Shrimp Stir Fry with Sugar Snap Peas – Snow & Sugar Pea Garden Monster – Jamie Oliver cookbook

There’s an uncontrollable beast on the North end of the garden and it actually comes in two forms: sugar snap peas and snow peas. Our spring peas are like serpants, clinging to everything they can get their tendrils on. Once they latch on, pea flowers shoot out and within 3-4 days, we have fresh peas to munch on. As a matter of fact, the warm sun is encouraging way more pea growth than we can ever imagine so it’s snow pea and sweet pea recipe overload!

Pea tendrils, flowers and pods bathing in the early morning light

The best part of growing home grown peas is snapping them right off the vine, with their fresh, sweet crunch as music in the mouth. Oh the joy of eating fresh pea pods!

Since we implemented new garden boxes, our mizuna mustard, broccoli, brussels sprouts and peas have found soil heaven and they’re growing faster than weeds. Unlike weeds, these new vegetables are celebrations of Spring’s arrival and everything else that makes eating in Springtime so wonderful. These sugar snap peas are so easy to please even the most pickiest of vegetable eaters. We’ve YET to find any sweet pea haters.

What to do with so many pea pods? Eat them raw till we drop, then add them to light stir fries! That’s exactly what we’ve been doing lately with other garden vegetables and today’s addition of shrimp and pasta made a fabulous hearty Spring time meal inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution cookbook.

The premise of this beautifully photographed cook says it all, “Rediscover how to cook simple, delicious, affordable meals”.  Everything about this visually engaging cookbook is an ode to fresh food, simply prepared without sacrifice on flavor. Flipping through the pages of every single fresh recipe is a reminder of the joys of cooking at home and feeding family and friends.

The many candid and step by step shots of how the recipe is prepared and the stories of home cooks makes Jamie’s book feel real, grassroots and gives us so many things that we can relate to. This lovely shrimp stir fry with sugar snap peas recipe is just one example of the fresh vibe to Jamie’s book.

Sierra guarding the snow and sugar peas from the squirrels

all the peas, mizuna mustard and arugula flowers are taller than Sierra!

In the mornings, Sierra always strolls through the garden to investigate any evidence of night thievery by the squirrels and possums. She finds plenty of tangerine peels left behind from those darned pests, but luckily, all the delicate peas are untouched!

She’ll nuzzle the dangling peas a bit with her cold nose, wondering if they’re ready to eat yet. But Sierra is really a good girl and won’t take any off the vine unless we pick one and hand feed her! When we do, she leaves a mess of small peas an tendrils all over the garden. It’s the cutest things to see in the mornings epecially now because the peas have outgrown her by 5 feet! Hell, they’ve even outgrown us.

With the explosion of spring peas, the hardest part is keeping up with picking them because they grow so fast. Any suggestions on snow pea or sugar snap recipes that you have would be much appreciated!

Happy Spring to everyone,

diane and todd

above: add ginger, garlic, chiles. Then add shrimp & peas, cook quickly

below: fresh squeeze of lime juice, honey and pasta to finish off the dish

Shrimp and Snow Pea or Sugar Snap Pea Stir Fry Recipe

Yield: Serves 2-3.

This is an adaption from Jamie's Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver.
This easy and fast shrimp snow pea recipe is very versatile. We used sugar snap peas in place of the snow peas and it turned out wonderfully. Add this great shrimp and sugar snap pea stir fry with your choice of noodles, rice or pasta.


  • 1" fresh Ginger, peeled & crushed or finely diced
  • 2 cloves Garlic, crushed or finely diced
  • 1 fresh Chile, sliced (chose the type based on your heat preference)
  • Sea Salt
  • Peanut Oil
  • 1/2 lb. Lrg Shrimp, shelled & deveined
  • Large handful Sugar Snap Peas or snow peas
  • 2 T Soy Sauce
  • juice 1/2 Lime
  • 1/2 t Honey
  • 1 t Sesame Oil
  • 1/2 lb Pasta
  • small bunch fresh Cilantro, torn or cut in 1-2" sections.


