For the Love of Meyer Lemons: Video & A Little Giveaway

This giveaway has ended, thank you all for sharing your love of meyer lemons. Scroll to end of post to see winner.

We do love to share, but sometimes it’s really impossible to pass around a few baskets of citrus from our garden to all you kind folks. When we can, we do enjoy sending out a little bit of our Southern California sunshine to friends in the chilly parts of the country. A little box of  citrus love can warm up even the coldest days during the Spring Season. We’ve given away some garden citrus before, but it’s been a while.

Because we love meyer lemons so much and we appreciate you all, we thought it’s time to share some of our garden meyer lemons. It’s not much, but for those of you who don’t get an opportunity to enjoy a really fresh meyer lemon, this little giveaway will bring a little warmth to the chilly part of your world.

And we made a little video, sharing a little glimpse of what’s sprouting up in the garden this month.

There’s just something special about meyer lemons. Their floral fragrance, their delicate beauty and vibrant flavors really add so many wonderful elements to cooking. One of our favorite articles on the many uses of meyer lemons always inspires us to continue cooking and creating new dishes with one of our favorite lemons. It’s so hard to not want to make everything on that list. When the conversation of meyer lemons comes around, everyone’s faces always seem to light up!

Meyer Lemons

The Giveaway has ended, thank you all for sharing your love of meyer lemons! Congrats to Winner #288, Alexandra! Thanks to twitter for helping us be our random number generator.

For the love of meyer lemons, here’s the giveaway details:

  • Giveaway only available to folks living in the continental United States. Winner will receive a box of fresh meyer lemons from our garden!
  • Just leave a comment below and tell us what you would make if you won!
  • You are welcome to have another entry if you want to tweet or facebook the giveaway. Just leave the link in another comment.
  • Giveaway ends Sunday April 7th, 2013 at midnight pst. Check back here for the winner on Monday April 8th.



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  1. Patricia

    Love this giveaway, so nice of you to share such a beautiful creation. I would make all kinds of pastrys,pasta and chicken dishes, drinks, anything I could find and maybe start a beautiful
    new tree from a seed. Thanks

  2. Alessandra

    What a beautiful blog, I just found you on Pinterest from the potted lemon tree picture :-).


  3. Not Only Sugar

    Oh i love lemon fruit..

    Not Only Sugar

  4. Maggie

    Lovely video, as always. I planted a Meyer lemon tree 2 years ago in a pot, and although it’s seemed to take over a year for the fruit to ripen, the tiny sweet lemons are wonderful. Cheers!

  5. Cynthia

    I would make my famous lemon chicken. For dessert there would be lemon bars. The seeds I’d use to grow another tree.

  6. lauren williams

    I’d cut them in half and eat them with salt…..and remember all the times my four sisters and I would do just that at our grandma’s house on Saturday afternoons. I can smell them now….miss you, gram.

  7. Gayle

    My teenage son has become quite the baker and lemon is his favorite. I’d let him lead the way but my guess is that he/we’d start with lemon bars or lemon curd.

  8. Tanya

    We planted a lemon Meyer tree 2 years ago, a really small one. It is doing good but we did not see the harvest yet. I am not sure what’s wrong. It is covered with flowers again so I am hoping, maybe this Fall we will see some fruits? Anyway, what I would do with lemons is a lemon curd. Thank you for the opportunity!

  9. shirley

    Love lemon baked goods, the first thing I would make is lemon bars, then lemon cake or bread

  10. Steve-Anna

    Honestly? I’d drink the lemon with my green tea every morning, until it ran out. I *love* meyer lemons. And, I love your garden!


    PS: Peanut is so big!!! Miss you, love you~

  11. Ann Y

    Meyer Lemon sorbet, lemon raspberry squares. Hrm, maybe even some savory lemon thyme chicken thighs.

  12. Amanda Thompson

    I would make Lemon Bars for work and Chicken Piccata for my husband!

  13. winegeek

    Rosewater and Meyer lemonade and Roasted cauliflower with Meyer lemon slices.
    Terrific blog and bee-you-tiful website!

  14. Emma

    I’m from Miami, but I go to school at Wesleyan, in Connecticut! I’d love a taste of home to help me get through the week. I’d make my favorite Meyer Lemon Semolina cake and some Meyer Lemon Cardamom Crinkle cookies!

    Love the blog!

  15. Shannon C

    I love using them in salad dressings.

  16. erin m.

    Lemon muffins topped with raspberries 🙂 thanks!

  17. alexandra @ sweet betweens [blog]

    I tweeted about this giveaway, too. Thanks so much, D + T. y’all are the best!

    PS – when are you coming back to Nashville? you must return for a visit! 🙂 xo

  18. alexandra @ sweet betweens [blog]

    oh, what a generous giveaway! I would most definitely make lemon curd and then make some shortbread crust tartlettes with the curd. sponge caked soaked in lemon simple syrup! lemon meringe pie, a favorite! lemon creme brulee! second to mint/chocolate lemon is my absolute favorite flavor.

  19. She Cooks

    First I’d slice 1 into wedges, sprinkle 1 wedge with salt & enjoy it with a glass of iced tea garnished with fresh mint & flavored with a squeeze of 1 wedge. The rest of the wedges would be put in fridge for repeat of same treats. Then I’d sit back & plan making roast lamb rubbed with lemon recipe, accompanied with Greek style potatoes & tomatoes & lemon. While lamb roasts, the rest of the lemons calls for cookbook reading to use more Meyers. In my hand would be lemon wedge squeezed into a vermouth & tonic water on rocks.

  20. Denise W.

    I left my Meyer lemon tree in CA almost 20 years ago. Put a lemon tree in S. Arizona. Not the same. I’d make Lemon Snow Bars and Lemon chicken over garlic lemon pasta. Lemoncello sounds good too.

  21. Kim C.
  22. Kim C.

    I love Meyer Lemons!! If I won I would bake as many goodies as I possibly could.

  23. Rhubarb

    Lemon curd and lemon bars.

  24. Jennifer

    Lemon curd!! I love that stuff! Especially on crepes. 🙂

  25. Katherine Brademeyer

    lemon marmalade, lemonade, and limoncello, lemons are such a wonderful fruit!

  26. Constance

    So nice. I think I’d make lemon curd to last the year . . . it does freeze, doesn’t it? 🙂 Lemon bundt cake with lemon glaze sounds great too.

  27. Cindy Argentino

    I would make some Meyer Lemon Marmalade, a Meyer Lemon Sour Cream Pie and a Lemon Bread with a Lemon-Sugar Glaze. I would try to save some for Lemon-Basil Vinaigrette to have with a fresh garden salad.

  28. Iris

    Lemon bars, Chicken Francese and lemon curd. Thanks for a chance to win the lemons.

