Blood Orange Sidecar Cocktail

Blood Orange Sidecar Cocktail Recipe| @whiteonrice

Our Southern Californian climate doesn’t provide us with fall explosions of color, white Christmases, or the magical moments of crocus poking their way through the last of winter’s snow, however we do have our own special experiences of nature. One of the most delicious delights of our winters is the ripening of the citrus. Our tangerines started becoming ripe nearly a month ago, but the longer we leave them still attached to their momma, the sweeter they’ll become.

The next in line for harvest, and that which will provide tonight’s cocktail, is the blood orange. Of all our citrus, the blood orange tree is by far the most flora when fruiting. As the sun warms the fruit and the tree, the sweet aroma fills the surrounding air. It almost makes you want to be reincarnated as a hummingbird so your life can always be filled with such a sweet fragrance. Although personally, the hyperactivity of a hummer just isn’t in my nature.

Now that our blood oranges are ripe , we are reminded of a cocktail we created last year. It is a blood orange version of the classic Sidecar, which we have dubbed our Midnight Ride. To the best of our knowledge this blood orange ocktail name hasn’t been claimed, and it seemed appropriately sexy while still giving heritage to the Sidecar. Also, quite apropos, we created the cocktail around the midnight hour, as well as wrote this post well beyond midnight. We tend to be a little crazy like that, but at least we are crazy together.


-Todd and Diane

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Blood Orange Sidecar Recipe
Total Time
10 mins

Inspired by the Sidecar and our blood orange tree, this is a sexy little cocktail. The blood oranges give it that tangy sweetness which is so beautifully composed within those little bombs, as well as the gorgeous red color. We created this cocktail so you still get the blood orange flavor, yet balances nicely with the alcohol. Hope you can get some good blood oranges and are able to enjoy this sexy little tease. Also, not all cocktails will be the same color because blood oranges vary so much. So no two cocktails look the same!

Servings: 1 Cocktail
  • 2-3 ounces (60-90ml) fresh Blood Orange Juice
  • 1 1/2 ounces (45ml) Cognac or Brandy
  • 1/2 ounce (15ml) Grand Marnier
  • Dash of Orange Bitters *see Note 1
  • optional- 1/2 ounce (15ml) Simple Syrup, or to taste - depends on the sweetness of your blood orange juice
  • blood orange wedge for garnish
  1. If possible, chill your cocktail glass beforehand.
  2. Combine blood orange juice, cognac, grand marnier, and bitters in an ice filled cocktail shaker.
  3. Shake it like an earthquake for 15 seconds. Taste for flavor and add simple syrup if desired. Shake again for a few seconds if simple syrup is added.
  4. Strain into your cocktail glass (can be served over ice or sans ice depending on your preference). Garnish if desired.
Recipe Notes

Note 1: Angostura Bitters make a nice substitute. Gives a slight different flavor than the orange bitters, but is usually easier to find.
Note 2: A basic simple syrup is a 1:1 ratio of sugar dissolved in water. example- One cup sugar dissolved in one cup of water. We usually make larger batches and keep on hand in the refrigerator.

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  1. Nora

    Your blog rocks! Love the photos and stories. I’m so glad that you dropped by my blog because now I’ve discovered yours. We have a bit of “white on rice couple” syndrome going on in our home too. 😉 Love the decade bands (awww!).

  2. Lil

    finally got a chance to catch up on post readings and i’m glad to see this post, since i’m new here and it’s great to be able to know a little more about the wonderful people behind such lovely blog 🙂

  3. amysep

    Damn you!! You’re so lucky to have fruit-bearing trees on your property. I love my city-living, but I do dream of the day I have enough land to have some trees and can grow lots of veggies. Our 10 ft by 15 ft. backyard in Brooklyn allows us to grow some stuff, but I’m definitely jealous of what you guys can grow. Blood oranges are in the market now (and cheap!), so I’m thinking of making this delicious-looking side-car recreation this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration. – Amy @

  4. Christine

    Should I admit this? — I didn’t know what a meme was before today. I’m such a nerd. Thanks for the tag (is that how you say it?). I’m just really jazzed to find other who love our food/culture/history as much as I do. You guys rock the boat!

  5. White on Rice Couple

    Bellini- Wow, another tag. Your tag is long! We’ll need some time to work on this one!

    Marvin- Please, imbib all you want. Let us know how you like it.

    Kate- Thank you. We’re definitely opposites in many ways, without even trying. We are living proof that “opposites attract”.

    Tiina- Great! We’ll read it right now!

  6. Tiina

    Thanks for sharing these things with us all & extra special thank you for tagging me! 🙂 My answers are now up on my blog.


