Although we were only in Kyoto for a few days, we’re utterly mesmerized by it’s beauty, grace and history. There’s so much more we’ll share about Kyoto within the next few days, but until then, we’ll leave you with two images of what reminds us most of Kyoto.


Hope you’ll stay tuned and patient until we can find the time to write about the Bamboo forest and our bicycle excursions in search of temples and markets.

In the meantime, we’re heading up Mt. Fuji! We decided to catch the sunrise from the summit, so that means hopping on a bus for a couple hours then beginning the an ascent at about 10pm. “They” say it takes about 6 hours to the summit  from the 5th station of Mt. Fuji. We’ll see if “they” were accurate for folks like us who’ve been eating for 9 days straight, with very little cardio exercise!

Wish us luck and we’ll see ya at the top of Mt. Fuji!



***Post Update: We didn’t get to go up Mt. Fuji. 🙁  The climbing season runs through Aug. 31, and after that the bus schedules change dramatically, making a 24 hr – Tokyo – up Mt. Fuji – and back to Tokyo trip not possible.  If we had more time in Japan we would take the extra day, however we do not have that time.  We are seriously bummed but it means that we must return to Japan, even if the only reason it to climb Mt. Fuji.  Of course we all know that won’t be the only reason. Japan has been a gracious host and we are in love with her.

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