Dark or Milk Chocolate?

Hi everyone. We’re working on a project and need your assistance. A few weeks ago we asked our readers on our Facebook page but we also wanted to survey our blog readers too. Can you help us out?

What type of chocolate to you prefer? Dark or milk chocolate? And you can’t way white chocolate because that doesn’t count! lolll.

thanks a bunch for your help!


diane and todd

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  1. Dee

    I think I’m late in voting but I vote Dark, Dark Dark! It just melts in your mouth!

  2. Cary

    Dark chocolate!

  3. Jenn

    Dark chocolate, around 55-60%.

  4. celesul

    Dark chocolate, preferably around 60%. Occasionally I’m in the mood for milk, but it has to be one of the more chocolaty milks. White chocolate is inevitably way, way too sweet.

  5. Kate

    The darker the better…

  6. Jesse

    dark, of course. the darker the better.

  7. Kathy

    Dark for sure ! But, if milk chocolate is all that is available, well………

  8. Nga Nguyen

    Dark, hands-down!

  9. Melissa

    Dark chocolate

  10. alysa


  11. Shannon

    Dark for sure. Milk chocolate just tastes cheaper…..hahaa 🙂

  12. Purple Penguin

    dark chocolate!!

  13. Tina

    Dark! The darker the better really.

  14. Alyse


  15. terri

    dark! (but i’ll make an exception for scharffenberger’s milk chocolate…)

  16. Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom

    Depends on what it’s for but for cookies, I’m a blend of semi-sweet + milk chocolate .. . but just eating chocolate straight up: Milk chocolate, baby.

  17. Helen


  18. Chelsey

    Milk chocolate has its place…but DARK chocolate is the ultimate winner. 99.5% of the time, at least.

  19. Angela

    Dark, especially for baking but if it’s good milk chocolate I can be swayed…especially if it’s paired with caramel. Emily Luchetti wrote an interesting article about milk chocolate for the SF Chronicle. The chocolate cheese cake recipe it divine. http://bit.ly/QxirbY

  20. paula salinero

    Hi! I love and only eat MILK CHOCOLATE but when it comes to cooking DARK is the way to go!
    Anxious to hear more about this!

    A chocolate addict : )

  21. Sarah L

    Dark is my favorite, but milk chocolate is also delicious.

  22. Renee

    Creamy milk chocolate! Dark is a bit bitter to me and more of a “grown up” taste.

  23. Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

    If given the choice it’s always milk but some candy bars are amazing with dark.

  24. Dorcas

    Generally, I prefer dark. However, there is nothing like really good, creamy high-quality milk chocolate for those moments when you want to feel like a kid again.

  25. chintan Patolia

    Definitely Milk Chocolate. I prefer white chocolate but since you said it doesnt count… Milk chocolate it is.

  26. Nappie Dee

    Dark – but sometimes milk is really the better option. However, most often, dark is the best option. Umm, except for fresh fruit – well, maybe sometimes dark is better for fresh fruit….

  27. Emmy Lou

    DARK….it is rich, powerful and worth every calorie!

  28. Sara

    Dark, all the way. And the darker the better.

  29. Claire

    Tough question…Totally depends on my mood and what I am using it for, but for indulgence purposes I probably would reach for milk chocolate before dark chocolate. But you won’t see me turning either option down!

  30. Laura

    Dark chocolate all the way!!

  31. Emily


  32. susan

    the darker the better!

  33. alexandra @ sweet betweens [blog]

    in baking, always dark. but just to snack on? milk, all the way.

  34. Ham Radio

    Dark chocolate. It has a greater impact in a dessert setting.

  35. Debbie

    Dark? Really? How do people develop a taste for it. Milk for this baby girl please! Man I can eat that stuff all day long!

    Good luck with your project!

  36. farm to table geek

    it depends upon the chocolate. and i ate to tell you this, but i prefer, for eating, ya know, scharffenberger extra rich milk, which is between dark and milk!

  37. Roger


  38. slywlf

    Dark – preferably bittersweet. This was my preference long before chocolate became known as a ‘health food’, and even before I developed my allergy to milk. The real chocolate flavor is best served without the excess sweetness and – to me – cloying mouth-feel of milk chocolate. I only buy the good stuff – generally free-trade organic, from my health food store, and because the flavor is so intense I am totally satisfies with just a couple squares melted slowly on my tongue 😉 ♥

  39. Melanie Stallings

    Dark chocolate is good in small chunks, but for overall yumminess, I’ll choose milk chocolate every time!