  7. kate

    hey u guys …. this is the best ever meme i’ve read … perfect pics to go with it. And u are so cute together … 🙂 so different yet right for one another !!! I already like you guys 😀

  8. Marvin

    I love sidecars, but that Midnight Ride looks excellent. I’ll definitely be imbibing in that soon!

  9. Bellini Valli

    Tagged thrice, bloody hells bells 😀 There are a lot of these going around these days. Part of the reason we participate is to learn a few quirky facts about our fellow bloggers and the other reason is to get the word out there about our favourite blogs. You have been tagged yet again for that reason 😀

  10. dhanggit

    hey there to both of you, im speechless. this is just more than answering a meme for me its like a poetry of yourselves in photos. it seems to me the contrasts in your likeness and personality binds you stronger together 🙂 glad to know you guys even more!!

    cheers for this cocktail that sounds bloody delicious!!!

  11. White on Rice Couple

    MaryAnn- It’s those poached pears of yours that have us hooked!

    Rosie- Just keep whiffing and eventually you’ll be able to work your way up to taking a sip!

    Louise- Too bad persimmons and pummelos don’t work or you. That means you’ll just have to grow more blood orange trees one day!

    Cork & Feast- I’ve just started teaching myself how to play the dulcimer. I love folk music and the soothing sounds that the dulcimer brings. Tell your kids that hip music can be played on a dulcimer too!

    Rebecca- Thanks for the tag, it was fun. Especially when we treated ourselves to a cocktail while doing it!

    Made Healthier- Desserts are great and even a hard core salt fan needs a change of pace!

  12. Made Healthier

    Funny post! For the longest time I was a super hard core salt fan. But lately I’ve been occasionally craving desserts…I wonder if I’m going over to the other side?

  13. Rebecca

    Lovely photos, you two! I love that you posted photos to go with the interesting facts. The blood orange cocktail looks and sounds dangerous and wonderful!

  14. Cork & Feast

    Love this post, you guys crack me up!

    I actually had to read this over three times: the first time was merely a debriefing; the second was to soak up the alcohol, I mean drink recipe; and the third was to re-read your 5 facts. The dulcimer? You play the dulcimer? I think that’s wonderful – I have a whole cd of dulcimer music I throw on sometimes when I’m in the kitchen baking and trying to get into the “zone.” My kids think it makes me, “Not hip, Mom!” to that I say, “Whatever!”

    Anyway, you really did this post justice and I agree with Lydia – the slippers are fantastic!

  15. Louise

    Aaah you have a blood orange tree? I’m so jealous! I love blood oranges. They’re good juiced and mixed with a little club soda to make a blood orange soda.

    My parents have a persimmon tree but I’m so sick of persimmon. They also have a pomelo tree, but I’m allergic =(

  16. evil chef mom

    All but one actually cooks. Sous chef #1 is a great baker at 16. Creme brulee, homemade coconut cake. She should become a chef but is going to major in poly sci! Sous chef #2 doesn’t care about cooking just eating. Sous chef #3 (11 year old boy) does all the grilling in our house, I taught him. It stands to reason that’s why he wants to be a firefighter. Sous chef #4 just learned how to chop onions and shallots and she’s about to turn 10. Just like when you were a kid, I have lots of kids in and out also. They are all called “Jack” . I just gave you 5 facts about me, actually my kids but there are 5 more facts on my blog. Is it bad I want one of your cocktails at 10:30 in the morning?

  17. Lydia

    Hah! I’m a salt girl married to a sugar guy, and after more than 30 years, neither one of us shows the slightest inclination to change! Love the photos — esp. the slippers.

  18. Rosie

    My first time here from Pixies Blog and I have laughed and really enjoyed reading your post SO much 😀 I will now be calling by many times!!!

    You both really sound fun people and that’s just the best way in life. Hahaha I’d be wasted after one sniff of your cocktail…… 😀

    Rosie x

  19. Maryann

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and the kind words you left in my comments. It’s always great to meet new people in the food bloggy world.
    I love your site! Lots of fun and wonderful photos 🙂

  20. Tempered Woman

    Geesh- you are so killing me with that garden of yours. If I show up on your front doorstep will you adopt me and take me in? Pretty please?? I make a mean Blood Orange margarita! 😉
    Can I just state the obvious and say that I love coming here to look at your gorgeous photos. I could really decorate my house with these. And I was laughing when I saw “shit” too~ I figured you guys are way too refined for my sort of trucker language. HA!

  21. White on Rice Couple

    Charcuterista- We love making people smile on our blog, because at work we always seem to make people frown!

    Nikki- My mom is the same way too, and maybe that’s where we get it from. This woman is craaaaazy! I’ll be writing about her soon.

