Update: This workshop is sold out at 11 spots for the #AFundForJennie event.  $11,000 was raised. Thank you all for your amazing support for Jennie.

You are all incredible, each and everyone of you in this food community. The Twitter hashtag #APieForMikey event appeared to kick start a movement, a staggering response of support and love for Jennie. Now Bloggers without Borders (founded by Maggy, Erika) are working tirelessly around the clock with Shauna to organize #AFundforJennie, a funding raising event to assist Jennie and her two girls.

We’re witnessing something truly amazing here: food bloggers from all around the world are participating in the most community driven event ever. You must visit the auction gallery page to see really comprehend the scope of how wonderful the event has blossomed too. This auction page is filled with offerings from the heart and full of love from worldwide bloggers.

Now it’s our turn. Our offering is a full day food photography/styling workshop, followed by a family style meal that we will all cook together and share. The location is at our brand new kitchen studio that is just 7 days old.

some vintage collectables in our gallery room

All funds from these ticket donations will go directly to Jennie at Bloggers without Borders. We (Todd & Diane) will personally fund the cost of hosting the workshop.

Please join us for a day of learning, friendship & community. Here is the agenda (subject to change)

Our Studio Location: Orange County, CA. on Saturday October 15, 2011 8am-8pm

Morning Welcome: You will be greeted with a big bear hug, pumping music, light & fresh breakfast, a quick tour of our new studio & dancing (not required).

Discussions & topics: Storytelling, vision, finding your voice, making an impact with your photos, the power of an imperfect photo, lighting, basic principles.

Live demonstration: we will be demonstrating a live shoot, from ideas to storyboarding, workflow to final image.

Hands on time: you will have an opportunity to practice making your food photographs.

Lunch: Fresh meal cooked from our studio kitchen, more music & discussion of morning shoot

Discussion & topics: Basic Food Styling, how to integrate color, texture, movement to make a photo stand out, shooting on location

Live Demonstration: we will be demonstrating some dishes being styled, then photographed & editing

Hands on Time: you will have opportunity to practice styling, playing with props & photographing

Dinner: Family style fresh spring roll feast (gluten free) where we will grill on the table. We will all be cooking and eating together.


*** Donation Details: The cost for this complete day is $1,000 per person, all funds go to Jennie.  Space is open to 10 attendees. If spaces fill up quick, then we might open up more spots.

How to sign up (please read carefully) : The workshop is limited to the first 10 people. Go to the Bloggers Without Borders Donation Site Here. Make your $1,000 donation by clicking the square BWOB Donation button on the side bar. Once you make your donation, you will receive a confirmation from pay pal. Send that confirmation to us at: td (at) Whiteonricecouple (dot) com to secure your spot in the workshop.

Thank you again and hope to see you there!

Our 7 day old kitchen studio where food photo/video shoots happen

play with our prop room and with Sierra

Other studio half filled with natural light to shoot in. & studio will be cleaned, promise!

Our live demonstrations will show you how we achieve these food shots

The #APieForMikey Video we made for Jennie & Mikey: