Homemade Kumquat Marmalade with Brie Cheese

I don’t like brie cheese. It’s boring.

There. I said it, I meant it, and I’m ok with you despising me for it. But before you send off that nasty email, I must clarify, I’m not talking about the real deal, raw milk, wheels of wonder that are true Brie cheeses.  Cheeses from milk so pure you can taste what moseying bovines feasted upon.

If only most “Brie” cheeses were so divine… But they’re not. Most are a bunch of bloomy rinded discs of boring. However there is salvation.  Salvation in a little orange jar and a cast iron pan.

Normally I’m more of a cave aged Cheddar and a pungent Blue Cheese boy, but they will get passed up in a second if I’m served a plate of fried bread with brie and a sexy little marmalade. A Seville Orange marmalade is always nice, but this citrus season we’ve been making another sweet little number which has us begging for more…  Kumquat Marmalade.

A tinge of bitter is such a nice counter balance to the sweetness of the sugar and citrus, but Seville Orange marmalades are almost a touch heavy on the bitter for my taste. It is a bitter orange after all.  However, kumquats are perfect. Plus the skins are delicately thin, perfect for the marmalade after they’ve been soaked overnight to soften them up.

We’ve become such fans that the fruit from our kumquat tree has little hope but to be soaked, sliced, sugared and simmered, then bottled in our cute little Weck jars.  No Kerr for these little ones. They are getting the star treatment.

For anyone interested in jamming, we can’t recommend The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook enough. The instruction is fascinating and thorough. The recipes are exciting, seasonal and useful throughout the year. She lays the foundation for the user to understand the principles then have the freedom to impart their own vision into their preserves. And her recipes are inspiring and drool worthy. The book is laid out based on the seasons, perfect for the home gardeners like us.

For this Kumquat Marmalade recipe, we crafted the marmalade in a simple fashion, keeping the ingredients to just the kumquats, sugar and water. Then we used The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook as our guide in the cooking and testing. We loved how the marmalade came out. Brie became sexy once again.


cooking with the kumquat seeds for the natural pectin

fry the bread, layer brie cheese & lather on the marmalade

enjoy the beauty of your fruit

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Kumquat Marmalade Recipe
Cook Time
45 mins

Cooking and testing instructions adapted from The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook.
Since the sugar content is based off of the weight of the fruit, we wrote out the recipe based off of 1 lb of kumquats to make everything easily scalable. The kumquat to sugar ratio is 1:.75. 1 cup of sugar weighs approx. 200g if you need to figure out adjustments for measuring by volume. The seeds provide the pectin for you, so make sure you don’t throw them out when squeezing the kumquats.

  • 1 pound (455g) Kumquats
  • 3/4 pound (1 2/3c) (340g) Sugar
  • 2 cups (470ml) Water
Day 1:
  1. Slice the kumquats in half lengthwise. Over a bowl covered with a mesh strainer, squeeze the kumquats and rub back and forth between your fingers. This will help loosen the fruit segments from the rind. Remove segments from rind and set both aside.
  2. After squeezing, wrap segments and seeds from the mesh strainers in cheesecloth. Slice kumquat rinds into thin strips. Combine cheesecloth bundle, rinds, and kumquat juice all into the same bowl, and add the 2 cups of water. Cover and set aside in refrigerator for at least 12 hours to help soften the kumquat rinds.
Day 2:
  1. Put 5 metal spoons in a flat part of your freezer for testing the marmalade at the end of it’s cooking.
  2. Put all of previous day's contents (liquid, rinds, and cheesecloth bundle) into a medium saucepan. Add sugar.
  3. Bring contents up to a boil over high heat. Reduce to medium high and boil for at least 45 minutes, but it may take longer depending on your heat, pan, and quantity of kumquats. Do not stir during the initial bubbling, but after it starts foaming, stir occasionally to prevent the marmalade from burning.
  4. Test the marmalade. Remove it from the heat and put half a spoonful in one of the frozen spoons. Put the spoon back in the freezer for 3 minutes. Then remove and feel the bottom of the spoon. It should feel neither hot nor cold. If still warm continue freezing for another minute or so. Tip the spoon to see if the marmalade runs. If the top layer has set to a jelly consistency it is done. If it runs, continue cooking for another few minutes and test again.
  5. When finished cooking, using a stainless steel spoon, skim off any surface foam. Let kumquat marmalade rest for 10 minutes. Pour marmalade into one jar. Wait for a moment to see if rinds float to the top. If so, let marmalade rest for another 5 minutes. If not, then pour kumquat marmalade into the rest of the jars and process according to manufacturer’s instructions.
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  1. Shirley

    At last found a recipe like my mother made. Thanks a million.

    1. Todd & Diane

      Thanks Shirley!

  2. monika funaro

    Great recipe second time around, first time added a bit of ginger and some lemon juice to make it less sweet.

  3. Posey D.

    Moving into a new home is exciting but who knew what a Kumquat was until I owned my very own tree! Thank you for offering this great recipe online and making my first ever experience of domestication a true success!

  4. Kate

    Just made a batch of your Kumquat Marmalade – your photos sold me. It looks like sunshine in a jar and the sneak tastings from my spoon are exactly what I hoped for. Thank you.

  5. Madelen

    wow, can’t wait to make Golden Kumquat marmalade with jalapenos, or maybe even a habanero. Will make a great glaze on chicken or ribs..

  6. Stacey

    I was looking for a recipe for kumquat jalapeño jam and came across this. Will definitely try it as it looks to be perfection! But I must ask – how would I adapt the recipe if I wanted to add the heat of a jalapeño?

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Hi Stacey,
      We would just finely dice some jalapeno and add it to the mix when you are cooking it. How much depends on your jalapenos (ours always vary quite a bit in spiciness). I would start with somewhere between a 1/4 to 1/2 of an average jalapeno. Good luck!

  7. Rob

    Thanks for the recipe; my contribution to it:
    Fruit weight times 0,74 = sugar weight
    Fruit weight times 1.03 = water weight

  8. Sue

    Hi, whats the chance of you adding this pic and recipe (specifically) to facebook?

  9. Susie

    I just have to share my brilliant idea… I used herb scissors to snip the kumquat rinds, and it made processing two pounds of kumquats an absolute breeze (and made up for the time I spent browsing your blog). I am literally giddy about the beautifully uniform slices!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Love the tip. We use our scissors all the time in the kitchen but didn’t think of using them on the kumquats. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Sue

    Hi again just asking, is 470ml mentioned the total amount of water you added here – it seems not a lot and my mix is already quite gloopy pre-cooking and without more am sure it would burn? Plus, at what point did you pull out your muslin bag?

    1. White on Rice Couple

      This base recipe is for a small batch of marmalade so it won’t seem like a lot. Like we mentioned in the head note, it is to make it easily scalable for larger batches. As far as your mix seeming gloopy, it will a bit but it sounds like your kumquat seeds may have more pectin than ours usually do. Feel free to add extra water if needed. And if the mixture doesn’t set well, just keep simmering down the marmalade until it reaches your desired consistency. We leave the seed bag in until the end, but you can always pull it out after cooking for a bit and squeeze and scrape the pectin from the outside of the bag. Whichever way works best for you.

  11. Sue

    Love your stunning photo’s and having seen these I too am off to buy the last vestige of Kumquats in our local shop. I have to ask where did that gorgeous little vintage pan originate from…does it have a specific name?

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Thanks Sue! The pan was something we picked up in a local antique shop. Sorry, there is no name on it anymore. So cute, though, huh?

  12. Jane

    Yum! Your gorgeous photos make me want to cook up this marmalade today. You are a master of capturing and composing honey or fruit or simple ingredients and making your viewers want to run to the grocery store. Do you teach food photography classes?

  13. michelle y.

    Ha! I’ve been wondering what to do with a half pound of these teeny tiny beauties! Perfect for a lazy sunday !

  14. Tricia DeVere

    I am very excited to try the kumquat marmalade receipe.
    I shop at Trader Joe for my exotic fruits,cheeses ,etc.

  15. Lisa

    Your timing couldn’t be more perfect, I was just gifted two pounds of kumquats and marmalade was my first thought. I’m glad you don’t use pectin in yours.

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    The Cook Book looks so wonderful. Thanks for sharing this great information.

  17. sally cameron

    Just posted on FB. Here is the link. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1406275085

    Would love to win this cookbook and make some jam!

  18. sally cameron

    T&D, Your kumquat photos are absolutely beautiful. Pretty colors, contrast and light. I’ve not worked with kumquats, but I love all citrus. I have been wanting to make jam and can it, so if I can get my hands on some kumquats this would be a great one to try. I’ve read of Blue Chair Fruit and I’m sure the book would be terrific. Thanks for a great post.

  19. Katy
  20. Katy

    Oooo this cookbook looks wonderful!

