Dear Lexi,

We’re out of town and aren’t there to wish you a happy 1st birthday. You won’t be getting those extra little nibbles that fall on the floor nor those home-baked incentives (click for recipe) that you would normally get if you didn’t chew up any of our shoes. Yes, we know it’s been a while since you’ve killed a pair (it’s been over a week – yay!), but we always assume the worst in your chewing habits. Why? because you’re still torturing all the drip irrigation lines in the garden, thus some of the dead raspberry plant and herb plantings.

When looking at your first photo’s at home with us, we can’t help it but to reminisce back in September when we brought you home. You were so tiny, looking like a little dachshund when we kept telling everyone that you were a rhodesian ridgeback (she’s not going to be little for long, people!).

We remember those days when you were hand-held size. Now, well, you’re too big to fit your bed. *sigh*

 rhodesian ridgeback puppy Lexi at

Those puppy-size days are over. But your puppy brain still runs rampant, as we can see from all your destroyed toys on the lawn (every week it there is 15 minutes of clean up before the gardeners come to mow & blow) and those dead plants in the garden.

Regardless of how many plants we have to plant again and how many drop irrigation lines that Daddy has to fix and buy, you’ll always be a puppy to us. Hopefully when we return home we won’t have to fix/glue/re-plant/buy anything because of your energy and boredom. Maybe that’s we why work so much, it’s because we have to keep tapping into our monthly budget just to replace everything. *exclamation mark* *exclamation mark*

Please be kind to the garden while we’re gone. And please don’t chew on Sierra like a toy. Remember? Sierra doesn’t like that. She thinks you’re a brat. And Daddy misses you staring at him first thing in the morning until he rolls over gives you a “good morning” scratch.

Happy Birthday to you, our forever “puppy” Lexi.


Daddy and Mommy