Blackberry Tom Collins cocktail for Jen & Jeremy

Tom Collins Blackberry Cocktail Recipe | @whiteonrice

This post is dedicated to Miss Kaweah, the sweet and lucky black lab that gets to hike, romp and swim in Colorado’s outrageously amazing wilderness. She’s at a summer puppy camp now, enjoying a little break away from her parents.

We’re envious of not just Kaweah, but of her mommy and daddy too, known to everyone as Jen Yu and Jeremy of Use Real Butter. Everyone knows that Jen’s super duper fine photography skills keep us drooling over her delicious Asian dishes and picture perfect sweet desserts. We’ve always been jealous fans of this trio of nature lovers because they are always teasing us with their skiing pics, something we really wish we could do more often and learn better. We comment on their site (with slightly bitter undertones) about how we wish their snow would finally melt, how they get to ski way too much and why they fall too little while tele-ing down the mountain (falling is something we do very well). Then the darn snow gods continue to drop more snow on their beautiful high elevation mountains to get back at us sea level, ski falling folks. Their lucky butts get to do everything we wish we could be doing and much more. Ugh!

So when they decided to take some time out during their California trip to stop by our place, it was time to finally meet them face to face, to let them know EXACTLY what we thought of them after some good eats and intoxicating cocktails. Maybe on a full belly of food and booze (and without their damn ski poles and snow) they wouldn’t be able to fight back. They were going to be on our dry, smoggy, concrete So Cal territory. Time for some serious ski blogger battle.

But when they walked through the door with a bottle of wine and a beautiful photograph of Colorado columbine flowers, we forgot to release all our bottled up ski, snow, mountain, lake, river and wildflower resentment. We all just squealed out our greetings, hugged and held back a little tears (well, Diane did). We hugged and squealed again and at receiving such wonderful gifts, the dogs jumped for Jen & Jeremy joy and we soon forgot that these are the Colorado people that make us look bad on the snow. We’re suckers for presents and hugs. And admittedly, we suck on ski’s.

Jen & Jeremy are the real deal: they’re smart, fun, funny, totally down to earth, sincere , loving and one of the best couples we’ve met. We see lots of us in them too, they’re WORC’s! But they can ski, we can’t! Jeremy is the quiet intellectual type, warm and a total sweet heart. But most importantly, the guy knows his drink, loves coffee and our cocktails, two things that made us instant friends! And then there’s Jen, who is like a disease, in a very good sense. She’s the kind of good bacteria that the whole worlds needs to be infected by. Her laugh, her smile and her hilarious, honest humor is just infectious. Jen brings joy to the room when she enters and when she laughs. We all immediately succumb to her infectious, powerful and radiating rays of strength, joy and love. Breast cancer has battled against Jen, but this damn disease has no fighting chance against her strength and all the love that she has to give to all living things. She has so much crazy love to give, all the beauty of the world is on her side.

The five hours we spent together went by in a flash. But in that time, we were able jet down to Little Saigon’s tropical fruit stores, sip on some fresh sugar cane juice, munch on some fresh baguettes and head back to our place for an outdoor meal. After some serious grub, booze, viet iced coffee and more espresso’s, it was time to say good by. So much food, laughter, doggie ear rubs, Dante’s crotch sniffing and fun passed in the short time that we spent together, it was sad to say goodbye. All we needed was to have Kaweah complete the circle. But till we meet up again with them and Kaweah in Colorado, we hope that all you Jen Yu and Jeremy fans get the chance to meet up with these two kind and awesome folks! Hey Jen and Jeremy, make some room for some permanent house guests from California! XOXO!

Tom Collins Blackberry Cocktail Recipes

We ate so much food! For the beverages we made lots of Vietnamese iced coffee and an awesome cocktail which is basically a Blackberry version of a Tom Collins. We were first inspired to make this after Jen (a different Jen) at Modern Beet left a comment on how she was hooked on a Blackberry Bramble, which is a very similar cocktail. The blackberries have been fantastic lately in one of our favorite markets, so this has been a regular beverage right now. Thanks Modern Beet Jen for getting us started on these blackberry cocktails.