  40. Urban Wife

    Dark, all the way!

  41. Vanessa

    Dark dark dark dark dark!!!

  42. Loretta | A Finn In The Kitchen

    The darker, the better.

  43. Katy


  44. Lisa

    Definitely dark!

  45. Jennifer

    I find this topic very interesting because for most of my life I did not like chocolate at all(I know, weird) and if I did have chocolate it had to be milk chocolate, but now in my old age(50s) I suddenly love dark chocolate. So, my choice–dark chocolate.

  46. Colette @ JFF!

    Dark, if it’s creamy.

  47. Donna

    DARK! But I”ll definitely eat the milk chocolate if there’s not a choice. 🙂

  48. Alexa @ Bless Your Heart


  49. Karly K

    I much prefer dark chocolate. Especially a dark with a high cacao content.

  50. Ann Marie Ricard

    Milk chocolate. Your comment about white chocolate reminded me of the pastry chef who made our wedding cake. She refused to make anything with white chocolate. When I asked, she looked at me with a stern look and said, “You know that’s not really chocolate, don’t you?” On to the next choice…

  51. Anh

    Dark for me too!

  52. Christine

    Both. Totally depends on the application and HOW dark.

  53. Leslie

    Dark! And as I get older I like it darker and darker…

  54. Connie

    I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate. I most often bake with semisweet, sometimes bittersweet.

  55. Marie Raven

    Dark. Always. It’s the only kind of chocolate that makes it past my lips.

  56. KG

    I love milk and dark, but my mom refuses to eat dark. She’s a milk-only person. Dark chocolate is the one I crave more often, though…usually in the middle of the night or during breakfast or some other inconvenient time….

  57. HapaMama

    Dark! Even my 10 year old won’t eat milk chocolate.

  58. angelitacarmelita


  59. Ilene


  60. neha gattani

    Darker the better.

  61. KarenLana

    Definitely the dark! Milk is too cloyingly sweet and doesn’t have enough chocolatey goodness. =D

  62. Elisa


  63. the Fromagette

    I will not succumb to peer pressure: MILK

  64. Christi Nielsen

    Dark chocolate ftw.

  65. Elizabeth A.

    The darker the better. Made even more perfect with a glass of red wine.

  66. Nicole

    Definitely Dark, must be at least 70% for me to even consider it!

  67. Andrea

    Absolutely DARK! 😛

  68. Susan in Seattle

    Gotta be Dark – for sure!!!

  69. Ev

    Definitely milk

  70. Karen


  71. Kim Bee

    Milk chocolate all the way for me. But admittedly dark looks way better in photos.

  72. Kat Taylor via Facebook


  73. Serena Storer-Todd via Facebook

    But I would never turn down milk chocolate.

  74. Serena Storer-Todd via Facebook


  75. Jason

    Dark only; preferable 72%.

  76. Carie

    Milk totally. Love the richness and the mouth feel. I am talking really good belgium milk chocolate, not a drugstore candy bar. Dark is too harsh.

  77. Jane Baird Kornhaber via Facebook

    so not a fan of dark. I despise sugar in coffee and despise dark chocolate.

  78. Tori

    Dark! 70% or higher, always if eating! Though to be fair, when baking, I go the Keller method and mix milk (~45%), semi (~64%), and dark (~70%). Adds a whole new dimension of chocolately goodness.

  79. Darya

    Dark. I can’t remember when the last time I ate milk chocolate was. Definitely dark.

  80. Maria

    Dark for me!

  81. May

    Dark is preferred:)
    Although if desperate will turn to milk.

  82. Alicia

    Dark, but milk chocolate doesn’t last long around me either. 🙂

  83. Theresa

    Dark all the way. But I wouldn’t say no to any kind of chocolate. (Except white chocolate because that’s not really chocolate!)

  84. Auntie Em

    Dark chocolate for sure…’cause it’s a health food…or something like that!

  85. Carolyn

    Although, I don’t think I have ever turned down ANY chocolate!

  86. Kerry Comiskey

    I love dark chocolate in desserts/baking, but when it comes to eating it straight up, good quality Swiss milk chocolate is my fav!

  87. Krista

    Dark! I rarely eat milk chocolate anymore. I am strictly a dark chocolate consumer. Even when it comes to hot chocolate.

  88. Teri


  89. Steele

    Dark! Preferably combined with cherries in some manner…

  90. Mary


  91. MaryAnn


  92. Angie @ Big Bears Wife

    milk chocolate all the way!!

