Ha Long Bay Vietnam Travel Essays

Vịnh Hạ Long Bay, Northern Việt-Nam

Whenever we return from a trip away our familiar surroundings, we are constantly reminded to remain grounded, sane and humble. Vietnam reinforced everything we understood about people, culture, society and cuisine. We both should never assume and teach that how we live and what we eat here in America is definitive of our backgrounds. Every reunion, set of tears, alley stroll, food stall, family meal, scooter ride, interview and conversation is a continuous learning experience.

Our stomachs were pleasantly nourished with different flavors,
Phợ (beef noodle soup) is not always served with basil, but with plenty of fresh mint,
Bún Bò Huế (spicy Hue noodle soup) is not always served with rau răm, but with plenty of fresh basil,
Nor is there a vegetable platter at every bowl.
The big cities change, thrive and flourish with each passing day,
while small rural towns struggle to keep up with the rising cost of rice.
Many youths have the splendor of living with modern conveniences,
while others will never see the privilege of running water.

Cousins are healthier, happier and prosperous,
Aunties have a television to watch American shows,
Uncles have digital cameras that helps them earn a living,
and Grandma still reminisces about the past,
reminding us all the importance of family, respect and kindness.

Ancient city of Hội An, Central Việt-Nam

Thanks for joining us on our trip through our Twitters. As we organize all our photographs, video’s and thoughts together, we’ll be sharing SO MUCH MORE with all of you over time. Until then, we’ll share shorter thoughts through our photographs on a regular basis.

Here are some sights of our trip.

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P.S. Go watch a Paul Newman movie in tribute to this immense legend. He was one of the coolest, and savviest actors of our era. And a good man. Thank you Mr. Newman for the wonderful moments you’ve given us.

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