Hi Friends. Are you all on Instagram? If not, you’re missing out on really simple, yet fun community of friends catching up with one another via pictures. We enjoy it and it’s always been a serene place to browse though our friends day from their mobile photographs. But now video is a new 15 second feature on our once simple feed of quiet images.

We’ve heard so many different thoughts about Instagram video, but are curious to read what you think? Are you loving it? Liking it?

The feature itself is great to be able to give folks the option to share moving images. We’re big fans of video if you already didn’t know. The feature to choose your lead photo for video is great and being able to customize that give us more creative liberty and choice. But what was hard for us to appreciate right away was how intrusive the sound and audio can be.

When scrolling through our feed, it can be awfully disruptive to get a jolt of audio from the video. We love seeing the videos, but just wish there was an option to click play when we choose to, rather than have the video auto-play.

So we really wanted to share some video and figured that the only way for us to not scare our followers with a sudden rush of loud sound, was to first share a quiet video with music playing in the background. That way, we don’t shock the heck out of our followers.

Here’s our first Instagram video we worked on together called “Morning Ritual”.

We’re on Instagram as @ToddPorter and @DianeCu

And we’re overloaded with garden heirloom tomatoes now. So here’s an Instagam video about…..tomatoes!

Have you tried instagram video? We want to learn more about it and understand what folks like to see?


diane and todd