-Todd and Diane

Start with blackberries

Tom Collins Blackberry Cocktail Recipes

Lime juice

Tom Collins Blackberry Cocktail Recipes


Tom Collins Blackberry Cocktail Recipes

muddle, muddle, muddle


add ice, gin, and soda water

Tom Collins Blackberry Cocktail Recipes

stir & garnish

Tom Collins Blackberry Cocktail Recipes

toast to Jen & Jeremy

Tom Collins Blackberry Cocktail Recipes

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Blackberry Tom Collins Cocktail
Total Time
10 mins

Gins will vary in flavor quite a bit. We are huge gin fans and have found some are great straight, some are great in cocktails, and others are great left on the store shelf. If we had one to choose that we would be able to get in most towns, it would be Hendricks Gin. Great in nearly any gin cocktail and it nice straight up.

Servings: 1 Cocktail
  • 3 large Blackberries
  • 1/2 ounce (15ml) fresh Lime Juice
  • 1 teaspoon (5ml) Sugar
  • 2 ounces (60ml) Gin
  • 3-4 ounces (90-120ml) Club Soda
  1. Put blackberries in a highball glass, add lime juice, and sugar and muddle (you know, smash it all together with a pestle or something similar)
  2. Add ice, then pour in gin and club soda. Stir, garnish with a couple cut blackberries if you’d like, and enjoy.
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  1. Findley

    I realize I am about a year behind the 8 ball, but I am drinking this right now and really enjoying it! I made it with Hendrick’s gin (yum…..) and it;s quite the tasty summertime treat. My one tweak is that I added about a few more squeezes of lime juice (~1/4 more of a lime) than recommended, which I would recommend to others trying it out for the first time (but maybe taste the original first…).

  2. cindy

    Ahhhh—no fair! I only got one hour of them and you got five! You’re right though: They are an absolutely treasure. I’m glad you treated them right! There should be more of them in the world. 🙂

    Love your last picture of figs. We have two trees of them that will require quite a bit more heat until the fruit is ripe, but we’re just starting to get some good, reasonably priced ones in our market. The other day I got some light green and yellow striped ones called a Candystripe. Not as tasty as our favorit Black Mission but absolutely lovely.

  3. MangerLaVille

    I am a big fan of Tom Collins (more people should make them)…This one sounds so good, and summery. I can’t wait to try it.

  4. Jen Yu

    Awww, you guys are THE BEST! We had such a fantastic time at your place. Love the pups, love the yard, love the food, but especially love you two!! (Shhhh – don’t tell Sierra I said that, she thinks she owns me now). Thank you for an incredible meal. I wish I had multiple stomachs like cows do so I could have eaten more of the terrific treats you set out before us. Jeremy wouldn’t shut up about it for days on end. It got to be a little torturous to think about while backpacking too! Come see us in CO. Anytime. Big hugs and kisses to you both and the to the puppers. xxoo

  5. bee and jai

    lucky them and lucky you. love you all.

  6. Kitt

    What fun! I found Jen’s blog through you some time ago and enjoy it greatly. How nice that you finally got to meet.

    Don’t forget you have a Denver pied-à-terre, too. 😉

  7. Precious Pea

    Gulp!! How I wish I could have a glass of the tangy cocktail now. The plump grilled stuffed squid looks yummy too!

  8. Christine D.

    Great-looking drink! Looking forward to the banh xeo video! We bought some dry ingredients from Little Saigon on our recent visit, and I can’t wait to eat some banh xeo soon.

  9. Nan

    If I could drink I’d make me up a pitcher full right now! Looks incredible! I wonder how a virgin blackberry collins would taste?! I’m so glad you showed off the tropical fruit?? I didn’t recognize ONE of them! I live in such a box! With a very tight lid! I did recognize the figs though – love them – but I didn’t know there was such a variety! So thanks for the post – I wouldn’t have learned nearly as much at an $85 class at Sur La Table! Nan P.S. As always I’m VERY impressed with your photography…beautiful pics!

  10. Dani

    Omigawd, I’m surprised they didn’t move in! You have fresh figs, which beats skis any day of the week, believe me. Must go jump over to their blog and see what they said. eHugs from the High Plains.

  11. MPG

    That Collins is awesome, but I want some of that lychee…and mangosteen, I have yet to find it here…you always get the best of the exotic fruits!

