Dante has been feeling very gloomy over the past couple of days, giving us some serious attitude from time to time. We finally figured out why. He’s a little bitter about the fact that Sierra got so much attention and coverage in our last Garden Tour Video #9. If you haven’t seen this video yet, you should see it HERE because Sierra did get much more video time than he did and was given the starring role. Because of the fact that she’s like a tsunami tearing through the garden, we just wanted to highlight the fact that she’s the antagonist to the story. She’s the “jaws” that terrorizes the seedlings and innocent herb plants. He doesn’t uproot swiss chard like she does, eat all our rhubarb before we get to it, nor does he try to eat the nice little birdies that visit us, like she does.

Dante actually respects the garden and leaves the plants alone! He’s been giving Sierra the cold shoulder too.

So like any good parent who loves their children equally, we wanted to show that we don’t show favoritism to any of our dogs. The best way that we know how to make it fair and balanced is to give him a chance to have equal video exposure and to highlight one of his talents, his singing.

Yes, Dante, our “pupper-atti” is a Tenor. Possessing a pure, clean voice with sounds resonating one octave above middle C, he loves to howl, sing and wail to the sounds of Tchaikovskys Nutcracker Suite, The Russian Dance. Aside from his talents of pulling a pound of butter off the counter top and eating it under 3 seconds (ravenous pig!), he does love his music.

He is our “artistic” child, the quiet one who possesses the inert talent of understanding and appreciating music beyond some of his canine counterparts. We are mighty proud.

Watch Dante sing and get the same amount of video time as Sierra.

Video #10 – Singing Dante, our “Pupper-atti” Tenor

Singing Dog – from White On Rice Couple from White On Rice Couple on Vimeo.

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Thank you Denise & Lenny!!

On Wednesday, we finally got together with more blogging friends. This time, it was with Denise & Lenny from Chez Us. They drove down from Northern California to spend time with their friends in Palm Springs and took the time to stop by our place for a visit and quick lunch. This power couple not only cooks some kick butt dishes, but they make great informative food video’s too. They are some of the the Coolest! and Funniest! and most Talented! people we’ve met. We had such a great time over lunch and Lenny even made a chair out of the wire cage cap off the Chimay beer bottle that we drank (above photo). This is part of their logo, where they highlight all their delicious foods that they prepared in their 20 sq. ft kitchen!

They also gave us some great advice on how to improve our “sound” for our videos and gifted us with some FANTASTIC wireless microphones!! Wow! We were needing these desperately because we’ve been SCREAMING into the camera when ever we record our videos. Now with some state of the art microphones, we’ll be able to speak from a distance and still be heard. You guys are taking us to a a new level of video making, we can’t thank you enough!

Thanks guys, you are the greatest!! Thanks for your friendship!!

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