On Assignment with Penny: Chef Joanne Chang, Myers + Chang
Video completely shot on iPhone

A photographer often dreams of traveling the world to document stories like our friend, food and culture photographer Penny De Los Santos. Geared up with a  camera strapped to her shoulder, a seasoned passport and a heart open to seeing the world in front of her, she travels on magazine assignments making photographs of food, people and the culture that surrounds it.

Each documentary image shuttered from her camera and her heart embodies a sensibility that makes the food story come to life with fierce emotion and visceral beauty.

Penny shares snippets of her work and travels on her blog, but often times the reader is left hungry for more of her food stories and the amazing tapestry of individuals that she photographs.

To share more of her journey and what it’s like to be on assignment, Penny wanted to produce some videos to take her audience alongside her during her travels. When she approached us with this idea and the creative energy between us caught like wildfire. An immediate firestorm of inspiration, ideas, people, stories and locations were hashed out within minutes. And the the most obvious title for the project was “On Assignment with Penny”. Done.

This video series  we produced together is “On Assignment with Penny”, which is an intimate and personal view into Penny’s travels, but most importantly,  to celebrate her subjects and their powerful stories with you all.

Our vision is simple: Find special people and honor them and their stories through Penny’s amazing work and let you all join right along side her, on assignment. And shoot the whole video on an iPhone.

iphone shot by Todd: Penny iphotographing & Diane on iphone video

The first story we’re excited to share is of Chef Joanne Chang of Flour Bakeries and Myers + Chang in Boston, Massachusetts. Her passion for food is evident in her amazing cooking and Penny was there to capture a day in the life of a dedicated, talented and tireless Chef.

We hope you enjoy these series of videos as much as we enjoyed producing them. It’s such a pleasure to work with Penny and her subjects. Each story we shoot leaves us breathless and inspired. If you feel just a fraction of our excitement and motivation, then we’ve done our job to celebrate these wonderful people.

Guide us! *** We’ll continue shooting more “On Assignment” videos in Los Angeles in August. Please share your ideas or suggestions to us on twitter or comments below. We’d love to explore any extraordinary people, locations and stories that have been personally inspired by or touched you in a special way.

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