    WC- You fearless eater you! You’re on our invite list for the next event!

    Cakelaw – Yes! Two points for me and one for him! 🙂

    Simply – Ok, you’re riding the fence here! One point for me and one more for him. 🙂

    Evil- Oops! Sorry about that! I grew in a household of 6 kids ( along with many friends), so there were always tons of kids in the house. My parents stopped counting after 3. Maybe I’m doing the same. You’re kids are cuuute, and wouldn’t mind trading for one of your kids for a day. Do they pull weeds and dice shallots?

    LisaRene – Words to live by: “NEVER SEND AN EMAIL WHILE DRUNK”! Thanks!

    Pixie- Thanks for the link and we look forward to reading it!

    Kitt- .~.~getting to like you, getting to hope you like me.~.~
    I love singing along, thanks for letting me finish!

    Srivalli – Welcome ! Our tree is a great investment because for the $20 we spent six years ago, we’ve gained so much for fruit in return.

    Anya – Welcome to buddy! We like hanging out at your place too.

    Happy Cook – Yeah, there are few dull moments between us. We’re always antagonizing one another-we do this to keep ourselves young!

    FlaN – Have you made any cocktails using plantains yet? Might be quite tasty!

    Tempered- You’re welcome any time, especially if you can make a bloody orange margarita. You’d definitely have to spend the night though, because all the cocktails won’t allow you drive back!

  22. Happy Cook

    You guys seemes to be really made for each other as both of you like opposite things. No dull moments then 🙂

  23. Flanboyant Eats

    i just loved this post, guys!! how cute. you give a single gal like myself hope in this world in trying to find love! especially after a convo with a good guy friend that says marriage is for the birds (he’s divorced).

    blood oranges–the best i’ve had were in Italy. they were so darn good!
    your’s look just as amazing!

    thanks for tagging me and loving my plantains! 🙂

  24. anya

    It’s my first time that I’ve stopped by your blog. And what a godsend! Fabulous layout, beautiful writing, stunning pictures…I’m definitely in love (at first sight) with your blog, buddies!!!

    Fab, fab, fab!!! 🙂

  25. Srivalli

    very interesting to read…looks like fun to have an orange tree close by..those pictures are lovely!

  26. Kitt

    ./~ ./~ Getting to know you, getting to know all about you … ./~ ./~

    Beautifully illustrated, and make mine a double, please!

  27. Pixie

    LOL I can’t believe you two wrote the word ‘shit’. I don’t know why but I found that hysterical….I would be totally wasted after just one of your drinks.

    You two are truly the sweetest. Awww, such great facts and photos to go with it!

    I’ve recently listed five facts about myself. You can check it out here:
    and I’ve recently been tagged for another meme…quite a long and interesting one (so you can get loads more information about me once I post entry!) In other words, can I skip listing another 5 facts about myself?

  28. evil chef mom

    Hey thanks for tagging me! Now I have to sound interesting… Were you secretly wanting one of my kids? ’cause I have 4, I wish I had three but sadly that’s not the case. I’ll trade you some fruit and spices for one! They all like to eat, fairly well trained, smart, one likes politics a little too much, well read. You sure you don’t want one?

  29. LisaRene

    Awww, you two should win an award for the “cutest couple blog”, truly!

    I had my very first Sidecar this past Saturday night. Brandy / Cognac (need to learn the difference) is a spirit I have just begun to explore. So far I’m liking it! Typically I have only purchased brandy to marinate dried fruit in! I’ll give your Sidecar a spin this weekend as the one I had on Saturday night was at a bar so of course it was partially comprised of a high fructose corn syrup sweet/sour yuckiness. I do like my cocktail strong and pure!

    Warning: Never send an e-mail while drunk.

  30. Simply...Gluten-free

    Me, I’m a sugar AND salt girl. Your pix of oranges are making my mouth water! Congrats on the cookbook! I’ll buy a copy for sure!

  31. Cakelaw

    LOL! I really enjoyed reading these 5 facts about you guys. On personal preferences, I’m a sugar girl, but I’ll take the fork and the woolly booties. A fun post.

  32. Wandering Chopsticks

    I’ve seen the pics of your food spread and far from being scared, I’d be in heaven! 😀

    Your blood orange cocktail looks so pretty! But I go ga-ga over any blood orange pictures.

  33. nikkipolani

    You know how to twist a girl’s arm, don’t you! Okay. I have some ideas and will be working on the tags. Meanwhile, I enjoyed reading and seeing both of your answers. I like the bit about scaring people with the amount of food you feed them 🙂 Sounds like my mom!

  34. Charcuterista

    The twist on the sidecar sounds great. The classic is one of my favorite cocktails, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for blood oranges. Plus your answers made me smile!

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