  12. Hillary

    Aww I love when fellow food bloggers hang out. It looks like you shared a glorious meal! Is this just the regular or did you guys pull out all the stops for eachother?

  13. Mollie

    This is my first time commenting on your fab site, but I am a huge fan of Jen and Use Real Butter so it seemed a fitting time to come out of lurkdom over here! I love gin cocktails and this looks like a perfect summer treat. I plan on making them for a party tomorrow – so refreshing!

  14. Cynthia

    It’s people like the two of you WOR Couple & Jen & Jeremy that make the world a better place! Love all the food, especially the stuffed squid, honestly, squid is my weakness.

  15. Sandie

    I love it when you guys feature delicious cocktails and as always, your photography is amazing. I’m looking forward to the coming recipes and videos!

  16. mikky

    fantastic pics… looks soooo refreshing… 🙂

  17. anya

    I could only wish somebody would tell such heart-melting things about me as you did about Jen and Jeremy, let alone treat me to all this beaitful glory!! Oh. 🙂

  18. Tartelette

    My two favorite couples under the same roof! Cool….like you guys have anything to envy them about…ehehehe!!
    That drink is outstanding, so is the rest of the food!

  19. Mike

    Looks like you guys ought to be having/have had a great time, what with such a tasty spread! Hope you guys have a good weekend!

  20. Kate

    ok now i dont know what i like more the blackberry gimlet, or the crepe of the lychees, gosh i need to eat fresh lychees ! The pics of the gimlet in the making are awesome !

  21. Jen (Modern Beet)

    Your pictures are making thirsty for a cocktail! Too bad it’s 10:40AM and I’m at work (but obviously not working very hard! 🙂 )
    Slightly related — SFGate has an interesting article this morning about the renaissance of Vermouth — I may have to pick up a bottle and do some experimenting!

  22. Homecooked

    Wow….the pics are absolutely gorgeous! All the dishes look so yummy. It shows that you all had a lot of fun 🙂

  23. Dee

    Drool, dribble, slobber. Everything looks so amazing. Lots of envy on this end of the screen, too 🙂 Am desperate for the Vietnamese Banh Xeo recipe… please.

  24. Marilyn

    Oh, I just needed to say that that drink looks in-cred-ible. Fantastic! What a nice story of your visit and all your delicious time together. Thanks for sharing the food and the fun.

  25. lifeinrecipes

    Gawd, you two and your stunning photos always make me want to drink – is that a bad thing? ANd the food, oh my , the glorious food. The meet and greet sounds heavenly.

  26. MissGinsu

    Luscious looking stuff, folks. Can’t wait for the promised Vietnamese Banh Xeo recipe. I’ve never had it before, and it looks like a delight.

    Miss G.

  27. Becky

    this spread of food looks sooo good! especially the drink…thanks for the best wishes for school!

  28. Lan

    so jealous you got to hang with Jen Yu!
    and your food spread looks delish, i heart banh xeo!

  29. Peb@Food Made Simple

    Wow! The Asian fruits looks so fresh. Where did you get the mangosteen, rambutans , longans and lychees? They are the best!

  30. Cakelaw

    What gorgeous summery dishes – and I’ll definitely have a blackberry Tom Collins, please. ‘Specially like the look of the grilled shrimp, beef, tofu, peppers and eggplant – yum!

  31. Tony

    I just saw Jen’s post from her visit! It looks like you all had such an amazing time – you definitely can’t go wrong around great company and delicious food!! You guys seriously rock!!
    and what a sweeeeeeet cocktail, might I add 🙂

  32. Passionate Eater

    You really know how to throw a party! I love that you made Vietnamese iced coffee and banh xeo. You’ve inspired me to throw my own banh xeo party now.

  33. dhanggit

    its good to know you had a great time!! i could imagine very well how it went by, lots of chatting and overflowing of delicious goodies!!! thanks for sharing !! and did i say great shots!! i miss rambutan!! the ones we have here are all wrinkled and overly expensive sigh 🙁

  34. Hélène

    Wow, wow & wow. I’m so jealous now. This must have been such a memorable moment. I can just picture it. Beautiful pictures as always. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. You made my day. Luv U too.