  21. Ethel Louise

    These are divine! I made some kumquat marmalade the other week and was on a roll — until I walked away from the stove to pluck the day’s reading off my shelves and returned to find the marmalade scorched. Thankfully there are still some late-season kumquats available at my local coop: I will reward myself with one more try if I make good progress this week!

  22. karine

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    Kumquats are such a treat! And, I’ve never imagined making them into a marmalade, whose color is so stunning! Beautiful idea!

  24. Cardie K Molina

    Hi – am making the jam right now! almost time to test. thank you so much for the recipe. my cpa has a huge old tree in her front yard and let me pick. some tips…use double cheesecloth as some of the tiny seeds work their way out – not a bad thing – and don’t tell too many people you are making! they all want some! this is a pretty labor intensive prep, oh yes…i used a grapefruit spoon to “pulp” the kumquats and it worked great. i just noticed there is a book giveaway…i hope to win.

  25. Deb W

    Sounds so good. I was recently in the Florida Keys and was given some sour oranges, and some key limes and made some great marmalades with them. I ate some of it with brie. Seems like a natural combination.

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    I have been living on brie and mango jam wraps lately … yum!

  29. Anjee

    I tried the marmelade and it is delicious. The only thing to add is that the marmelade did not stop running until I added some additional pectin. I often rost bread in a pan – and it is also lovely to melt camembert or some goat cheese in the pan, too.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Maybe your kumquats didn’t have as many seeds as ours. They are what supply the pectin for the marmalade and why they are reserved and boiled with the juices and rinds. Good to know about your experience and it’s something for everyone to keep in mind when jamming or making marmalade with kumquats.

  30. jess s

    I need this cookbook. *need* I keep putting it on my birthday and holiday wish lists, and no one buys it for me.

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    I got into canning some jams last summer. I would totally love a cookbook on all sorts of jams! Thanks for the chance!

  32. Andrea

    This looks great. We’ve just started trying some indoor gardening and have kumquat tree on order @ our local nursery. Would love to have some information on preserving the fruits of our labors!

  33. Nan

    I love making jams and marmalades! I put grappa on top of the finished product and then a double layer of plastic wrap between the jar and lid before tightening down the lids. The grappa acts as a preservative so no more processing is needed. The plastic acts as a seal. I like this because sometimes, when jams are processed again for the jar sealing they can become “over-cooked.” Plus if you use the ‘grappa method’ you can use any jar and lid combo you have. I save old jam and jelly jars, mustard jars, caper jars, any pretty little jar and lid, to use with my jams. Just like the Italians!

    Thanks for hosting the give-away!


  34. Laura B.

    Looks amazing!

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    There’s a recipe on Epicurious for Kumquat-Jalapeno Marmalade that I’ve made countless times. It’s time consuming, quartering and seeding the kumquats, but such a delicious reward! I’d never
    thought to can a larger batch – duh. Thank you for your recipe for kumquats. I look forward to
    making it and preserving the results. And thank you, too, for the book offer.

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  39. Michelle in Seattle

    The name alone sounds delicious but your photographs push this to divine. I can’t wait to make it and taste this recipe!

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    Very tempting book…
    Besides, efortless as it seams in your photo shots…everyone should have a go.
    I am more a jam consumer than a jam maker, but my first efforts were quite satisfying and I would love to receive suggestions and inspiration from this very interesting book…
    p.s. I’ve just posted this link to my facebook account!

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    I’ve seen her cookbook everywhere, and would love a copy! I’m determined to can some of my own jams and jellies this summer!

  43. Fiona Hunt

    Hi Going to try this recipe this weekend. I am just back from Spain and have brought my Kumquat crop back to snowy Scotland to attempt a better batch of marmelade from my last efforts last year. I think the soaking overnight may be the key that I didnt do last year and will let you know the outcome. I am just after the giveaway cookbook really as I dont own a good jam and marmalade book althought I think I have everything else.


  44. Christine

    Hi! I haven’t had kumquats but had a fabulous loquat tree a while back. Such a beautifully shaped tree. Never did get to make anything from them because we moved. Have you had any experience with the loquat? Recipes?

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  58. Mairi @ Toast

    Never used kumquats before…will have to hunt some down. Stunning photos as always 🙂

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    I made tangerine jelly last month (the recipe called for peels but I modifed it to be without) and though the juice was orange, the jelly turned out bright yellow! You can see a picture here.

    We used our peels to make a natural citrus cleaner. (But I would never do that with kumquats!)

