“Making videos are so hard. I want to save memories of my kids and family on video, but I can’t do it”.

“I don’t have the money to invest in expensive camera and editing equipment to make videos. “

“I wish I was more technical and more creative to make good videos”.

“There’s only one of me. It’s too hard for me.”

These are just a few of the comments in the many conversations I’ve had with attendees after our video presentations at conferences. To each and every person who has felt and thought this way, I answer: No. Please, don’t doubt something that you haven’t yet started and know that I will try my best to support you on your video making journey.

If I can make a video, completely on my iphone 4, then so can you. If I can shoot a video using only my two hands, without a tripod, then you can you. If I can edit my video completely on my iphone, then you can certainly do it too.

Let’s for a moment forget all the fancy Canon 5D MII and Nikon D800 cameras out there that offer video. There will be no tripod, audio, lenses or complicated editing software discussion. Yes, Todd and I use these tools for our professional work, but when the time comes to write about higher scale video production, I’ll share that.

But for now, I just want to talk iphone, one of the most simple and inexpensive tools out there to make a video that you can be proud of.

I’ve always been an advocate of iphone photography and video since getting my first one in February 2011. My creative life changed completely and I felt such a heavy burden lifted off my shoulders when I wanted to make a personal video to document my everyday life of people I care about. When I wanted to spontaneously record our dogs playing in the garden or if I wanted to record special moments I witnessed throughout the day, I didn’t have to struggle and lug out my complicated dslr and lenses.

Now with my iphone 4, I’ve whittled down my video producing life to the most basic of elements: one simple tool, what I see and what moves me at that very moment.

What I witness in life can be captured and shared that is independent of expensive tools and gear. Fancy tools don’t define me as a photographer or filmmaker. You shouldn’t ever let expensive, complicated gear get in your way of making videos either.

I’m in the process of writing out a longer post about making a iphone video the best that you can, including how to get great audio on a limited budget. Please be patient with me while I get my words together for this series.

In the meantime, how I taught myself to make iphone videos was by watching tutorials online. Part of this video journey is taking it upon yourself to learn and teach yourself as much as you can. Included in this process will be plenty of frustration, mistakes, some failures and time investment. But if you really want to make the video that is meaningful to you, then you’ll push through and keep trying till you make the video you want.

For this video, Todd, Sierra and I took our walk on the beach and the sunset was just spectacular. I couldn’t help but to be in such awe at all the layers of light and love the sky and ocean had to offer that day. So I grabbed my iphone and started to video scenes on the beach.

  • I filmed this video on my iphone 4 and edited it completely on imovie app for iphone. For the text on the video, I used the “simple” template in the project setting of imovie.
  • I watched this video tutorial to learn how to edit on imovie.
  • For the vintage video filter, I used ’70’s filter on  CinemaFX for Video app for iphone.
  • I ended the video with my iphone photographs, edited on Filterstorm and Snapseed apps for iphone.
  • The song I used is Hem Me In that I licensed at With Etiquette.
  • It took me about 3 hours to completely edit this video with the results that I wanted.

Most importantly, the most valuable tools I used were my eyes to see, my heart to feel and a desire to tell my story. My hope is that you all have these tools as well.

This video is far from perfect, but it’s special to me. It’s perfectly imperfect, meaningful and reminds me of that beautiful evening I shared with those I love. That’s all that matters.

So for this weekend, I leave you with this video and hope that you’ll start capturing and making your special videos as well. Let’s all learn together.

Your eyes are your lens, your heart is your shutter.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!