    1. Iris

      Not sure if my submission went through.

  29. Zo

    Thanks for sharing!
    I’d make two things straightaway: lemon ginger cupcakes and mint lemonade with gin. They’re both my own recipes that I created last time I had some meyer lemons on hand.

  30. Nakoko

    I have never made lemon tart or lemon pie… so I would like to try to make it if I get a lot of lemons…

  31. Janis

    Lemon poppy seed pound cake:)

  32. Theresa Vigil

    I would make lemonade, lemon bars, lemon curd and lemon granita!

  33. Connie

    I’d preserve some of those meyer lemons so that we could experiment a little more with the tagine… and make some limoncello!

  34. Yafa

    What a wonderful giveaway! We still have over a foot of snow in the woods outside our house, so no Meyer lemons are growing here!

    I’d make lemonade, Lemon Shaker Pie and Meyer lemon marmalade. YUM!

  35. Pam

    Can’t get enough lemonade … would make all kinds, some with rosemary, some with lavender, some with sparkling water and raspberries, … oh, the possibilities … plus some lemon chicken, lemon icebox pie … and I’d search the web for something new & exotic, of course!

  36. Michelle

    Without a doubt……….Lemon Quinoa with Kale and Goat Cheese. Thanks for sharing the lovely video.

  37. debra

    I would make dried lemon slices for lemonade and candied lemon peels (snack candy)

  38. Lindsey wilkes

    I’m taking photography classes so I would have to photograph them before and after! I would make my family a delicious dinner from our vegetable and fish farmshare basket!
    the menu
    Torn butter lettuce and shaved vegetables salad with Meyer lemon vinagrette
    Roasted white fish with shaved fennel, pear tomatoes, with a brown butter lemon juice & zest sauce
    Meyer lemon and blueberry mini bundt cakes with Meyer lemon icecream and sliced strawberries

    1. Lindsey wilkes

      Oops- how could I forget raspberry lemonade for the kids and lemon mules for us!

  39. Carole

    When my Dad was still alive, he would send me a box of “gold” every spring. Just putting the lemons out in a basket made the house so fragrant. His favorite thing with the Meyer lemons, was a lemon
    yeast bread that I made him. Very light and airy with a wonderful flavor. I would do that again.

  40. Amy

    I would make Kale Salad with Blood Orange and Meyer Lemon, Meyer Lemon Chicken Piccata and some Meyer Lemon Mojitos!

  41. Emily

    If I won, I would be using the juice to make fresh lemonade and an easy salad dressing plus some lemon bars!!

  42. Sarah

    Obsessing over lemon mint iced tea. Lemon pie with mile high meringue and little browned lemon peels on top. Asian citrus pork over lemon rice and cut out cookies with lemon glaze for my granddaughters to decorate.

  43. Sarah

    First thing is my newest obsession, lemon, mint iced tea. Next it would have to be a lemon pie with meringue a mile high and my Asian citrus pork loin over lemon rice. Cut out cookies for my granddaughters with icing made from fresh lemon juice and powdered sugar. There’s more but, I have to keep some secrets. Paleeeeeeze let me win, it’s been a long winter in CoMo!

  44. Mindy

    I made a wonderful pie with Meyer Lemons once. I think this time I’d made it again or maybe a lemon tart.

  45. daniela

    Lemon bars for my oldest daughter and lemon sorbet for the younger girls!!

  46. Karen

    I would make curd, a pie, maybe some lemon bars. I love lemon zest with fresh herbs and olive oil over roasted salmon. A box of lemons would be welcome her in freezing cold Wisconsin.


  47. Melissa

    Mmmmmarmalade. Roast chicken with thyme and lemon. Roasted broccoli with meyer zest and juice. Preserved lemons. Fun to fantasize….

  48. Tk

    A yummy lemon curd and maybe some lemon scones too!

  49. Taylor Stokes

    my chilled italian limoncello with fresh basil…perfect for spring! <3

  50. Roberta

    A fluffy whipped cream and lemon curd tart topped with raspberries and blueberries with a butter crumb crust! Makes my mouth water thinking about it!

  51. Kate

    I would make some lemon ice cream!

  52. Kelly

    Lemon bars!

  53. Leigh

    I would grill chicken thighs on the bone with skin. Make the skin really crispy and make a chunky meyer lemon salsa to go over them.

  54. Ken Weiner

    I would make lemon bars and some of my wife’s famous lemon dill dressing. The poor thing has had stomach issues and undergoes the knife again Monday, here’s to her being able to enjoy salads again soon!

  55. Terri W

    Beautiful video, Guys! ( unbelievable, but we have a ridgeback and a boxer, too!) So, in addition to the standards ( lemon curd, lemon bars, lemon meringue pie… which are all delicious) I would make Housemade meyer lemon chevre topped with lavender honey; Morrocan chicken tagine with presereved meyers and olives; Neopolitan limoncello & wild thyme sorbetto in frozen meyer lemon cups; Housemade burrata with meyer lemon and prosciutto wrapped in grape leaves; and last but not least, Meyers & Rosemary infused Tito’s artisenal vodka ( aged 21 days) used in making amazing Foamy lemon rosemary martitnis…Yes, I think I will go and have one now!

  56. Alicia K

    Oh My! How lovely of a giveaway! I would make some lemon curd and also preserve some!

  57. Ruthanne

    Lovely give a way! I would make many things – the smittenkitchen tart that uses the entire meyer lemon for the fililng, lemon curd, lemon cookies with lemon frosting, a lemon meringue pie in memory of my father, the list could go on for quite a while! I have a meyer lemon tree but I don’t seem to get them to the picking stage, it is, however, blooming with some lovely flowers now so I will have continued hope (even though I live in the Pacific Northwest).

  58. Sarah L

    This is such a neat giveaway! Thanks! I’d make some lemon sorbet.

  59. Janice

    I would make lemon blueberry bundt cake!

  60. Julie

    Oh my goodness! What a kind way to share your garden treasure!

    I would host a White on Rice Thank You Party to introduce your blog to my cooking/gardening/photography minded friends!

    We would begin the afternoon in the garden with Meyer Lemon Basil Lemonade where everyone would pick their own basil for their own drink. (Vodka optional!)

    Next the group would settle down to lunch on the terrace with Meyer Lemon Chicken Piccatta served with Quinoa with Preserved Meyer Lemons and steamed asparagus.

    Then we would make our way to the arbor for Meyer Lemon Chiffon Pie with a glass of Meyer Lemoncello!

    As the afternoon ended I would send everyone home with a party favor bag filled with Meyer Lemon Snap Cookies and recipes cards for every dish and offer a heartfelt thanks to Diane and Todd for sending a box of California Sunshine to Alabama!

