If you haven’t already heard the news, then hopefully this video will share it all. On Monday, our dear friend Jennifer Perillo’s husband died of a sudden heart attack. Jennie is a special force in the food community and is loved by many.

We had a gathering in our garden with friends Brooke, Jen, Gaby, Penny and Rene when we heard of the news.  It was a shock to us all and were left speechless for a long moment of silence. Fortunately we were together to comfort one another in the pain.

Jennie asked that in honor of those we love, to make a Creamy Peanut Butter Pie and share it. This pie was also a favorite of her husband, Mikey. You can read it on her blog.

In full force, with fierce love and commitment, the online food community banded together as one family to celebrate Mikey and everyone dear to us. Under the twitter hashtag #APieforMikey , a beautiful explosion of peanut butter pies came pouring out of all our hearts to be shared with our loved ones.

We were devastated at the news of Mikey’s passing. To heal and share in our grief with Jennifer’s family and the whole online food blogging community, we made a pie in honor of Mikey.

To also celebrate our friend Jennifer, her strength, courage and love, we’re giving her a gift in the best way that we know how: by video.

Thank you to all of you, the food community and those who poured in to share your thoughts to share on this video. It was impossible to add all the thoughts that came pouring in, but know that we appreciate all of you who sent them in.

We asked close friends of Jennie to contribute thoughts and we also searched the hashtag #APieForMikey and found some wonderful sentiments to Jennifer. Those were added to the video. Special thank you to Kim Severson for sending us this amazing image for inspiration in the video.

Jennie, this is for you, our friend and sister, from all of us in the food community. You are loved. Deeply.

And most importantly, this pie and everything it symbolizes is for Mikey.

holding you all close,

diane and todd