    I never liked jam in the U.S. I learned to like Bonne Maman jam (mrytille) in France (along with real Brie, not the more boring pasteurized brie that we get in the U.S.). It wasn’t until I made pomegranate jelly to put on homemade french bread that I was sold on homemade jellies and jams.

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    When I worked at a Preschool I always introduced my kidlets to lovely, unusual fruit, such as the kumquat. They too had the same texture problem as I do. Most of them just gave me a sour face when I suggested eating the whole thing, so we’d spend the afternoons (afterhours) peeling or cutting the kumquats in half to squeeze the two drops of overly sweet juice in our mouths. Oh, how we loved it! We’d talk about the spring to come and their favorite things to do. Oh the memories!

  87. Kellene

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  103. JessicaO

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  117. JessicaH

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    1. JessicaH
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    Well, kumquats don’t exactly grow on trees in Appalachia, and I’ve not seen them in the box stores either. I envy your growing season!
    But when it comes to making jams and jellies, I’ll try about anything. Last fall, I tried an Edna Lewis recipe for Green Tomato Jam. It is a sweet counterpoint to smoked meats and cheese.
    Twitter @friendsdriftinn

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    I hope I win!

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    BoulderLocavore Boulder Locavore
    Homemade Kumquat Marmalade with Brie Cheese and Blue Chair Jam Cookbook Giveaway http://t.co/3ak5And via @WhiteOnRice

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    but you make me want to try one.
    Never learned photography
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    IF, I too could capture the essence of a fruit.

    Beautiful photos, thanks!

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    I love making jams, jellies and preserves.
    The more different and unusual the better!

    Though traditional recipes are nice, the variation of flavour combinations can be wonderful!
    I have been using a lot of hot peppers in my jam making adventures of late.
    It has made for a very tasty adventure.

  141. heather

    Kumquats are a rare treat for us, mostly because they’re not available often, and when they are the cost is astonishing. For this recipe, however, I would definitely splurge on a big bag knowing I could have one of my favorite fruits year-round. Gorgeous, and a great pairing.



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    Beautiful photos, as always! I’m a fan of the clementine-kumquat marmalade from Ad Hoc At Home, but I’ve never tried kumquats solo. They’re quite a bit of work, but I find that the result is well worth it. Maybe someday I’ll have a tree as prolific as yours!

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    Thanks for this post! I have been wondering about this book, and I’m glad to hear you say that you can’t recommend it highly enough. I found myself with a bunch of kumquats a couple of months ago and ended up making something similar to what you made. I found that it was delicious on vanilla ice cream with fresh mint leaves. It’s also very nice to add cinnamon, cloves, ginger, etc, to the mixture as you boil it. I have to confess to being lazy and tell you that it works beautifully if you leave the rinds on the kumquats! I pulled some seeds out but left some in as well for the pectin, as you mentioned. Speaking of brie, you could even bake a wheel of good brie with the kumquat marmalade and some puff pastry. YUM!

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    I’ve always wanted to make jam ( especially rose & strawberry jam ) but never tried

    Would love to win your jam book so that I will pluck up enough courage to try my hand in making some jams = )

    Thank you for the giveaway


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    And I would love to know where in the OC I can get a Eden climbing rose.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Cindy- We bought our Eden climbing roses at Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach and H&H Nursery in Lakewood. Have fun!

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    I <3 Kumquats! SO jealous that you live in a climate that allows you to have a tree in your yard!

    P.S. Your photographs are (as always) stunning.

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    We bought 5 different jams from said farmers market this weekend…. sigh.

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  198. scott

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    I’d totally be making this if I hadn’t made a batch of Murcott Jam last night…

    There’s still time 😉

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    The marmalade and brie combination looks delicious. I’ve always been interested in jamming but it seems so intimidating! I might have to give it a try now.

  202. Josie

    Kumquat is a cousin of the orange-citrus fruit family that is often underrated! I can eat and pop them like candy just as they are, with skin and all. LOVE. To make it in marmalade, I’m salivating just thinking about it. 🙂 Unfortunately they are a bit hard to find in regular grocery stores in the states and a bit pricey if found. But like any fine & decadent treats, a little bit goes a long way.

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    Beautiful photos as always. I can almost taste it.

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  209. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    Wow the marmelade looks awesome! I used to be friends with a girl in San Diego who had a HUGE kumkquat tree in her backyard and also my CSA share gives kumquats and I have made marmelade. Basically just boil the fruit and add lots of sugar 🙂

    Your photos are breathtaking. I cannot wait to see you in Boulder in August!!!!!!

    1. soleil

      Just finished making this, so delicious! By the way, gorgeous pictures!

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