Tribute Video for Jennifer Perillo: Mikey’s Peanut Butter Pie

If you haven’t already heard the news, then hopefully this video will share it all. On Monday, our dear friend Jennifer Perillo’s husband died of a sudden heart attack. Jennie is a special force in the food community and is loved by many.

We had a gathering in our garden with friends Brooke, Jen, Gaby, Penny and Rene when we heard of the news.  It was a shock to us all and were left speechless for a long moment of silence. Fortunately we were together to comfort one another in the pain.

Jennie asked that in honor of those we love, to make a Creamy Peanut Butter Pie and share it. This pie was also a favorite of her husband, Mikey. You can read it on her blog.

In full force, with fierce love and commitment, the online food community banded together as one family to celebrate Mikey and everyone dear to us. Under the twitter hashtag #APieforMikey , a beautiful explosion of peanut butter pies came pouring out of all our hearts to be shared with our loved ones.

We were devastated at the news of Mikey’s passing. To heal and share in our grief with Jennifer’s family and the whole online food blogging community, we made a pie in honor of Mikey.

To also celebrate our friend Jennifer, her strength, courage and love, we’re giving her a gift in the best way that we know how: by video.

Thank you to all of you, the food community and those who poured in to share your thoughts to share on this video. It was impossible to add all the thoughts that came pouring in, but know that we appreciate all of you who sent them in.

We asked close friends of Jennie to contribute thoughts and we also searched the hashtag #APieForMikey and found some wonderful sentiments to Jennifer. Those were added to the video. Special thank you to Kim Severson for sending us this amazing image for inspiration in the video.

Jennie, this is for you, our friend and sister, from all of us in the food community. You are loved. Deeply.

And most importantly, this pie and everything it symbolizes is for Mikey.

holding you all close,

diane and todd

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  1. Ronja

    I am just reading about all these wonderful tributes and I am sitting here with tears in my eyes because of so much love and creativity!

  2. SusanaFrix


  3. Ray

    This is beautiful. It’s stuff like this that makes all the difference. I watched it last night and just had to watch it again today. Thanks for sharing (and very nice pie).

  4. Sailu

    So touching and beautiful. Tears in my eyes…

    Btw, love, love, love your space. 🙂

  5. Jennifer | Whisk It Good

    I just read about Jennie for the first time today. What a beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Jeanne Kane

    Diane and Todd,
    I know this is a late response but I am moved to tears. Thank you for this and all you do.

  7. elodie

    Beautiful tribute. I feel tearful.

  8. rachelsdigestif

    so beautiful

  9. Katie

    Such a stunning and beautiful tribute. My family went through something very similar when I was a child, and it’s truly the moments like this, small but tender, that will help permeate your support for days, weeks, and years to come. Love like this will help Jennie begin to put one foot in front of the other and get to the next day. She’s blessed to have you, and the rest of the blogging community, as such great friends.

  10. SallyBR

    Never seen anything as beautiful and touching.

    Left me speechless. Almost speechless.

  11. Joan M

    A truly lovely tribute.

  12. Tasha @ ThatsSoYummy

    That was beautiful and incredibly touching, its an honor to be part of such an amazing family, community.

  13. Melissa @ Soul on a Platter

    This tribute video is subtle, elegant and touches the heart in the most important of places.
    The world is better with you in it…

  14. Brandi

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  15. Vera


  16. Jake

    Great video… Perfect tribute!

  17. Jason

    What a beautiful video… my thoughts and prayers to Jennie and her family.

  18. Sarah

    That was so beautiful and touching. My heart goes out to Jennie and her family.

  19. JJ @ 84th&3rd

    What a beautiful video, post and pie. As I was watching it in a cafe far far away the same song simultaneously started playing on the radio, trying not to break into tears in front of the other patrons. My heart and thoughts go out to Jennie and her family.

  20. Nicole Franzen

    why yes, 200 comments 🙂 and for a good reason. I am sure you being totally envied and appreciated for this gorgeous film. Everything is right about it 🙂 My heart sinks for Jennifer and I cant possibly imagine how she is feeling. I don’t know if I would ever recover from loosing a loved one. That being said this film is extremely touching, well done! Just another kuddo to add to the pile <3

  21. lacey - a sweet pea chef

    Thank you for sharing this video. It was beautiful. It made me cry again, but it was absolutely beautiful.

