We were in a Spring cleaning mode this week, not because it was in the Spring air (cause it’s Summer now) but because we had guests coming over. Within a few hours, we quickly spruced up each room back to tidyness , cleaned the rooms and reminded the dogs to be on their best behavior. The cleaning part is always easy but getting the dogs to not embarass us is always left to mother nature. Somewhere, somehow we failed in puppy training and they still manage to get a crotch sniff in. Or two. Or three.

Anyways, rather than rant about our dogs, I was reminded of my little collection of vintage blue mason jars. I’m not much of a collector of things and would much rather enjoy a collection  of gadgets when someone else is housing them. I don’t have much room, let alone cabinet space to store much of anything, but I always manage to find room in my garage for a few antique blue mason jars.

our roses and parsley flowers love bathing in the blue jars

I love my small handful of blue jars for so many reasons, but I can’t seem to explain why. Maybe is it because they’re so beautiful with their delicate blue hues and their rustic grey caps. Or maybe it’s because they so versatile in the kitchen and for decor.

Using my blue jars as a vase are my favorite alternatives of making good use of them outside the kitchen. They’re classic, delicate  and tell a lovely story of the past. I’m drawn to aged treasures and ghost stories.

Best of all, my garden roses and flowers love spending time in these blue jars. I know it because my flowers tell me so when i photograph them.

have a lovely weekend,