It’s hard to believe it was just over a month ago we brought our little Lexi home. My, oh my.  How quickly things change.

There is the obvious change, Lexi is a weed. Every day she gets noticeably bigger and we have begun counting the days until when we’ll no longer be able to pick her up. A couple weeks ago we had a six day shoot in NY, and upon coming home we didn’t even recognize our little puppy.

Can you believe this was only about a month ago?

The funny part is that everything doesn’t grow at the same rate. One morning you’d look at her and swear her ears doubled in size. The next day it seems like she was put on a limb-stretcher overnight and her legs and body length added a couple inches. She’d be all gangly, big-eared and long legged but still with a little head for a day or two until her noggin caught up.

Of course our daily routines are now continually distracted by puppy rwarr s and other “you gotta see this” moments. If we suddenly hear a “thump, thump, thump” running down the hall, we know Lexi snagged something and is running off with her prize. She thinks she is a puppy-ninja, sneaking into the bedroom to find shoes, socks, or other unmentionables. However her escape needs a little work ’cause every time she’ll give herself away with the “thump, thump, thump” down the hall.

iPhone shots of trouble in action

Sierra has had the biggest change of all.  She is no longer our “little one”, although at the pace Lexi is growing, I don’t think it will be long before Sierra is the little one once again. She’s transitioned from being the center of our affection to sharing the belly rubs, being the big sister, and allowing herself to be used as a walking chew toy.

At first she was tolerant, however I’d hesitate in calling her over-joyed with the addition of Lexi to the household. She would watch over and occasionally play with our new tenant, but there would also be a few times that Lexi would innocently push a boundary Sierra didn’t want crossed and she would quickly put Lexi in her place.

iPhone Cuteness & Sierra Exhausted

Then there came the day we busted out the tennis ball, Sierra’s favorite toy. After a few rounds of Sierra fetching and Lexi chasing, nipping, and getting ran over by a focused boxer, they both laid down in shade, nose to nose, panting away. Sierra still had the ball in her mouth while Lexi respectfully watched and waited.

It was the next moment when I knew Sierra decided we could keep Lexi. Sierra dropped her ball and let it roll over to Lexi. As the precocious puppy started gnawing on the prized ball, Sierra just watched and seemed to say, “you ain’t so bad kid.”

iPhone Moments

Since then, they have been the best of sisters. All of the torment which Sierra used dish out to Dante, she now patiently receives. The two of them will spend nearly every day playing and gnawing on one another, only taking breaks for the occasional squirrel chase or for their daily siesta. Our girls are happy together.