  35. maybelles mom (feeding maybelle)

    yum. and I love to think of jen at modern beet being a cocktail evangelist… I am almost out of my store of condensed milk thanks to a summer of thai iced coffees.

  36. Andrea

    I’m so jealous of all these food blogger get-togethers in California! Doesn’t anyone ever come out to Virginia or DC?!? 😉

    It sounds like you had a fantastic time, and if I had some fresh blackberries on hand I’d head straight to the kitchen to make that right now. Yum.

  37. Lisa

    Figs are one of my most favorite things on earth! I’m tellin’ ya, there are right up there with eggplant and ice cream in my book. My Sicilian grandfather brought me figs all the time and we would just sit in the backyard eating them, juice running down our chins. So good. That drink doesn’t look too shabby either, lol.

  38. sharon

    Perhaps we should have a WORC mixer? 🙂 Sounds like a fun meetup accompanied by delicious drinks & food. Check out those rambutans!!

  39. Chez US

    Damn, this looks fantastic!!! I am turning into a sloppy drool all over the key board right now. We had some of that crispy crepe at a little place down the street from us, NOT as good as yours!!!

    The cocktail you made just reminded me of one we make but have not made this year – Blackberrie & Thyme Margarita …. yum!

  40. Psychgrad

    Very neat! A foodie blogger meetup – sounds like fun! Mind you, I think I would be stressed about what to cook. I don’t think I’ve ever seen stuffed squid before – so I’ll have to check out the recipe for that.

    I just tried longans for the first time the other day. Is it just me, or does it have an alcohol flavour to it?

  41. veron

    Fantastic! I’m getting hungry. Have been dreaming about grilled squid and mangosteen….not necessarily in that order. 🙂

  42. RecipeGirl

    Beautiful pics today! You guys just keep getting better and better. I’m not familiar with that Use Real Butter blog so I’ll have to check it out. I’m a jealous-skier-type!

    I had a recipe with me on vacation for Blackberry Mojitos but never got around to making them! Your post is making me wish that I did. I suppose I don’t have to be on vacation to make them though. I see that you muddled with a wooden spoon (which is perfectly ok…) but don’t you own a muddler yet? Time to go shopping 🙂

  43. canarygirl

    Oh WOW! What a spread! That drink looks perfectly refreshing for summer, and omgawd that crispy crepe is killing me. Stuffed squid is one of life’s perfect foods, too. *sigh* I wish we were neighbors.

  44. grace

    i’ll certainly join you in your toast to jen and jeremy–i love that blog! plus, it’ll give me an excuse to make one of these gorgeous cocktails for myself. 🙂

  45. Rita

    yohoho, i love rambutans…hmmm i havent tried figs before and dyyyying to try!

  46. peabody

    I could so throw back a few of those on my porch!

  47. Toni

    Dang! The whole thing – from the drink (make mine with vodka, please!) – to the figs looks like an orgy of delights! And I LOVE Vietnamese coffee!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. noobcook

    what a great party with so much good foods and seasonal, tropical fruits! I love the fruity cocktail concoction too 🙂

  49. Manggy

    About the only time I can really enjoy a drink is when it’s mixed with fruits, and berries are one of my favorite additions! (Okay, no one comment on “lady drinks” and whatnot!) This looks really good and refreshing!

    I’m so glad you guys had a nice time! Two of my favorite blogging friends! Wish I coulda been there :/ (Forget about being jealous of the snow!)

  50. Christie @ fig&cherry

    Yes, yes, yes! That’s an orgasmic drink!

    As for the fresh figs – I think you can guess what I think about those… 😉

  51. Julie

    Absolutely fantastic photography! Who needs to know how to ski when you know how to make bomb ass cocktails, cook up a storm and your documentation of it all puts Lisa Ling to shame.

  52. swirlingnotions

    Oh YUM! We made a drink very similar to this a few weeks ago from Gourmet or Bon App or something and it was DELISH. I’m one of those people who WANT to make cocktails a lot more often than I actually do, so I felt very whole and fulfilled sipping that fabulous concoction. And I admit to having squid envy. We were just up in Fort Bragg last weekend and I was BEGGING the fishmongers to find me some squid, but they said all the fishermen only use it as bait, it doesn’t pay for them to bring it in to market because no one buys it :-(. WAh.

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