  61. Natasha

    What a lovely giveaway. I would waste nothing. I would make limoncello, lemonade, tarts, I would grate the zest and freeze for later use.

  62. Amanda

    No question, even if it is not extraordinary or unique: Meyer Limoncello.

  63. Kelly E.

    Lemon curd, and lemon ice cream – both new-to-me. Thank you for the chance to win!

  64. AJ

    I’d start with lemon sorbet and then move on to lemon curd and lemon meringue pie. Lemon shrimp would be next washed down with either spiked lemonade or margaritas.

  65. Jennifer C.


  66. Maryanne @ the little epicurean

    Hi Todd and Diane! I’d made fresh meyer lemon fettuccine with creamy avocado and crispy bacon, serve it with a glass of sparkling meyer lemonade and finish it off with a meyer lemon granita.

  67. Diana

    I would make the most lovely lemon curd to put on my toast, scones or whatever. I LOVE it! The trick to relishing it would be to can it in small sized jars. Nummmmy
    Hope to win..

  68. Meegs

    Mmm, I would make curd. And lemon rosemary scones (my favorite).

  69. Silly Apron

    Thank you. Moroccan preserved lemons is the first thing that comes to my mind!

  70. Mrs. Gross

    When White on Rice gives you Meyer Lemons make: Marmalade and lemon curd. I’m wondering how a Key Lime pie would be made with Meyers? Yummmmmmmmmmm. I might even try to plant some seeds.

  71. Danielle

    Definitely lemon curd, lemon bars, and a lemon tart! They’d be divine in anything!

  72. Liz

    When White on Rice gives you Meyer Lemons make: Marmalade and lemon curd. I’m wondering how a Key Lime pie would be made with Meyers? Yummmmmmmmmmm.

  73. Geneva

    So many things. Lemon curd for sure, to go with lemon bars. And maybe a lemon cake. Oh, and some lemon tarts.

  74. Julia

    I’m a preserver, so I would like to make Meyer lemon strawberry marmalade. And I have a friend who get enough of Meyer lemon curd.

  75. Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

    Beautiful video! I would make a batch of preserved meyer lemons. Or perhaps some meyer lemon infused vodka 🙂

  76. Michelle Itagaki

    I have the most amazing Meyer Lemon Bread recipe! The recipe makes a double batch…one for now & one for later. Oh, taste buds are tingling just thinking about it!

  77. Xuan

    It would definitely have to make lemon curd and lemon bars!

  78. Christine

    So generous of you! I’d make lemon bars, lemon tarts, all sorts of seafood with splashes of lemon juice, lemon popsicles, lemon sorbet, lemonade, the possibilities are endless!

  79. Stacey

    What a nice thing to do for one lucky reader and such fun to read other people’s ideas. First thing I would do is slice one and give a section to my 3yr old son, who for some reason, loves to lick lemons. His reaction is adorable and he genuinely enjoys the tart charge he gets. Then it would be a small batch of preserved lemons for the savory and a lemon poppyseed cake to enjoy the sweet. I would probably use the remnants for lemon water for a few days enjoying that I was using the fruit completely and that it came from such a nice place!

  80. Cristy

    Cocktails! I’ve been waist-deep in learning about technique, ingredients and history lately. Maybe some infusions too, so that flavor will last for more than a fleeting moment.

  81. Jenny

    I’d give some to my husband so that he can make another batch of homemade soda. Then I’d start making some lemon pasta, try my hand at lemon curd/lemon bars…the possibilities are endless!

  82. Gary
  83. Megan {Country Cleaver}

    I have had dreams about a lemon ricotta tart pulsing through my mind for weeks now – I think these would do just dandy! Lovely video as well you guys. Stunning ,as always.

  84. Kelly S

    I would make the Lemon Cream Tart from Tartine baking book. Smooth, creamy, divine.

  85. Debbie Bray

    lemon cheesecake

  86. Katie B

    I would make Meyer lemon Madelines, lemonade, bundt cakes…

  87. Michelle Ledesma

    What a beautiful giveaway! Thank you for your kindness.
    Lemon bars for sure! They are a family favorite during the Spring season. Oh, and I’d have to make lemon-rosemary muffins with a light lemon glaze. And probably lemon ice cream or sorbet, if there was enough juice left over.

  88. Ellozzie

    And don’t forget…lemon castella cake!!! The dream doesn’t end…

  89. Ellozzie

    Never tried Meyer Lemon before! Maybe it’s a good ingredient for marmalade! Lemon yogurt…lemon madeleine…chicken with lemon glaze…followed by lemon dreams! Hey, WAKE UP!!!

  90. Kristin

    Meyer Lemons?! I’d make meyer lemon crème brulee!

  91. Eliza B

    Lemon tarts! And lemony rice. Lemon sorbet. Also cocktails with grand marnier!

  92. Patty Bransford

    I would make another Meyer lemon cheesecake. Made one for Easter. It is almost gone!

  93. anh

    Yum! Gosh, I love lemons and all the things you can do with them. I would probably make lemon cheesecake, vietnamese yogurt with candied lemon peels, lots of wonderful lemonade, and try to figure out how to incorporate some of it into fresh pasta…oh gosh, now I’m hungry! 🙂

  94. Mina

    How I miss Meyer Lemons! Since we left the west coast, I’d treat ourselves to one or two meyer lemons per year, when I’m lucky and they show up at our local co-op. Definitively lemon pound cake! I’d also like to try making preserved lemons using Jerusalem’s recipe. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  95. PamKC

    I would make curd, juice all of them. Candy the peel and most importantly, SHOW my husband WHY we need a Meyer lemon tree;)

  96. Kathy

    Oh my – preserved lemons, lemon curd, lemon cake, lemon bars and maybe a drink or two.

  97. Sarah R

    Ooh, I’m always so jealous of people that can grow their own lemons! Not much of an option here in Ohio. I’d probably use them to create some lovely meyer lemon layer cake for my boyfriend’s upcoming birthday. He loves lemon too.

  98. Alvina

    I would bake with them! Maybe some muffins. And if there are extras, use them in cocktails. 😉

  99. Ashley F
  100. Ashley F

    I’d try my hand at some lemon curd, candied lemon peel, my grandma’s famous lemon bars and my mother’s favorite lemon angel pie!

  101. Tori

    Preserved lemons, lemon curd, roast chicken with fennel, castelveltrano olives and lemon!

  102. Kyle

    Probably meyer lemon sorbet

  103. Megan

    First, I think I would scan all these comments again for inspiration. And I would make this!

  104. Tami D

    It would have to be my all time favorite…Lemon Meringue Pie…Yummmm

  105. Urban Wife

    I would make y’all’s Meyer lemon bars and then give them to my husband so he can take it to his office. 🙂

  106. Maggie

    I would make grilled salmon with grilled lemons and fresh vidalia onions from my neck of the woods!