  1. Bring a large pot of water to boil for the pasta while your slice and dice the ginger, garlic, and chiles. When water comes to a boil, salt it well, then toss in pasta.
  2. Stir after it comes back up to a boil.  Boil vigorously until it has your preferred bite.  Drain and rinse under cool water. Set aside.
  3. Heat a pan or wok over high heat (you can start this part while the pasta boils if you are good at multi-tasking.) Swirl in some peanut oil and add garlic, ginger, and chiles. Saute for a minute or so, then add shrimp and cook for another couple minutes or until shrimp is almost cooked through.
  4. Add sugar snaps, soy sauce, lime juice, honey, and sesame oil.  Saute for a bit until everything is hot (@ 1 min.) then toss in pasta.  Toss over heat until pasta is well coated, then serve with the cilantro.
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  1. Gosia

    All so very pretty, the fresh peas, your dog, your garden, your stir-fry dish. How delightful it is to visit your blog. You two are an amazing team. I’ve just tried making pizza and photo-documenting the process. It’s difficult, nothing looks or tastes the same when you have to do both simultaneously, but watching your tandem, makes me think to put the husband in front of the stove and the dishes while I snap a few pics. Will this work?

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Depends on the husband 😉 But if the rewards are good enough, I’m sure you’ll find a willing accomplice!

  2. Mélanie

    OMG, every time I visit your blog or see pictures of your garden, I’m ready to move to California! You could work for the State Advertising committee !! (which I just made up, but there must be something like that…)

  3. Katie @ goodLife {eats}

    We planted snow peas over the weekend. I can’t wait for fresh peas! Bookmarking this to use later.

  4. kaleidescaper

    fabulous photography! and the stir fry is making my mouth water…

  5. Ann

    Just got my seeds in the mail today from Territorial and got a surprise freebie packet of seeds asking me to consider planting a row for the hungry. Your surplus of garden produce got me thinking that perhaps a food bank might welcome what excess you might care to share. BTW, love the blog!

  6. my spatula

    I would love, love, love to see and tour your amazing garden! It’s such a dream….beautiful.

  7. matt

    I am so incredibly jealous of your garden, and the growing season with you guys. Still kinda too early to plant up here. That, and we have a bloody great digger in our backyard that was meant to be gone a month ago!

    Fantastic food, and just the most sublime garden I have ever seen.

  8. A Canadian Foodie

    Somehow and somewhere I have seen your garden tour… where are you living that you are growing already. Beautiful beautiful shots from garden to table You have a way to make the simplest of meals look absolutely divine.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Canadian Foodie- maybe you saw our garden on the garden video?

  9. Nate @ House of Annie

    Gosh, your pics are just too beautiful for words.

    Please share your recipe using homegrown peas in our Grow Your Own roundup this month. Full details at

  10. Tuty @ Scentofspice

    There is nothing better than sweet peas off the vines. You guys certainly have worked hard to maintain such a healthy garden.
    Can you stir fry the pea shoots? I like stir-fry pea shoots with garlic and I wonder if you have tried to cook the pea shoots from the garden.

  11. Anh

    I am so jealous that you had a huge garden!! Such a wonderful site and blog 🙂

  12. Alex

    Still cold here so we will have to wait a while for the peas. Seeing the photos is making me impatient

  13. barbara

    A beautiful garden and Sierra is lovable. I love peas straight from the vine. My grandmother grew sweat peas outside her kitchen window which we so pretty and smelled devine.

  14. Asha@FSK

    OOf! I love sugar snap peas. I can eat them raw and chilled!! So envious of your garden. Love veggies grown at home. Can do that only back in India. The taste of homegrown veggies is soo fantastic and head and shoulders above store bought!

  15. Stephanie (Fresh Tart)

    Look at your amazing garden! Just beyond my comprehension (in MN…where the snow has just melted…), makes me happy to look at these pics. Stunning!

  16. Kate @ Savour Fare

    That sounds like a cookbook I should have! I always say that cooking fresh food from scratch doesn’t have to be an ordeal.

    I don’t have a lot of recipes for the sugar snaps in their pod — I prefer peas shelled, but I have a great salad with mayo, bacon, nuts and peas that’s delicious with the little buggers.

  17. Madeline

    I’m so jealous! We still have a couple of months to wait for planting. Peas are probably one of my favorite things to grow. Nothing better than peas fresh from the garden. And is that an orange tree I see? Lucky!

  18. Eleanor Hoh (Wok Star)

    Love this combination of ingredients and colors. You’re so lucky to have a garden and grow your veggies, nothing like fresh! I agree wholeheartedly with Jamie Oliver’s philosophy and his easy dishes. I just love the crunchiness of snap peas, stir fried with anything just brings out its sweetness. Your photography is outstanding.

