.

  21. Barbara @

    Wow…what a great photo; it looks WET…and I’m thinking, hmm, have all those ingredients so this has just become a brunch cocktail for us today. Thanks!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Barbara- thanks for letting us know on Twitter that you made it. Glad you like it!

  22. Jesse

    Wow, your pictures never cease to amaze me. I’m getting thirsty just looking at the first one!

  23. bunkycooks

    What beautiful photos! I may not have a tangerine tree in the backyard, but I know where I can find some…cannot wait to make this cocktail!

  24. Phoo-D

    What a gorgeous opening shot! (Though I would hate to spill any of that goodness!) I’ve never thought to combine whiskey and tangerine- it sounds like the perfect duo for a cocktail.

  25. Victoria

    Okay, running to the store to get clementines isn’t the same as picking them from your own tree, but they still made a really delicious Saturday night cocktail. Those little suckers were sure easy to juice – and the juice was beautiful – a rich, bright color. You beat that fancy cocktail book hands down every time.

  26. Tuty @ Scentofspice

    Great clicks, guys.

    I can only dream about having a garden as bountiful as yours.

  27. Deanna B

    Yum! That sounds good! I’m getting into older cocktails because they pair better with food than some girly pink martini and they make me feel like I’m living in the 60s. I love the first picture… hopefully what splashed out didn’t go to waste.

    Thank you so much for all your advice at the seminar. I’ve already seen an improvement in my pictures.

  28. Lori Lynn

    Cheers indeed! The drink sounds awesome.

    Happy Easter!

  29. Victoria


    Spring has arrived in NYC! The shrubs are blooming, and the trees are greening in Central Park. People are walking around, laughing, talking, and eating ice cream. What a delight.

    I just ran out and got some clementines. I have a gorgeous small-batch bourbon in the cabinet, gorgeous lamb chops and thick asparagus for dinner. Now I know what this Saturday-night cocktail will be.

    My hats off to you, once again. Happy Easter to you and D!


  30. thuy

    I don’t drink alcohol, but your fruit cocktail posts are always so tantalizing. Keep up the good work!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Thuy- No alcohol? Well, thanks for visiting our cocktail posts! That’s a great compliment for us!

  31. Lisa/AuthenticSuburbanGourmet

    Amazing photo! Not too mention a tasty cocktail!

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