Before any finger wagging and tsking gets directed towards Michael over the title of the latest “Had Something to Say”, we’d like to stand up and say we are to blame.  Or at least raise our hand, since we are writing this post while lying in bed at the end of the night. I think we took the only curse he muttered in the entire time of filming all of this series and made it into the title.

This installment of Michael Rulhman Had Something to Say is almost more of a quick outtake or special dvd extra. One of those moments between the breaths where we get to catch a glimpse of a main character’s underlying trait. For us, this moment contains a part of Michael which we find endearing.

We are lucky to call Michael and his family dear friends. Hugs are warm. Silences are comfortable. Time in between connecting is insignificant. Smiles and shared moments and thoughts light up the eyes.

When asked about Michael, there are usually two words we use to describe him. Curious and Humble. It is the latter of these two which truly reveals itself in this installment of “Had Something to Say.” While our sides are splitting and we struggle to keep the lenses from shaking, the man truly believes he’s not fucking funny.  We love you Michael.

Hope you all enjoy this latest episode of Michael Ruhlman Had Something to Say.  Make sure you head over to Michael’s site and check out his post on this episode.

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