  107. Kathy

    Hi guys! Send me some Meyers and I’ll pay it forward – make a whole bunch of sweet lemon bars for the patients and staff at the hospice house where I’m a nurse. Ohh, and using the fabulous peels, a batch of limoncello for a party at my place. Y’all are invited!
    Keep up the great blog – love the pics of the pups <3

  108. Andrea M

    How wonderful! I would make lemon poppyseed pancakes, lemon zucchini almond bread and lemon meringue pie!

  109. Rayna

    As a lover of lemons but one who has never had a Meyer lemon, I suppose I’d try lemon bars and when that either fails (as most of my recipes do) or is eaten up, I’d make the easiest recipe: lemonade!

  110. Kiran @

    Birthday is on the 6th! What a pleasant surprise if I won this 😉

    Love meyer lemon spritzers and donuts!

  111. Louisa

    Gorgeous! I would enjoy making fresh, homemade lemonade, lemon tarts, lemon pudding…
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  112. Mei

    I actually do not like lemon curd for unfortunate reasons, so I’d make some lemon marmalade and panna cotta. Maybe some granita too…I would make sorbet as well if I had an ice cream machine.

  113. Amy S

    I would make a lemon cake and some lemon curd!

  114. Mariana

    There’s no end to what I would LIKE to make – and so many good ideas, above 🙂

    In the end, humble lemon squares, lemon curd, maybe gelato. Can’t go wrong!

  115. Georgia

    There are so many things I could make. Lemon pound cake, lemon tarts and of course decorating with myer lemons.

  116. Gwen

    I have no idea. I have not ever used or tasted one. Our access to Meyer lemons is limited here in Alaska. I know my granddaughter would just take one and eat it. She is a lemonaholic. I will have to google Meyer lemons to find some good recipes. So many of the ones mentioned above sound scrumptious. Thank you for your generosity!

  117. Lily Sheng

    I tweeted!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Lily Sheng

    I have a spaghetti recipe that calls for Meyer Lemons, would love to make it!

  119. hye

    Lots of lemonade !
    It used to be my daughter’s favorite when was made from just picked lemons at my backyard.
    Unfortunately,the tree died off several years ago, and she refuse to drink any other store bought lemonade!

  120. Sherry

    I’ve never had a meyer lemon before… I think I would first make some lemonade to see what their flavor is and how it differs from a normal lemon and then I would probably make lemon bars.

  121. Ann Mc

    I love making lemon curd, but I think I would try something completely new! What a delicious giveaway – thanks!

  122. Marsha Lynne

    Lemon Cookies and lemon pie to start with. Fresh Meyer lemons would be fantatic!! Thanks

  123. jessica

    We can’t get meyer lemons in my area, for some reason our groceries don’t or won’t stock them. I have absolutely NO idea how I would narrow down all the drool worthy recipes I’ve collected over the years that call for them!

  124. Tracy love

    I would make lemon pie, lemon cake, lemon curd and anything else lemon that I could dream up. I love lemon anything!

  125. laura

    Meyer lemonade sweetened with maple syrup, meyer lemon olive oil and cormeal cake! Laura

  126. Ms. CookieCat

    I love lemon sooo, after I preserved some and made my favorite lemon cheesecake(for my birthday), I would plant the seeds and make little lemon leaf pots to give to my friends:)

  127. Sara P

    I would make some delicious lemon cookies! Or maybe curd 🙂

  128. Lynn Matthews

    Meyer Lemon Margaritas…or Meyer Lemon Pound Cake. Love your blog, photos & recipes!

  129. Jessie

    Everyone has posted such yummy looking recipe ideas! As a college kid, I’ve got to keep it simple though. I would make some of my favorite garlic lemon rice and serve it with fish or chicken. 🙂

  130. Julie

    I loooove meyer lemons! Curd, cheesecake, bars, in dressings on salads. They are good for everything!

  131. jules

    I shared on facebook too! 🙂

  132. jules

    I would LOVE to make lemon pasta, lemon shortbread and squeeze some over ice and tequila. YUM!
    Hope I win!! Thanks so much!

  133. Michelle Aragon

    A Meyer Lemon-Thyme Scented (or soaked!) Martini made low-carb style with Stevia as sweetener…. mouth watering as I type this…

  134. Michelle Rines

    I have just discovered your website and am determined to try the Meyer Lemon Cardamom Ice Cream…..have always wanted to use Meyer lemons (never have) and I love the flavor of cardamom……..what’s not to like? thanks for sharing!

  135. Erica

    I’d love to make some into preserved lemon and few to use in cheese cakes. Meyer lemon makes the most floral cheesecake I just cannot replicate with normal lemons!

    Thanks for the thoughtful give-away!

  136. Pamela Whitman

    I would make preserved lemons….no, no….lemon curd…, no, no lemon marmalade. I just discovered your website – very nice!! I am a novice to canning and preserving. Meyer Lemons were a rare find this year here in Kansas. Worth a shot getting a batch. Beautiful filming and music BTW


  137. Laurie

    I would make more preserved meyer lemons, some Ritz cracker crumbs for my fish and some meyer lemon squares!

  138. Robin

    Your video makes me want to hop on a plane and leave chilly New England behind. I could almost smell the bright, tart scent springing from those lemons. I would cherish them and blend them into rich lemon curd, I would blend a little with olive oil my friend sent me from Tuscany sprinkle it over the first greens of spring, I would candy some peel and simmer the rest into marmalade. Thank you for sharing your bounty.

  139. Meagan

    Thank you for this sweet giveaway! I’d probably make some muffins and perhaps a jam??

  140. christina

    lemon curd!

  141. shaz

    lemon rosemary ricotta cookies! I made them for my partner before we started dating, and he was so impressed by them, it just might be part of the reason we are together! sadly, I don’t live in so cal any more, so Meyers are a lot harder to come by, and they really aren’t the same with regular lemons.

  142. Suellen

    lemon chicken, lemon bars, lemonade, the list is endless!

  143. Merrilee

    Oh what a wonderful thing! My lemon trees are one of the things I miss most after leaving So Cal nearly 25 years ago! I have a terrific recipe for adult lemonade, love lemon bars, lemon cake and lemon curd!

  144. Darlene

    Have always wanted to make some candied lemons!

  145. Cristy

    Lemon chess pie, lemonade, lemon bars, lemon puns cake, lemon meringue pie

  146. Mary Beth Hunt

    I’d make Lemon Bars. And eat them All. By. Myself. 🙂

  147. amy

    Making lemon curd has been on my list for awhile now!