  22. Andrea

    So beautiful. So touching. I’m so in awe at the love and the tenderness and support shared. Took my breath away. My daughter and I just sat here watching as I held her tightly. She asked, ‘When we get the ingredients we can make that?’ and I said Yes. I haven’t made my #pieforMikey yet but I plan to this weekend. I made peanut butter cookies this week, as a start. {Hugs}

  23. VeggieGirl

    This is so beautiful, it almost made me cry

  24. Erin Smith

    This video was so beautiful and heartwarming. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Suzanne

    What a sweet and beautiful video for Jennifer. I loved the song the words the words others posted. New to the food blogging world this makes me proud to be a part of it. Food is healing on so many levels, people who love food, love to share it, love to help others heal, to make others happy, to share a little bit of the happiness we all feel inside by something so universal as food. Hats off to you both for your talents and sharing them with others especially Jennifer at such a difficult time.

  26. Jayne

    Im actually speechless, this was just so beautiful.

  27. pearbear

    That was an amazing tribute and it reminds me that there are truly wonderful people in the world today. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

  28. Lindsey I Dandy Dishes

    I have to admit, I was not familiar with Jennie’s blog until I started seeing all of these ‘Pie’s for Mikey’ popping up on my feed burner. Your video was truly touching and brought a tear to my eye, the love and support this online community has shown for this woman and her family is truly touching. Thank you for showing me the true human spirit, even if it’s in virtual form.

  29. Holly

    This is such a lovely video for Jennie.

  30. Febie

    So beautiful!!

  31. trina @ best salad recipes

    Great tribute for Mickey and awesome gift for Jennie. A touching video that continues to touch others. thanks for sharing this wonderful video.

  32. Quay Po Cooks

    Your love, care and compassion for Jennie and her girls shines through the video. Thanks for sharing this beautiful tribute for Mikey with us.

  33. Peggy

    Beautiful video. Beautiful music.
    Beautiful friendship and sentiment.
    Thank you so much for sharing that.

  34. Emma

    So simple, heartfelt and beautiful.

  35. Rivki Locker

    A touching tribute. Thank you for sharing that inspiration.

  36. chandi holliman

    This is lovely. Very inspiring. I am new to the food community but can feel the love and support from all who have been touched by this family. This video just spreads the light farther. .
    Chandi Holliman

  37. Cookin' Canuck

    I am speechless and tearful. This is such a beautiful tribute to Mikey, Jennifer and their girls.

  38. Ellen

    Beautiful, deeply touching and amazing to behold the love I see in this video.

  39. Emily

    This is amazingly beautiful and touching. Jennie is so lucky to have friends like you in her life. Just as we are all lucky to have been touched by her.

  40. megan @ whatmegansmaking

    simply beautiful. what an amazing tribute. I wasn’t able to participate in the peanut butter pie for mikey due to travel, etc, but I think it is an absolutely beautiful thing to see the food blogging community come together like that. What a source of inspiration.

  41. Eron

    Thank you for helping us all make sense of this tragedy and for illuminating the moment that is the one we have now.

  42. Gina von

    I loved this tribute to Jennifer and Mikey – and all of those who have loved. Beautiful.

  43. Elana

    What a beautiful and moving video, thanks for sharing it with us.

  44. Heidi Zapolski @ Mommy Made From Scratch

    Very sad but very touching. My best regards to Jennifer as well as the family and friends of she and Mikey.

  45. Christine

    Your video is a stunningly beautiful tribute. So simple, so heartfelt. I wish Jennie peace, grace and love.

  46. Elizabeth from AsianinAmericamag

    Just saw this now, it was in my Inbox of Blogs I subscribe to. I can’t tell you how much I cried. For Jennifer, whom I met once at the EWR11 in DC, but who was such a warm, caring soul….for Mikey, their girls, and all the love from the food world that just gushed forth…unconditionally, with no hesitation. Thanks for creating this lovely video. Sending virtual HUGS to you all !

  47. Elizabeth @ Saffron Lane

    There are truly no words to describe how moving and inspirational this video is. Thank you so much for all you do (all ways + always).

  48. Yvette ~ Muy Bueno Cookbook

    WOW! This video is an amazing tribute. I’m speechless in the beauty of it all. I have no doubt that Jennie and her family will treasure it always. I also hopped on over to Jennie’s site and was so touched by her story. It brought tears to my eyes. I was in awe of her strength. May we ALL never take life and our loved ones for granted.

  49. Diane {Created by Diane}

    Just beautiful, such a reminder to live for today. I feel blessed to be a speck in the food blogging community, the compassion and support is overwhelming to see.

  50. patti morfeld

    so so precious-thanks for the video

  51. Caneel

    This is so incredibly beautiful and moving. The song, the words chosen from others, the act in motion … thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us.