  93. Stephanie

    Totally dark. And I like how you pointed out that white chocolate isn’t really chocolate. =)

  94. Candice

    Dark Chocolate

  95. carmen


  96. Debbie


  97. Annie

    Dark – definitely, more flavor.

  98. Candela

    Dark 🙂

  99. deeba

    Definitely DARK!

  100. Hannah

    I love both, but I prefer dark for the richer taste! I also drink my coffee black, though, so maybe it’s connected somehow…?

  101. Adele

    I love dark and really don’t eat the other chocolates.

  102. Andi

    Milk for sure!

  103. harveysmom

    Dark, everyway, bars, melted, coco, cake……yummy. GF loves milk, hates dark…go figure.

  104. Aline

    For bakery: Dark!

  105. Simone

    I seem to always purchase dark chocolate to bake with since I’ve heard bits and pieces that it is “healthier” and I love the darker color it gives to baked goods. It makes it look and taste more rich. If I was just eating chocolate to consume it, I’d probably go with milk chocolate.

  106. Deanna

    Dark – 70%

  107. Laura M.

    Dark, definitely! 🙂

  108. Chris

    Depends on the application – but dark is my personal favorite.

  109. Jean

    Dark, obviously. No other choice. Milk is boring.

  110. alison @ Ingredients, Inc.

    I love it all but especially dark!

  111. Caroline

    Dark! 🙂

  112. Amanda

    Dark for ever and ever amen. 🙂

  113. Marie

    Dark – no doubt about it!

  114. Ellen

    Milk Chocolate!!

  115. Patricia


  116. Elodie @ Framing Plates

    Dark, dark, dark! The darker the better.



  118. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    I like both, actually. I eat dark chocolate more but I prefer milk. Hope that isn’t too confusing!

  119. Hannah M.

    dark, definitely!

  120. Laura

    Dark, and better yet if it is 70%.

  121. Julie

    If I’m going to eat it plain, I’d probably take the milk chocolate. But if I’m baking with it or topping it with peanut butter or in any other concoction, I’d have to go dark chocolate 🙂

  122. Maria

    Dark, though I don’t actively object to milk.

  123. charj

    Dark chocolate all the way.

  124. Kt


  125. Jane

    Dark! 75% or above.

  126. Marie

    Definitely dark – ideally about 85%.

  127. Clarissa

    Dark all the way!

  128. Jackie

    Dark chocolate! It’s so much more versatile than milk chocolate when it comes to baking recipes. You can always add more sugar to make the recipe sweeter, but it’s very difficult to take out. Besides, dark chocolate is healthier for you than milk chocolate. 🙂

  129. Pam


  130. Dawn

    Definitely dark chocolate. It has subtle nuances of fruit or herbal qualities depending on the source. Free-trade bars are awesome.

  131. katb

    Dark chocolate all the way!

  132. Lil

    dark for the boy, both for me with increasing lean towards dark.

  133. Diana

    Milk ….. And I assume that !

  134. Senka


  135. Jaina

    Dark. Can’t eat milk chocolate anymore, just find it far too sweet.

  136. jessica


  137. Aleksandra

    Definitely dark! It tastes rich ! and if made with orange zest – even better!

  138. Emily

    Dark. Every time.

  139. Jenn

    I always prefer dark chocolate!

  140. Tash

    DARK! my preference is 70 – 75% cacao

  141. wyatthawaii

    Dark all the way. Milk chocolate seems to stick in my throat, but dark chocolate just makes me feel good!

  142. Carol

    I like both but prefer dark

  143. Jade Sheldon

    Dark chocolate, all the way. You can count my husband in on that vote too!

  144. Shannon

    Dark! Recently converted to it 😛

  145. Brandi

    If it isn’t dark it isn’t worth it! 😉

  146. Rachel

    I love dark chocolate, but the boyfriend prefers milk chocolate. Excited to hear about the project!

  147. Caroline

    Dark! I love chocolate but when there is only milk chocolate, I would rather skip it. With dark chocolate though, I have absolutely no restraint unfortunately.

    1. Sue G.

      Overall, I prefer milk chocolate. Dark chocolate can be better, but it has to be super perfect to be better. It’s kind of like coffee–when espresso is done right, it is the best coffee, even plain. But unless it is JUST SO, that latte is just the better choice. Same w/milk vs. dark chocolate for me.

  148. MaryB

    Dark, dark, dark!!!!

  149. Megan

    milk chocolate!

  150. Averie @ Averie Cooks


    I either go straight from dark to white, never ever stopping in that middle ground called milk. Can’t wait to hear more about this project!

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