  148. Marina@Picnic at Marina

    Lemon marmalade (similar to a kumquats I have on my blog)! I love lemons! Pick me, please! 🙂

  149. Arthur M.

    I love lemons and use them in many ways, from cooking to using them as a disinfectant. I must say that I have never tried a Meyer lemon. We only get commercial ones in the markets on Cape Cod. I have a delicious recipe for lemon bars that I would like to use them in.

  150. Yvonne

    I would make lemon merangue pie. I look forward to making one that doesn’t make my mouth pucker and my teeth hurt. I might even like lemonade again.

  151. terri

    lemon curd–to make them last longer!

  152. Susanne Thigpen

    BEAUTIFUL video!!! AND—-LEMON ROSEMARY CHICKEN with CREOLE SEASONING!!! From a Southern “Susanne” from South Carolina !!!

  153. Jill Hartley

    I would love to be creative… a lemon cake maybe?

  154. charj

    I would make preserved lemons and eat some of them plain. Meyer lemons are wonderful.

  155. Susanne Thigpen

    HOW SWEET of you!!! I would make LEMON TASSIES, of course!!!! Although, CREAM PUFFS with LEMON FILLING would be a close second!!! THANK YOU for sharing.

  156. Carly

    Homemade lemon sparkling soda!

  157. Tata

    I would just stare at them until I would ahve to use them.

  158. Audra

    I would make your vinegarete & bars. I have made both before & they have both made it into my “old faithful” recipes. I have been layed up with a foot injury so I’m super anxious to get back into the kitchen! I’d also make a fresh cocktail! Nothing better than Meyer lemons to get into gear for Spring!

  159. Di

    Plenty of lemon stickies.bars, lemon zest pasta, and lemonade galore!

  160. Rebecca

    Ooh. I would definitely make some kind of lemon pie or tart, but as I scrolled past everyone else’s ideas, now I want to try more things! I’d end up reading as many recipes as I could and make ones that looked tasty until I ran out of lemons.

  161. Kim Porter

    I tweeted about your lovely giveaway!

  162. Katie

    I have a Meyer tree that I love to death, but so far it’s only produced 2 lemons in it’s lifespan (I live in Boston…). I’d love to have a taste of the California kind, to replenish my supply of preserved lemons and make a lemon tart for my birthday! And one day, maybe I’ll have enough of my own lemons to share, too.

  163. Kim Porter

    I’d make buttery lemon bars and my great-aunt’s lemon and rice soup!

  164. Heather

    Lemon zest power bars to send to my deployed husband! (Juice leftover for me to make curd as I indulge at home!)

  165. Teruska

    Lemon curd
    Lemon marmalade
    Poached fish with lemon sauce
    Asparagus wrapped in lemon zest

  166. Dorothea

    I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making lemon curd, so I’d start with that…And make a lemon cake with lemon curd filling, some lemon tarts, a lemon ice cream…

  167. Adele

    When I can get them I use them in just about anything with lemon, but I would think the first thing would be a lemon tart with a chocolate lined pastry. Second preserved lemons and curd for my pantry and finally I do fish with lemon and capers.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  168. Maureen

    How generous! Living near Seattle, I can’t grow citrus in the backyard and no room in the house…would be so nice.
    I would make preserved lemons that I love to put on pizza, my sons’ favorite lemon cake, lemon tarragon cream pasta for the hubby, 101 Cookbooks Otsu, and on and on. Yum.

  169. vaishali

    Wow..would love to win some…may be I’ll preserve them..:)

  170. Tina

    Goodness there are so many amazing things to make with lemons. When I was a kid I would eat them with some salt by the slice. Yum. But today I would make things for me and for those I love – fresh salad dressing, lemon risotto like I had in Italy, preserved lemon, and of course lemon bars. That’s to start!
    Thanks for sharing.

  171. Micky

    I would try to make lemon sherbet.

  172. Dana

    Greek yogurt lemon cake and preserved lemons!!!

  173. Kaika

    I am so in love in those little golden gems! I only had a meyer lemon once, I got it from a friend, visiting from the States. So delicious and bursting in flavour. It’s such a shame this giveaway is only available in mainland USA, they are impossible to find in UK, or mainland Europe. If I could just find them somewhere here, I’d finally make all those carefully collected meyer lemon recipes I so meticulously share on my Pinterest:) Good luck everyone, and make those little gems proud!:)

  174. Natalia

    Mmmmm, refreshing lemons from California! I’d make Limoncello! 🙂

  175. Dianne

    Mmmm how I love Meyers. Unfortunately, I must drive 2 hours to find them in my area and only when they’re in season , which I presume is only about 4 weeks out of the year since that’s the only time I see them. I would make lemon bars, lemon poppyseed cake, preserved lemons, lemon syrup so I would have them longer to enjoy, lemon sugar, and my hubbie has a divine gin cocktail recipe I would have him prepare. I might even try my hand at lemon bitters. Again something so I could enjoy the flavor of Meyers longer than a few weeks! Thank you for this opportunity!

  176. Janis

    I would sell my soul for this. I would make preserved lemons, Lemoncello, or a lemondrop the size of my head. I miss my California. I want to come home.

  177. Pat H.

    I would start off with preserved lemons, then move on to lemon sorbet, possibly with cardamon as my husband loves that spice. Then I would go to lemon bars, lemon risotto, and try limoncello to take to work for my co workers.

  178. Madeline

    My husband would definitely make your Meyer Lemon Margarita Cocktail – and I would drink it 🙂

  179. Pam

    What a nice video; made my mouth water thinking of a nice tangy Lemon Meringue pie. Wish I could grow lemons here in VA. I’d make lemon pies for our church fundraiser plus a nice pitcher of lemonade to sit back and sip on! Freeze some in ice trays for cooking too.

  180. Diana

    Ooooo Meyer Lemons – okay so first off would be a big jug full of lemonaide (so good), I would make lemon risotto (juice and zest), braised leeks in a lemon dijon sauce (inspired by a meal at the Edible Schoolyard) – juice and zest. I would make salted/picked lemons for moroccan fare. I would make lemon curd (seriously, have you ever tried meyer lemon curd – eyes rolling behind my head). I would make a killer ceviche, oh yeah. I would mix with raw honey for a killer facial mask. Use the empty rinds dipped in baking soda as a foot scrub. I would use every bit of the lemons.

    Diana from San Francisco

  181. Cellabella

    I’ve been thinking about making a Meyer Lemon poundcake with a lemon glaze – these would be perfect for that!!