  52. Gina

    This is just so beautiful, all of it. Jennie has touched all of us in very special ways and it’s awe-inspiring how the food community came together for our friend. Thank you for sharing this amazing tribute.

  53. Amy | She Wears Many Hats

    Trying to think of another word than “beautiful” to describe all of this and there is no other that fits so perfectly than “beautiful.” It’s beautiful.

  54. Amber

    Beautiful video! You two have a gift of visual expression.

  55. Manju

    What an incredibly beautiful tribute!

  56. Christie

    As everyone else has said, this video is absolutely stunning, beautiful and moving.

    But you know what made it the most special to me? The fact that it shows you going through the exact same steps, making the exact same pie, that I did that day. Something about that gave me an incredible sense of community and warmth. As bloggers, we have such a powerful medium, not just to help nourish others through food, but through respect, love and support.

    Thank you.

  57. Alanna

    Just lovely … all these days later and I’m still teary.

  58. Tracey in WA

    Such a beautifully put together tribute for such a special couple. The food community of bloggers never ceases to amaze!

  59. Noel Chapman

    Wow, What an amazing tribute you just did. It made me cry. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful heartfelt momement with us. My thoughts and prayers are with Jennifer and her family.

  60. Margaret

    Stunning, and what a beautiful tribute! This food community is truly amazing so are you both.

  61. Michelle

    The two of you amaze me – I am sitting here with tears pouring down my face and reflecting on this incident, which has shaken me to the core… Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tribute. xoxo Michelle

  62. amelia from z tasty life

    the utmost tribute: simplicity, kind words, daily life, appreciation, memories, and lots of heartfelt love

  63. dawn

    That was a trully moving tribute. It brought a tear to my eye.

  64. shelly (cookies and cups)

    This was simply beautiful.

  65. teri

    A reminder that lovin’ another is a thing to be always heartfully blessed by.
    What a gorgeous video. thank you for making it so. I have never eaten a PB pie. but any time I taste PB I will get a surge of love.

  66. Jeanette

    What a thoughtful and moving video that engulfs the love and compassion the blogging community is capable of pouring out when someone suffers a loss as Jennie Perillo and her girls did.

  67. Lucy Lean

    Thank you both of you for being you – wonderful xxx

  68. Amy

    So powerful…and I am speechless.

  69. Alison

    This video was such an incredibly beautiful tribute. With tears streaming down my face I squeezed someone I love very tightly. Thank you for sending love in such a deeply moving and aesthetic way.

  70. Fuji Mama

    Love, love, love. I’m out of town and wasn’t able to cook a pie on Friday, but was touched watching the hashtag and all the love filling the Twitterverse. Love that you have made a permanent record of some of that love.

  71. Glamamom

    What a beautiful and thoughtful tribute. I’m not the least bit surprised.

  72. Kiah

    thank you thank you thank you for making this video. I was so touched my it, and that there are people like you out there…such good friends.

  73. Joan Nova

    What a lovely memento for Jenny and her family…and all of our community.

  74. S'dot

    Did I miss the recipe for the pie? Now I’m craving it and want to make it. 🙁

  75. justcooknyc


  76. Nam @ The Culinary Chronicles

    Beautifully done……Thank you for creating and sharing this.

  77. Becca

    I’m not a food blogger, but I’m a culinary arts student and a foodie, so I’ve grown very close to many in the food blogger community. I made #APieForMikey for the wonderful man in my life… but its beauty could never compare to the beautiful tribute that the two of you have lovingly created for Jennie.
    I sobbed like a baby as I watched… knowing that my dear, sweet momma will likely be heading up to feast with Mikey… and my daddy… sometime within the next couple of months.

    She no longer knows me or recognizes me…. but I know now that I simply must see her… before it’s too late <3

  78. Laurie

    So tasteful on so many levels. Thank you.

  79. Vanessa aka Gluten Free Chickadee

    So sorry to hear of Jennie’s loss. This was a beautiful and thoughtful way to pay tribute.

  80. Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]

    I’m not a food blogger, nor did I know Jennifer or Mikey before he passed. I do, however, know this online community of women and men who pull together in times of tragedy and how supportive we all are to one another.

    Your video is inspiring, and I hope it helps Jennifer and her family in whatever way she needs.

  81. Chrissy

    Thank you.

  82. k

    Absolutely beautiful work…you’re amazing.

  83. Maryn (Superbug)

    Gorgeous and perfect. I cried for them when I heard the news, when I watched the video of him dancing with his daughter, and now again. What a wonderful gift you’ve given them.

  84. Patty

    Such a beautiful tribute.

