Hello Friends, thanks for bearing with our lack of posting during our absence as of late. As some of you know, we took a personal trip to Cuba. This was a much needed trip after a non-stop 8 months of work both in studio and on location. We were due for some personal time and Cuba was the perfect destination to re-fuel our souls both personally and creatively again.

Our cravings for personal travel often take us to parts of the world that always leave us curious and longing for more about their people, culture and history. Cuba was definitely on the top of our list and thanks to some dear friends, we were able to organize a small, intimate culture exchange trip. This amazing trip to the bustling city of Havana and the rural Western slopes of the island left us with a deeper understanding of Cuban culture and passion. We were also working on some personal creative projects here in Cuba, which we’ll be sharing more of soon.

Intimate Photo Night with us: For now, we wanted to share a preview of an event we’re holding at our private studio. We weren’t planning to announce it till the end of the month, but we wanted to you,  our regular readers,  a sneak peak & first chance to attend. On Wednesday, December 14, 2011 we’re having a special evening of photo & video, where we share with you our personal photography journey. We’ll be sharing private, personal images and video from our private collections. You’ll be able to see our personal work and inspirations that define us as photographers and filmmakers beyond what you see on our blog.

You can pre-register here on the reservation site.

In the meantime, here are some moments we were able to capture from our trip. We’ll also be sharing in depth, the stories behind these images from Cuba during Photo Night.

All photographs were captured with the iPhone 4 & edited on iPhone 4.


above: Havana Day

above: Havana nights

Dinner by candlelight

Cuban light and beauty

Little Fella and His Friends

Cigars & Peace

Censored Artist

Cab Ride in Cuba

Last Flight out of Cuba