  182. Shawn Augustine

    Oh my gosh, they are SO beautiful! It’s been a LONG winter here in Minnesota and if I was lucky enough to win them, I would make curd & preserves & just eat them plain 🙂 My kids love the “puckeryness” of lemons in the summertime and this would scream us right out of our winter doldrums!! Thanks you two oxox

  183. alain

    I am so excited about this giveaway! Growing up, I loved going to my best friend’s house because her backyard had this HUGE lemon tree. I remember thinking they were so different from the lemons in the grocery stores. The skin felt smoother, the color a much deeper shade of marigold, and the smell…just amazing. Even though meyer lemons really lend itself to lemony-desserts, I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately and would love to use it in my lemon orzo chicken soup recipe. A ton of dill and good lemons really take this dish to the next level!

  184. vickie

    I would make lemon curd.

  185. Georgia @ The Comfort of Cooking

    (Sorry, pasted the wrong thing in the “Name” field.)

    What a fabulous giveaway, thanks for sharing! Your video and the little poem at the end was lovely too. Just the thing I needed to brighten up my day. I’d make a meyer limoncello or lemon curd cupcakes, for sure!

  186. What a fabulous giveaway, thanks for sharing! Your video and the little poem at the end was lovely too. Just the thing I needed to brighten up my day. I’d make a meyer limoncello or lemon curd cupcakes, for sure!

  187. Rachel Wolf

    Oh, how lovely! My six-year old daughter is crazy for Meyer lemons. Crazy for them. I think a lemon custard would be in order. Thank you for the lovely, personal giveaway!

  188. Deborah Rosen

    I would make a ricotta lemon cake, a lemon merangue pie (swoon!) and I’d preserve some to enjoy in the depths of winter next year. Thanks for the chance!

  189. amy h

    I have been pinning SO many preserved lemon recipes… and have been lamenting the lack of Meyer Lemons in Oklahoma. So #1 on my list would be to preserve some of those bad boys! And then… good old fashioned lemonade, so I can really savor the flavor.

  190. JK

    Lemonade, cake and pie!

  191. Ceallaigh

    I would make: tarte au citron, a risotto, and vinaigrette. Hmm, maybe that could be an entire meal 🙂

  192. SueBE

    I would share them with my sister and make lemon pie and lemon bars.

  193. Abby

    Meyer lemons’ delicate flavor would be well complimented in The Kitchn’s Spaghetti with Mascarpone, Spinach, Meyer Lemon, and Hazelnuts. And for dessert, Meyer Lemon Crème Brulée! YUM.

  194. Corisa

    I’d love to make a lovely lemon tart

  195. Abby

    Meyer lemons are so delicate, so we need not to cover up their flavor with heavy seasonings. The Kitchn’s Spaghetti with Mascarpone, Meyer Lemon, Spinach, and Hazelnuts. YUM! And for dessert, a simple Meyer Lemon Crème Brulée.

  196. Susan Gaynor

    Meyer lemons are wonderful but not so readily available. I’d love to take my best lemon bars to a delightful new level and share them with best friends!

  197. Lisa

    I miss having a lemon tree in the backyard, it’s been a while since I’ve had that luxury! I’d make preserved lemons of course (which are delicious in a lemon aioli recipe I have for grilled fish), and my favourite Citrus Pistachio Pound Cake. I also have a Classic Lemon Cheesecake recipe to try 🙂 I heart lemons!

  198. Auntie Em

    I’m not sure what I’d make…I think a tart would definitely be good…or some sorbet…but I do know that some lovely Meyer lemons would make me happy – so springy!

  199. Becky

    Lemon curd, lemon bars, and lemon olive oil cake!

  200. Sharmila | Cheeky Chilli

    The only two reasons I’d love to own a home are captured in your video: being able to have fruit trees (especially citrus) and have dogs, with space for them to run around 🙂 Such a beautiful video. If I won the giveaway, I’d make an Indian-inspired lemon curd, some lemon oil and pickles. Lots of pickles.

  201. louise

    I would make lemon cheesecake.

  202. Anne

    I would make lemon risotto and lemon raspberry bars

  203. MaryB

    Love Meyer lemons! They are hard to come by here. I would make pound cake, marmalade and lemon curd. Maybe some limoncello!

  204. Amber R R

    I love to use Alton Brown’s Recipe to make Lemoncello. If I won I’d make a batch of Lemoncello with them. MMmm- I sure hope I win! Thanks!

  205. Lin

    Oh I could smell them when I watched your video. Your garden is so beautiful and love you sweet dog. I have used Meyer Lemons just once from my grocery and could see why everyone loves them so much. They really outshine a regular lemon. I would make a lemon meringue pie, lemon curd, and use them in pasta dishes. What a nice thing for ya’ll to do. Happy Spring!

  206. Sara

    I would love to make some sorbet and a curd so I can savor the lemon-y goodness for even longer. But also make some sort of tart to share with friends after a great sprint dinner party. Yum!

  207. Chatelaine

    lemon curd! lemon meringue pie! lemon bars!!

  208. Sheila Best

    I’ve recently found a citrus pound cake recipe which would be perfect with Meyer lemons and it’s time to make my limoncello again….which is oh so much better with Meyer lemons. Thanks for this opportunity.

  209. Miguel Angel Hernandez

    Is very nice to give those lemons at least in the video,thanks.
    If I get the lemons: I will make a lemonade with out water and sugar and taste out of this world.

  210. Emily R.

    Meyer lemon curd, ice-box pie or tarts!

  211. Julie Fay Ashborn

    I have always wanted to try preserving lemons but I think the first thing I would make would be a Meyer Lemon Semolina bundt cake that I recently saw on the blog Familystyle Food. So great you are sharing the bounty!

  212. Tamara

    Lemon bars of course! What nice thing to do! Hope I win!!

  213. Flora

    Ooh–definitely preserved lemons and some lemon curd. Maybe some citrus tea, too.

  214. Esme

    I’ve never cooked with Meyer lemons and would be very excited to try them in limoncello!

  215. ami@naivecookcooks

    We live in a small town in Indiana and it’s hard to get hands on fresh veggies and fruits here often..I would love to make lemon tart as I have never made one but I love eating them!

  216. Vee

    If I won, I would make the lemon pickle (limbu ka aachar) that my mom always made in the summer when the lemons were abundant and it would last us the whole year through.No meal was ever complete without that lemon pickle.We live in different countries and I dont see her that often.But having this pickle with my meals will bring back those beautiful memories

  217. Dorothy Stainbrook

    I would make meyer lemon bars with a pinenut shortbread crust to send to my kids in their college care package.

  218. sara

    I’m not entering because I happily have access to a friend’s backyard Meyer lemon tree…just wanted to share the love and say that Meyer lemons are AMAZING!! 🙂

  219. ashley

    I would make preserved lemons, gelato, Greek lemon orzo soup, and many other tastes of lemony goodness.

  220. erin

    lemon meringue pie. yum!

  221. Michele W

    Oh what a lovely garden!
    Would love to sit outside and have some fresh lemonade and some lemon shortbread cookies,,but it is snowing.

