For the Love of Pizza: Deep Dish or Thin Crust?

Do you like Deep Dish or Thin Crust Pizza?

Hi Everyone.
We’ve been in Chicago over the last few days to attend BlogHer and also presented the morning keynote at this years first BlogHer Viewfinder. Prior to embarking on trip, the first thing on our minds was pizza.

The passion and opinions that everyone’s shared on the issue of pizza is so incredible to read. We had asked Facebook for some advice on where to eat some good deep dish pizza in the city that gave birth to the polarizing dish, and here’s the incredible responses we received.

Even a waiter at a Chicago Italian restaurant we talked to was so jazzed and opinionated about his deep dish pizza choices, he forgot that he was even working. We had such fun listening to his monologue about his favorite deep dish spots and his not-so-favorite spots. He literally begged us not to go to particular touristy joints because he wanted our first experience to be positive.

Ha. Pizza does this to people. The topic of type of pizza, where to eat and what type of crust gets folks all riled up.

When it comes to pizza, we’re curious cats and always open to understanding what makes certain foods so enticing.

So while we’re still exploring our favorite pizza places, we wanted to ask you all a basic question:

Are you a deep dish or thin crust eater?

If you like both then that totally ok. You’re a lover and peace maker at heart.

-Diane and Todd


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  1. alex clarkson

    Thin crusts are my all time favorites, will surely try this recipe soon, Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Jeff @ Cheeseburger

    I’m a thin crust eater all the way.

  3. Sandra Tranmer

    Thin crust, always and my two favourite toppings are either “Sweet Vegetarian” or “Chicken Kiev.” Yum!

  4. terri

    i don’t discriminate–i’ll happily eat either thin crust or deep dish pizza. (but the crust has to be good–a mediocre or terrible crust ruins it for me.)

  5. Corinne

    I grew up in Italy therefore eating thin crust. I remember eating my first deep dish and wondering what people had done to what I knew of as pizza! 😉 Nowadays I still gravitate towards thin, but if I’m feeling sinful or especially indulgent I’ll go for the deep dish…but shhh, don’t tell my Italian relatives that!

  6. amy

    Having grown up and lived near Chicago. I DO appreciate the deep dish…However, if it was just me getting the pizza, I’d be all thin crust all the way.

  7. The Wimpy Vegetarian

    I’m a thin crust girl! But honestly, I’m not kicking any pizza out of bed. They’re all good.

  8. Kate Nolan

    Pequod’s, Pequod’s, Pequod’s. (You’ve probably already left town and I’m too late, but next time.) They’ve perfected the crispy crust with lightly burnt cheese (yeah, I said burnt) and it’s sooo delicious. The place itself looks a little ratty, but don’t let that scare you away.
    If it’s not Pequod’s, then Marie’s for a “double-thin” crust. It’s got a good chew to the crust and you never know what kind of characters you’ll meet in that place. We had a run in with Tony (a regular, according to our waitress) who called me a teacher because I told him there’s no reason two people shouldn’t get two pizzas; ya have to have options!

  9. val

    lived in both Chicago and Boston…and visited New York…and Italy…I would say thin…more about the filling than the crust!

  10. Hannah

    Hi there! I’ve been lurking around here for years now, and was truly inspired to finally see you both in person. I was actually there to speak for PathFinder Day, but snuck away to attend your keynote for ViewFinder Day instead. I’m only sorry that I had to duck out early to get to my session on time, as I would have loved to chat afterward. Either way, thank you for sharing a bit more of what you do, and spurring me on to continue pushing myself and my own photography further.

  11. Belinda @themoonblushbaker

    No way! Thin crust is BOMB. Nothing beats the crispy dough against a pile of soft toppings/ The bread makes for better “pizza fold” too

  12. Hannah

    Definitely deep dish! The more toppings, the better. Warm, mushy, and delicious.

  13. pam (Sidewalk Shoes)

    Thin. Super thin. There was this place in St. Louis where the crust was so thin, I could almost eat the whole pizza. Anytime I can almost eat a whole pizza is a good time.

  14. Erica G.

    thin crust. After growing up in a family with deep dish Pizza Hut (yes, that was my exposure to pizza for most of my childhood) I found I enjoyed thin crust because I can really taste the toppings.

  15. Kiran @

    I love thin crust pizza’s probably because we are not a huge fan of cheeses!

    Have fun in Chitown you guys 🙂

  16. Pizza is always on my list “to do”, fortunately and unfortunately. Your choice looks delicious.

  17. Linda

    I love, love, love deep dish pizza, especially the kind with the oily, greasy crust………..but, I’m a diabetic, so I strive to eat thin crust when I indulge, to keep the carbs down. That said, I’m picky about thin crusts. I like them thin, but bread-like, not crisped-to-death cracker wannabes! I enjoy your posts and have saved some of your recipes.

    xo Linda

  18. Andj

    For me, thin crust all the way. My boyfriend prefers deep dish. It is a pretty major division in our relationship.

  19. Sheila Best

    Thin crust with minimal sauce. I prefer a white garlicky sauce on my veggie pizza. Light red on meat pizzas. Did you have an Italian beef sandwich? That’s another question to ask…wet or dry on your Italian beef.

  20. Abbe@This is How I Cook

    I grew up outside Chicago. I love thin. Why have crust if you have thick? That being said-put thick in front of me and I’ll still wolf it down.

  21. Penny @ The Comforts of Home

    Thin crust for sure!

  22. Emily @ AuntiesMandEm

    Both for me. Love Geno’s East for deep dish, and the Sicilian pizza joint in my hometown for thin crust (…man, pizza sure sounds good right about now!

  23. Lizthechef

    Even though I once lived in Chicago – and loved the city and its pizza – I’m definitely a thin crust girl.

  24. Tieghan

    Thin crust all the way!

  25. Iris @ the yummyblogsisters

    thin crust and also lots of veggies en cheese!

  26. Christine Davis

    When I lived in the U.S. I loved the deep dish…crust is one of my fatal flaws…but here in north Italy, it’s thin crust…with an extra side of bread, haha!

  27. Norma @ Allspice and Nutmeg

    Thin crust and loaded with veggies for me…and plenty of cheese! My family owned a pizza business when I was growing up and I learned that pizza choice is a very personal thing.

  28. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    I am thin crust all the way, and when I lived in Chicago, it wasn’t always popular. My husband was born and raised in Chicago, a true native, and he’s deep dish. I hope you guys had fun in Chicago. It’s such a great city and this time of year, it’s just the best!

    1. Tom M.

      If I was pressed for an answer I would say thin, but I enjoy both almost evenly. My favorite homemade is crust as thin as I can make it (read as not that thin), no sauce, with fresh mozz, sauteed mushrooms, and sliced garlic. Some “dough relaxer” would probably help with thinner crust. Any tips on that?

    2. Tom M.

      What about deep dish-thin crust? 😉 Is it Giordano’s who does that one? Maybe their crust isn’t that thing. It’s been over 30 years since I visited them.

  29. Joyce

    I grew up in Chicago, and went to NYC for school. I love both. My favorite deep dish is spinach and mushrooms, and love a Margherita thin crust.

  30. Ash- foodfashionparty

    Thin crust and your kinda of pizza loaded with veggies.
    Hope you had fun in Chicago.

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