White Kitchen Design, Subway Tile at Todd & Diane Studio White On Rice Couple | @whiteonrice

Hi Friends, it’s been a while since we talked about our studio and all of its changes. So much has happened in the past two years since we doubled our square footage. More shooting space for workshops and events, more props, surfaces and overall, a ton more “junk” that we’ve been collecting for our photo shoots. Sure, it’s like a big prop warehouse but we often call it our expensive junk collection. It’s an obsession that isn’t always too healthy.

One of the best parts of our studio expansion is finally building out the second fully functional studio kitchen and our collaboration with KitchenAid! We’ve worked on projects with them throughout the years and haven’t really had a dedicated kitchen to highlight all of their gorgeous stand mixers and other small appliances. We use so many of their awesome small appliances for our shoots, and over the years the tools start to collect into racks and cabinets.

White Kitchen Design, Subway Tile at Todd & Diane Studio White On Rice Couple | @whiteonrice

Rather than store them behind cabinet doors and in boxes, we’ve built out a second studio kitchen and the lovely folks at KitchenAid collaborated with us providing the major appliances that finally completed the setting for a fully functional KitchenAid kitchen.

Our new test kitchen and staging kitchen is modern white with a few darker accents and is easily changeable to every photo shoot need and style. Best of all, the small appliances we have now can live in their complete family of KitchenAid products. So when we have KitchenAid shoots and events, we can all cook and celebrate as one happy family.

You should head over to the KitchenAid blog see more of what our new second kitchen looks like and what we’ve been cooking up with new recipes and holiday cocktails!

We love seasonal apples and shared a Fall Entertaining Tips and Apple Whiskey Side Car Cocktail story.
Apple Whiskey Sidecar Cocktail Recipe | @whiteonrice

Ever thought about having a black-themed kitchen design? KitchenAid has a cool new black stainless steel line and Here’s some tips on a black inspired kitchen design

White Kitchen Design, Subway Tile at Todd & Diane Studio White On Rice Couple | @whiteonrice

and more stylish black table setting with a Zen-inspired theme.

Stylish Black Table Setting with Black Dishes | @whiteonrice

More to come later on their blog, so keep checking back!

And more exciting news: We’ll be announcing all our new 2016 studio workshops, events, classes and more! To get latest updates, subscribe here for all our studio events.

-diane and todd

This is not a sponsored post and we were not paid nor were we required to write about this collaboration. We’re excited to share our new studio kitchen project with the lovely folks at KitchenAid with you all. Can’t wait to work, cook and shoot more out of this new second kitchen and share behind the scenes of our photo work. Thoughts and opinions are our own.