  222. TK

    If only I could grow a lemon tree in WA – that would make me very happy! Maybe in my new glass greenhouse (with a little added warmth this coming winter). Can taste the curd and pound cake already! Lovely video!

  223. David

    Excellent give away from an excellent blog!!! Thank you sharing your love of food.

    I would make Asparagus with Meyer lemon and olive oil.

  224. michelle mallett

    My husband was in northern CA about 2 weeks ago and I was hoping that the family he was staying with would give him Meyer lemons to bring home. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Loved your video, can’t wait to show it to my 17 yr old son who is into film. No what would I do with the Meyer lemons- put it in my hot tea, lemon bars, lemonade and chicken limon!

  225. Camille

    I would start with a lemon lush then curd followed by a sauce of some sort. I have always been a lemon lover!

  226. dustin

    I just love Meyer Lemons!! First I would make a lemon souffle accompanied by roasted halibut with a meyer lemon glaze and sauce. With spring asparagus. Thank you for the lovely video.

  227. Mary

    This past weekend I made “lemon brownies” for my boss’ birthday today…with Meyer Lemons…no foolin’!

  228. Zan

    I would make lemon bars and lemon meringue pie for my sweetie and preserved lemons for me.

  229. Pamela M.

    I really love fresh lemonade; so that’s definitely the first thing I would make with these. After that, I’d love to try these in a sweet and sour pork with lemon sauce. Ooh, and then maybe some lemon bars and definitely some lemon pepper shrimp pasta. :: drooling ::

  230. nicole d

    what a great giveaway! i think i would start with some meyer lemon sour mix to be served over a healthy shot of tequila. yum!

  231. Kristina N.

    I would make a meyer lemon pizza and I saw this amazing recipe that had Italian butter beans with meyer lemons and tarragon. Yum!

  232. rachel

    A pastry! Or roasted chicken covered with the lemons

  233. Shannon Mulligan-Mayernik

    Umm…what I would make. The possibilities are endless. I live in Northern NJ and spring just seems to not want to show up this year…it’s driving me nuts. If I won; I’d make a Meyer Lemon Tart and some Meyer Lemon Buttermilk Waffles for a nice Sunday morning breakfast. Thank you for the chance to win!

  234. Maneesha Pradhan

    Meyer lemon cheesecake, sorbet, cake. All these are on my list. Have already made curd and marmalade. My favorite though is a meyer lemon ginger martini. They taste great on a cold night.

  235. Gina

    How lovely- I would definitely try my hand at my own lemonade.

  236. Signe Knudsen

    I would make preserved lemons and lemon curd. I recently bought a couple of Meyer lemons at Whole Foods and finally got to taste them for the first time. They’re lovely and I would love to be the winner of a bunch of them!

  237. Jeremy Pepper

    I do love Meyer lemons, but noticed (and have been told) not to use them for certain recipes that call for zest.

    But love the juice for desserts.

  238. CW

    I want to make the Yellow Lemon Meringue Pie that is so pivotal in the movie TOAST! Great movie, btw. And your meyer lemons got me so inspired I saw if it was possible to find the recipe online – so here it is:
    Very Cinematic!

  239. Lisa F

    I’d make a big lemon meringue pie in memory of my father and his favorite springtime dessert!

  240. Liz N.

    I would make a pitcher of lemonade, lemon curd, lemon bars and freeze the unused juice/zest ( if there’s any leftover!)

  241. Colleen

    I know this is naughty but all I can think about when I look at those gorgeous lemons is…a Lemon Martini!! YUM!!

  242. Amanda

    I’ve started putting half a meyer lemon in my green smoothies. It gives them a great sweet and sour kick. That’s my favorite part about meyers–they are both sweet and sour at the same time. In addition to putting them in my smoothies I would make curd and lemon bars. Thanks so much for your willingness to share the bounty. That’s what life is all about, right?

  243. Linda B.

    Marmalade and lemonade!

  244. Heidi

    I am not sure if I’m including the links correctly for facebook, but I shared this post on my facebook and twitter feed:


    White On Rice is giving away some garden meyer lemons on their blog today. They made a little video for ya too.…— Heidi Roth (@heidiTweetsfood) April 1, 2013

    Something tells me I don’t know what I’m doing 🙂

  245. Anne

    Definitely a meyer lemonade sparkler… among many other things!

  246. Megan

    I have been dying to make preserved lemons!

  247. Judith

    Lemon marmalade, lemon pie…

  248. Lisa
  249. Lisa

    I use lemons in many different recipes…probably most commonly I use it in salad dressings, Chicken Piccata, and Lemon Chicken Orzo soup. There is nothing better than fresh produce from the garden!

  250. Karen

    First, I would freeze some zest and juice to have for the summer months! Then, I think, lemon scones. And lots of lemon in my daily green juices!

  251. Heidi

    My favorite thing to make with meyer lemons is a spicy chutney to spread on anything edible 🙂 and I’ve been dying to make a lemon poundcake with meyer lemons. I live in northern AZ and while citrus is huge down in the valley (Phoenix) it’s just too cold for meyer lemons up north – so I stock up when I’m on the road and find them. I’m wondering if I might be able to grow a meyer lemon tree in my house in a large pot? Thoughts? Thanks for sharing the meyer lemon goodness 🙂

  252. Brenda Earhart

    My husband and I make lemon drinks every day, using meyer lemons, stevia, and a splash of pomegranate good! Also keep a steady batch of the salad dressing on hand 🙂 I seriously tell everyone @ meyer lemons!

  253. Angela

    I would definitely make lemon curd to fill lemon tarts, a lemon cake and just to eat off my spoon 🙂

  254. Joy

    Ever since I first found your blog a few years ago and read about your wonderful citrus garden I have dreamed of one day living in southern California. Meyer lemon trees don’t grow very well in Canada.

  255. Aimee St.Germain (Cooking the Strip)

    I would make a lovely spring gnocchi with chevre, asparagus and meyer lemon.

  256. Wardah

    I would make fresh lemonade and maybe lemon meringue pie.

  257. Susan P

    Pie, I would make pie in honor of my father who passed away last year. Lemon pie was his favorite and whenever I see lemons I think of him. Loved your video.

  258. Shannon Y.

    Lemon curd. I just made my first batch and am now officially OBSESSED!

  259. Alex

    Lemon bars, lemon vinaigrette, lemon poppy seed muffins to start with

  260. Tracy

    I would make some fresh squeezed lemonade to replenish myself when I’m cutting my grass in the summer.

  261. Christi Nielsen

    I’d make your Meyer Lemon Margaritas!

  262. Judith

    I haven’t had Meyer Lemons since I left Connecticut! My mom used them to make the best Lemon Curd and Lemon Meringue pie when I was growing up. I miss her and I miss the pie! I would definitely start with her pie if I win!

