So, I come home from work and found a package waiting on the dining room table, untouched, glossy and still perfectly sealed. Todd has always been such a gentleman when it comes to waiting for me to open packages first, giving me first dibs at ripping open presents that come in the mail. He knows how excited I get when we get packages from the mail and honestly, I think he gets really roused up seeing me squeal like a kid when I tear in to mail like a kid on Christmas morning. Just for kicks, he could wrap up empty boxes, have me tear into them and I’d still have a blast.


We love getting presents, especially books written by our favorite food bloggers — especially food bloggers who are professional pastry chefs — especially American food bloggers living in Paris — especially gay American food bloggers living in Paris who talk candidly about living with Parisians!

Yes, we received a copy of David Lebovitz’s new book, “The Sweet Life in Paris” and it’s what we call, “Schweeeeet!!!”

Most of you are probably already reading David’s blog and are familiar with his rants about the Parisian lifestyle, how they cut in line, more quirks and of course, chocolate. Well, we’ve only scanned through the book (still fighting over who gets to read it first) and are already laughing at what he has to say about the beautiful, delicious city of Paris and it’s inhabitants.


Nestled between the witty pages of Davids humorous writing, lies some very delicious and inspiring recipes. Todd, obviously the one with the bigger muscles, took the book and pretty much inhaled it out of my hands when he saw David’s recipe for madeleines with lemon glaze. Just this week, Todd made madeleines already and obviously, the adrenalin of madeleine making was still there, like baking crack running through his veins. Before I knew it, Todd had his mixer whirling on high speed over his copper bowl to make the madeleines and gathering up lemons for the glaze.

I felt neglected, standing there empty handed, with torn up package material at my feet, while Todd made love to David’s madeleine recipe.

I cursed David via Twitter for Todd’s instant love affair with the book’s madeleine recipe because a girl should never, ever be snubbed by her boyfriend for a damn cookie– especially a cookie that he already made last week.  Being bitter was quickly subdued when Todd finished the madeleines with the fragrant lemon glaze.  I had to check out all the fuss and when I took a bite in to the first of 12 madeleines (that I ended up eating), I was humbled.


All that childish neglect that I felt while Todd was in the kitchen left me feeling selfish about my pouty-ness. The madeleines came out perfectly soft on the inside, slightly crispy on the edges and the sticky, addicting lemon glaze had me licking all my fingers clean. These have to be my favorite madeleines of all time and believe me, I’ve had many, many madeleines in my lifetime.


I feel special now because of David’s gracious gift of an amazing read, humor and wonderful recipes. And, I feel especially loved because I know Todd made these treats just for me, because he loves me. I feel so loved all around and I love both these guys. I’m so spoiled rotten, I know.



Madeleine’s with Lemon Glaze Recipe…

Nope, we’re not sharing it! You must get the book because it’s worth every single word, recipe and crumb. Believe me, if the 12 madeleines that I ate are proof of how good this book is, I’ll gain 100 pounds after Todd’s through with all of David’s recipes.

David Lebovitz’s ,The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World’s Most Glorious – and Perplexing – City, is available HERE.


Todd, the crazy madeleine maker