girl scout cookiesIt’s in the air, all over the neighborhood and in front of grocery stores. Tis’ the season of Girl Scout cookies and this year, I swore that I’d only give in to buying one box, or two at the most.

Over the last few years, there was a bright neon flashing sign on  my forehead signaling that I was a “sucker” and could be coaxed into buying 10 boxes. For a savory and spicy girl who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, I somehow always got persuaded to buy about 10 boxes of cookies. Most of which we never ate and were shared with friends and family. Yes, I was the customer who walked away with about 10 boxes of thin mints, samoas and peanut butter sandwiches.

My weakness lies in the little girls who tell me that all the cookies taste great and that they need the funds for camping trips or for events to help benefit their troop. It’s hard to deny their cute little hair bows and green uniforms and their pitch to help them become smarter and stronger girls. I’m all about supporting little girls and at $4 a pop, I figured 10 boxes really only ends up being $40 going to a great cause.

girl scout cookies

But this year, I decided that one or two boxes would be plenty and if I wanted, I could easily write a check to contribute to their camping funds. That resolution didn’t last long and I already wasn’t able to keep to my goal of 2 boxes. Instead, I got suckered into buying 4 boxes: peanut butter patties, samoas and mango cremes (because the little girl told me that was her favorite). Oy, I bought a box not because I liked to eat it, but because the salesgirl loved them. I’m such a pushover! At least it wasn’t 10 boxes.

Now, what to do with all these cookies? Luckily we had a photography workshop this weekend, so I decided to use some of these as props. Todd and I shot and styled the samoas in two different ways, to show how you can take a subject and show two totally different moods, voices and stories.

One concept was styled in a dark, moody feel. Something to convey all the rich tones and rustic textures that make a subject look beautiful with strong contrasts and highlights and shadows.

The other concept was styled in a simple, clean and light style. The mood here was to show how you can take a subject, with minimal props and still be able to showcase their beauty in a clean, light and minimalistic vision.

So, I had a few lessons in Girl Scout Cookies.  We made the most out of these cookies in both eating, sharing and photographing. Nothing went to waste and now I have a reason to buy even more different kinds next year because I can use them in our workshops. That’s a very valid excuse to get back to buying my 10 boxes for next year!

Support the Girl Scouts!