Do you like Deep Dish or Thin Crust Pizza?

Hi Everyone.
We’ve been in Chicago over the last few days to attend BlogHer and also presented the morning keynote at this years first BlogHer Viewfinder. Prior to embarking on trip, the first thing on our minds was pizza.

The passion and opinions that everyone’s shared on the issue of pizza is so incredible to read. We had asked Facebook for some advice on where to eat some good deep dish pizza in the city that gave birth to the polarizing dish, and here’s the incredible responses we received.

Even a waiter at a Chicago Italian restaurant we talked to was so jazzed and opinionated about his deep dish pizza choices, he forgot that he was even working. We had such fun listening to his monologue about his favorite deep dish spots and his not-so-favorite spots. He literally begged us not to go to particular touristy joints because he wanted our first experience to be positive.

Ha. Pizza does this to people. The topic of type of pizza, where to eat and what type of crust gets folks all riled up.

When it comes to pizza, we’re curious cats and always open to understanding what makes certain foods so enticing.

So while we’re still exploring our favorite pizza places, we wanted to ask you all a basic question:

Are you a deep dish or thin crust eater?

If you like both then that totally ok. You’re a lover and peace maker at heart.

-Diane and Todd