  85. Whitney - MWS


  86. HeatherChristo

    Oh Jennifer- I just cried my eyes out. What a beautiful gift.

  87. Alchmo

    I am amazed by that wonderful video. I get emails and RSS feeds from a lot of you since cooking is my passion. I am amazed at your compassion and love for each other. I hope that Jennie draws strength from all of you. Such a loss she and the girls have suffered. The video of Mikey dancing with his daughter is another touching tribute.

  88. gfveg

    thank you for this beautiful film.

  89. Mi-

    As a newbie to the food community I am awed and inspired but the overwhelming support and love here. I, like a A LOT of others made a peanut butter pie and shared it with my family on Friday. This video is a story, not just about the making of a pie but about how we are all tied together by our compassion, empathy and humanity. xoxo

  90. Apron Appeal

    I stopped shooting video as a career/hobby 3 years ago but I haven’t wanted to sell my XL2. But why not, it never gets used. Since starting a food blog, I’ve thought about delving into video again, since a video camera I have and a DSLR I have not. If I could create work like this, there would be no question. I would shoot video over and over and forget the still. This video was beautiful.

  91. Barefeet In The Kitchen

    I’ve been heartsick all weekend, hugging my children closer than ever and grateful to have my husband here with me. Praying for Jennie and her family every time I think of them. This is a beautiful video, thank you for doing it. I am honored to be a part of the food-blogging community.

  92. Cindy B.

    Simply beautiful.

  93. Kendra

    This video is amazing. I don’t even know Jennifer & Mikey and it brought tears to my eyes.

  94. Noel

    I’m sitting here bawling my face off at your beautiful video. What an amazing community. I am in awe of all of the people who participated.


  95. Cris

    I am from Buenos Aires, I am a frequent visitor of Cannelle and Vainille blog and also La Tartine Gourmande, and in ocassions, I visit as much links as I can. I found yesterday a comment about the Peanut Pie in Aran´s blog and then I read the post and I linked to Jeannie´s and knew the history. Later yesterday I got so shocked of seing all this movement and links and posts and pies, and now this video, that the only thing I am thinking of is that the world has so much beauty than each of us believe and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to think on this and start living my life with a bigger amount of hope than I am used to live.
    Thank to all of you for improving my life!
    Kisses and hughes from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  96. Leslie | @hotskillet

    This is so beautifully shot and such an incredible act of love and community. A tear jerker, and at the same time it gives us hope that in these hard times there’s so much love around us. I don’t know Jennifer, but now I feel like I do and my heart breaks. Thank you for sharing.

  97. Cheryl

    Beautiful video.

  98. Monica

    I been reading all over the internet about Jennifer heart wrenching story… and I have been able to keep my composure up until now.. your video is beautiful, such a tribute to her and her girls, that like everyone said has been engulfed in the virtual arms (and hearts) of this amazing blogging community, which I have never been more proud to be a part of.


    i, like nearly every other blogger in the universe, have cried buckets and buckets of tears this week . . . and cried more tears when we watched the video together. but the tears when watching the video weren’t necessarily because of the beautiful tribute – there were those tears too – but what really takes my breath away, what really shakes me to the core whenever i come to this spiritual place you call a blog, is just that . . . a spiritual place for me . . . a restorative place . . . a place of challenge . . . a place of stretching who i am personally/spiritually . . . but the downright wailing and weeping is because in this piece, as well as your other work, i see your souls . . . deep into your souls – the parts others keep hidden . . . and i know who you two really, really are . . . that is a gift . . . that is rare . . . that is respected and appreciated . . . that is why the two of you are so loved . . . because you let us in. i don’t know if we’ll ever reach a place in our professional careers of creating the kind of work you do, but we continue to work towards that goal . . . thank you for the video . . . thank you for lighting the path and leading the way . . . much love, d

  100. Jen L.

    What an incredibly beautiful, moving tribute to a wonderful family. I hate that we’re all having to band together over something like this, but BOY am I glad we all have each other. Lots of love to Jennie and the girls.

  101. Joelen Tan

    Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to Mikey. I love being a part of our glorious, generous, caring and delicious food blogging community.

  102. Candace

    I started crying with the first notes. This is one of the most touching and beautiful videos and tributes I’ve ever seen. Jen, I do not know you but I am profoundly sorry for your loss and though I missed this delicious day, I will now be making a peanut butter pie this week in your husband’s honor.

  103. Helene

    Belonging to this community is the best thing that happened to me. When you need support there is always something that will be there for me no matter what. You are true friends of Jennifer and that video is so powerful. Sending my condolences to Jennifer and her girls.