  19. jenjenk

    I can totally taste those peas now.

  20. Maria

    I am ready for spring. I really love your pea pod photos too:)

  21. Cookin' Canuck

    Your garden is so pretty! The only way I would eat peas as a kid is if they were fresh off the vine – a pea snob at an early age. This shrimp stir fry looks like a great way to highlight the sweetness of the peas.

  22. xuanie

    Everything is still dead in the Midwest. I am so envious of you guys. I love your photography. Absolutely gorgeous! More stories about the ladies at the nail shop please!

  23. Brian Asis

    I like you dog 😀 Those peas looks scrumptious!

  24. Liz

    Beautiful and delicious! I love the addition of honey at the end, I’m going to have to give that a try.

  25. liz

    Ooooo! not fair – I am so jealous – I love fresh peas!

  26. Deanna B

    I love sugar snap peas mixed with some par-cooked carrots sliced on the bias (1/2 inch or so thick), toasted sesame oil, and toasted black sesame seed (white works too but black is prettier against the bright colors). I think that’s about all that goes into it. Served cold or room temperature its delicious. I guess the carrots could be completely raw, but I like the texture with the peas better if they are barely cooked.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Deanna- toasted black sesame seeds sound wonderful, thanks for the tip!

  27. Gaby

    First off… I am 100% jealous of your garden!! It is amazing. And second, this seems like such a great dish for a quick weeknight meal! I love snap peas too but had never thought about adding them to a pasta dish – going to try this one out as soon as I pick up some fresh peas from the farmers market!

  28. Nancy

    I have a serious case of garden envy!!! (We won’t even talk about the dog envy though!:-)!!

    I chuckled when I read your post – I just published a recipe on my blog that has snow peas in it –
    I think we are all craving these fresh spring foods!!!

    BTW, the Food Blog Forum is amazing – I still can’t believe you all put that together in 6 weeks!!!

    Looking forward to the seminar – THANK YOU so much for putting it together!!!


  29. TripleScoop

    Great looking garden. It looks like a labor of love.

  30. Kathleen

    Pickle them!

  31. Ed Schenk

    Spring hasn’t arrived yet here in Michigan but you have given me something to look forward to.

  32. Kalyn

    I’m very jealous that you have peas. Here the garden is still covered with snow.

  33. Recipe man

    wow looks so amazing with the combinations of taste and color
    i love the photos

  34. Delia

    Oh I am so pea green with envy over your garden! I love fresh veggies, but find them difficult to grow here in the heat of central Texas in the rock pile of my yard. I wish we had the mild climate of the coast.

  35. Jessica@FoodMayhem

    Talk about food porn… That first picture makes me want peas and tendrils so much. I don’t know anything about gardening yet, but I just moved into an apartment flooded with light. Do you think I could grow peas in pots indoors?

  36. Yana

    wow..i envy your fruit/vegetable garden, they look amazing..
    as for sugar peas idea, as an indonesian, i like to make something spicy out of it..wheter just a simple pan fried with lots of garlic and chillies..or cook them at las minute in a vegs curry (mixed with pieces of tofu, spring onion,..etc)and serve them on rice…yum.


  37. Connie C

    Am green with envy! You said cook quickly. I am getting a new propane fired dual fuel stove. How many BTU’s is good enough for a home cook stir frying? Thanks for the recipe. Think I’ll cook it today.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      ConnieC- we’re not sure about the BTU’s. We’ve never used a propane fuel stove before. Maybe ask the sales person that is selling the stove to you!

  38. merry jennifer

    I love sugar snap peas, and this recipe looks like a great way to showcase their sweet crunch. Sierra looks like she’s enjoying her job.

  39. Spicy Green Mango

    Long time reader/follower, but first time poster. Your blog is just amazing and your photography is exquisite! I am enamored with your culinary and artistic prowess 🙂 Keep up the amazing work! And congrats on the Food Blog Forum..I just joined!

  40. Jessica @ How Sweet

    Such gorgeous photos. Beautiful, delicious dish, too!!

  41. Matthew Goudge

    Excellent article Todd and Diane.

    I will definately give the recipe a whirl.

    Tastefully yours,


  42. Divina

    Beautiful produce you have there and what a beautiful dish. I love Jamie Oliver and his cooking style. We need someone like Sierra. We have 2 squirrels eating our mangoes. 🙂

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