This watermelon mojito recipe is more fun when they’re made inside a watermelon. It’s an entertaining and fun way to serve this popular cocktail. Inside-A-Watermelon Mojito Recipe | @whiteonrice

Watermelon Mojito

It’s hard not to have fun when it comes to making cocktails for a crowd. This watermelon mojito is the perfect example of fun. We’ll have our stand-by favorites for single-serve drinks, but when we end up inviting a few people that eventually becomes a big crowd, it’s impossible to shake a single cocktail for each person. So now that it’s Memorial Day weekend and we’re gearing up for longer days of sunshine and outdoor parties, we have our crowd-pleaser drinks that still allow us to have fun at our own party and keep a big group refreshed with mojitos.

Last year our inside-a-watermelon margaritas were a hit because we made a big batch of drinks inside the watermelon. Yes, it literally was inside the belly of the sweetest melon we could find. It was such a hit with our friends that we, oops, did it again. But this time, we’re serving up mojitos in the same fashion that we did the margaritas: inside-the-watermelon. It’s a fun, easy and awesome conversation piece to see everyones faces when we made it with a blender (or if you have an immersion blender, even better), some key ingredients and nice sweet watermelon.

Video of our Super Fun Watermelon Mojito Recipe: 

Inside A Watermelon Mojito Recipe | @whiteonrice