The Food Network crew in our garden for the shoot

Back in February, the producers of the Cooking Channel’s Foodography show contacted us and wanted to do an episode with us. We were really honored by the request, but mostly intimidated because we love being behind the lens more than the front! After some loving support from the producers, we came up with an idea to include some of our wonderful friends to join us. We’re so much more comfortable when we’re feasting with our friends.

Joining us at our home and garden were : Alex Thomopoulos from Dishin it out, Marvin Gapultos & Natassia Johnson from The Manila Machine , Geri Miller from Home Grown Edibles, Jen Kayano from Devour The World , and dear friend Jason. And finally special thanks to our interior designer friend Mary Hocking  from Reaney Design Company for designing our feasting table!

Thanks to the support of you all, the wonderful producers and our loving friends, the episode was shot in our garden. So the final date and time is out! Tuesday, July 19th at 9pm EST our bbq episode will air! Here is the Cooking Channel link for air times.

We haven’t seen the episode yet, so we’re hoping that we still sounds sober enough in the final cut. Yes, there was plenty of cocktails being passed around at 8am.

THANK YOU to you all for always being here for us. Your readership and support means the world to us.
We love you all.
diane and todd

Here are some iphone shots that we were able to capture that day.

Alex Thomopoulous making sharing her masterful Greek Recipes