    Thanks for all the great photos and ideas.

  263. Susan in the Boonies

    I would make some lovely luscious lemon bars.
    And roast a chicken.
    And make a shrimp and lemon pasta.
    Yup, I would.
    Your video was absolutely gorgeous, Todd & Diane.
    Well done!!!

  264. Amanda

    Meyer lemons! I’d make my grandma’s grated apple and lemon tart – tangy, sweet, simple. And preserve the rest … Happy Spring!

  265. Alexis

    I need some citrus to shake away the winter that just won’t quit in NYC. I haven’t worked much with lemons beyond hits of lemon juice here and there, so I would have my hand at preserved lemon peel and a lemon pie.

  266. Lisa Newsum

    I would make lemon bars and Lemonade Swank (Artesian water, lemon, vanilla extract, and various spices ;)).

  267. Gerry @ Foodness Gracious

    I know it’s pretty common but lemon bars just do it for me, I could eat them 24/7 with a nice herbed crust! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  268. kaela

    My latest obsession is this boozy lemon bar recipe: I’m thinking Meyer lemon with limoncello or maybe a nice dry pinot gris.

    Your garden looks like a dream; thanks for giving us a glimpse!

  269. Kayleigh

    I would use them to make my favorite Lemon Yogurt Cake!

  270. Allison

    I would make this whole lemon tart from Smitten Kitchen (, which is one of my favorite lemon desserts, and probably finally make a shaker lemon pie! Also sorbet… Oh, and meyers are great when sliced thin on a pizza….

  271. Jo

    I love Meyers! I am thinking of pudding and a chicken dish with Meyer lemons and apricots.

  272. thyme (Sarah)

    Beautiful spring video…and I’m dreaming of lemon sorbet

  273. Christa

    Thank you for the video of your lovely garden. We are still wearing down coats in NYC and could use a bit of California here. I will make a Meyer lemon tart, pound cake with lemon glaze and my 4 year old loves Meyer lemonade!

  274. Rami

    Lemon curd, lemon pie, lemon bars, lemonade…yum!

  275. Katrina Amstutz

    Definitely lemon bars, but I LOVE all lemon desserts so I would look for new recipes to try as well. Maybe try again to make Lemon Sticky Rolls: . And Lemonade for sure!

  276. Rhonda Gassman

    I recently discovered meyer lemons and I am in love! I had a meyer lemon pound cake at a cafe and savored every bite! I asked to see a meyer lemon and I couldn’t believe the fragrant aroma from an unpeeled lemon! I have not been able to find them for sale in Indiana. If I received a box from you, I would make the cake, cookies, lemonade, marinade and freeze some juice and grated peel to use throughout the year! What a special treat these little fruits are!!

  277. Cynthia A.

    So generous! I’d make some lemon and garlic pasta followed up with my Grammy’s lemon bars. I’d also make a batch of madeleines zinged up with lemon zest and juice.

  278. Susan

    Meyer Lemon Gimlet; classic lemon roast chicken; risotto with meyer lemon, mascarpone, and parm; pizza with lemons, goat cheese, and rosemary! YUM!!!

    How fortunate you are to have them in your yard!


    I would try making some kind of adult lemonade!

  280. Heidi Babi

    I would make limoncello and marmalade. And lots of it!

  281. Sandy

    Oh how I love Meyer Lemons ..I’ve been nursing and protecting my little tree through the Seattle winter and if I’m lucky I’ll have 2 or 3 lemons this summer ! Your gift would be a treasure , I would make Lemon Mascarpone Macarons, lemon buttermilk pudding , lemon oregano chicken and your Meyer Lemon Pie with espresso ganache !

  282. Andi

    I would try making some kind of adult lemonade! 😉

  283. jessie

    meyer lemon & arugula pesto flatbread and some sort of lemony quinoa with roasted tomatoes –
    come on spring!

  284. Jen P

    Lemon bars for days!

  285. Tom M.

    My gf and I love Meyer lemons. Lemon bars, lemon cookies, and maybe even some curd (which we’ve never made). Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  286. Kelly Luna

    What a lovely and generous giveaway! If I had a box of those beauties, I would make lemon bars, lemon blueberry pound cake and goodness knows what else. So many possibilities! Thank you for the chance to win.

  287. Sam

    I am obsessed with meyer lemons – I put lemon in everything and it’s 10 times better with meyer lemons. Lemon kale salad, lemon vinaigrette, lemon pound cake, lemon poppyseed pancakes, preserved lemons.

  288. Ilene

    I’d make lemon bars.

  289. Michele

    I shared your giveaway on my FB page —

  290. Laura

    Lemon bars! What a fun giveaway, thanks 🙂

  291. Michele

    First, I would take photos of the lemons as I love to shoot food primarily. Then I would make a lemon bundt cake with a lemon citrus glaze to go over it and before eating (which would be hard not to do right away), I would photograph the cake with some the leftover lemons.

    I would also try my hand at a lemon meringue pie as both my partner and I like it.

  292. gracehatter

    It would have to be a Lemon Icebox Pie! Then I would have to just eat a couple as I watch the last of the Michigan snow melt!

  293. Rene' @

    Lemon chicken, lemon cookies, lemon bars… Yum

  294. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    So sweet… and this video made me so jealous of your fresh citrus. Yeah, there are some perks of living in New England. But I think I could give them up for these beautiful lemons.

    As for what I would do with them? Well, I think I might have to try my hand at a meyer lemon pie.

  295. Stephanie

    What an amazing giveaway! I would make curd, candied lemon slices, marmalade and loads of lemon bakery, including pound cake and scones. 🙂

  296. Kenny

    Lemon bars!

  297. Katherine Holland

    I love the flavor of lemon as much as I love chocolate. Id make lemon curd to put on top of my lemon poundcake.

  298. chelsea

    I would make salad dressing and maybe a citrus olive oil cake, and perhaps some lemon cookies. Oh yum. This could be fun!

  299. Jessica


    I would make preserved lemons, a lemon sorbet, and lemon/lavendar shortbread! 🙂 Cheers!

  300. Nathan

    I would make preserved lemons out of some of them, grate some of the peels into a lemon-mint risotto, and make some lemon-cardamom ice cream!

  301. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    What a cool giveaway! And how nice of you! Meyer lemons are a delicacy and I’d make lemon bars, lemon cookies, and maybe lemon ice cream!

  302. Holly

    My daughter’s favorite is lemon meringue pie. If I won, I’d make her a lemon meringue tartlet. Yum. Thanks for the opportunity.

  303. pumpkin

    Curd, marmalade, preserved meyer lemons, lemon pie, lemon cake…Thanks so much for sharing w/the community! =)

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