  104. linda

    eloquent & extraordinary way to honor your friend & pay tribute to her husband, mikey.
    jennifer is blessed with such an incredible “force” as the food blogging community… my heartfelt condolences to jennifer & her girls.

  105. Cindy

    What a beautiful tribute. I am new to these websites, but so wanted to be at home to make a peanut butter pie. I was not, but am moved by the responses I have seen. What a wonderful community.

  106. Effie

    This is utterly brilliant. The kindness and generosity of this community is staggering. Thank you for this beautiful video.

  107. Kiran @

    I am so glad we are a part of such amazing community. Thanks for this heartfelt tribute. Loads of hugs to Jennie and the kids. RIP Mikey.

  108. Liren

    Such a heartfelt and emotional tribute. Thank you for so eloquently sharing what so many of us feel for Jennie and Mikey.

  109. Tracey

    Awesome tribute!

  110. Katy | Alphabet Soup

    Beautiful, heartwarming, touching, and more. Thank you so much for sharing.

  111. Megan

    Beautiful tribute. Beautiful.

  112. Debi Shawcross

    Your love comes through loud and clear in this piece—loved watching your tribute.

  113. Bianca @ South Bay Rants n Raves

    I didn’t know Jennifer or Mike but this was a very beautiful tribute. I love to see how everyone came together over this. I too am glad to be part of the huge foodie family.

  114. Jeannette @Sweet Dough

    Even though I didn’t know Mikey or Jennie, my heart goes out to her and her family. This is an amazing and touching video…a moving tribute! I will keep them in my prayers, and will bake this beautiful Peanut butter pie for Mikey!!! God bless you, Jennie!!

  115. colleen

    Many wonderful comments here that I echo.
    Truly LOVE extended to all. You are all Love. ♥

  116. Jenni

    What a moving tribute, literally and figuratively. Everyone can feel the love. Everyone.

  117. Camille

    What an absolutely beautiful tribute….may this help bring some peace to Jennie, her girls & all of those who loved Mike!

  118. Sunchowder - Wendy Read

    Incredibly beautiful. What a tribute to Jennifer and her family. You two are amazing and I want to have you in my life.

  119. Bee

    Deeply moving…and a powerful tribute…I’m speechless.

  120. Rachel - A Southern Fairytale

    Lori said it all.

    Just yes.

  121. Heather | Farmgirl Gourmet

    Absolutely amazing. I share the sentiments of the other 104 people before me that this video is truly a testament to how much you two love what you do and the community that you are a part of.

  122. christina

    I didn’t know this family. This page was shared by a friend, and it was so overwhelmingly beautiful and emotional. There are no words of comfort when you lose a loved one, especially a spouse, but I hope this out poring of love from friends and strangers alike will help lift you up and light your way in the dark

  123. Michelle

    That was so awesome – I loved it. What a beautiful tribute.
    Am not a food blogger but I can feel the love that you all share with each other when I read your blogs and tweets.

  124. Kristen

    I’m speechless…..

  125. Brooke

    This may be the most beautiful tribute two food photographers could make. Beautiful. Bittersweet. Honest. True. Thank you for showing us so much beauty and hope in this video.

  126. Lisa@ The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    I’m so proud and touched to be part of this beautiful and caring community.
    Can’t you just feel Mikey smiling? Simply beautiful.

  127. Paula

    God bless you for doing this beautiful gift. God bless Jennie and her family.

  128. Denise@ There's a Newf in My Soup!

    Incredibly beautiful and touching…you two are so amazing. My thoughts and condolences go out to Jennifer and her family.

  129. Snippets of Thyme

    I am so fortunate to be a witness to this emotional outpouring of love and support to this grieving mother and wife. Your video is so heartfelt, innocent, and generous.

  130. Corey @ Learning Patience

    Amazing post – beautiful video – thanks so much for posting.. xoxo from Trinidad

  131. Carolyn Binder

    My heart is broken for Jennifer. But she is blessed by this loving community and dear friends to surround her. Todd and Diane, you are such special people.

  132. Rachael @ Tokyo Terrace

    Adding to the throngs of thank you’s for posting this video- it is so touching to see the food community come together during a trying time like this. I don’t know Jennifer and actually had not really seen her blog until now, but my heart goes out to her. Beautiful tribute, Todd & Diane.

  133. Kel

    Thank you for this beautiful work of art.

  134. deb

    lovely-what a gift you’ve given

  135. Natanya @ Fete & Feast

    Amazing. Pure and simple.

    Thank you for capturing the true essence of what the last week has shown about the food blogging community. It’s not about the food. It’s not about the blogs. It’s about the people and the connections.

    Thank you for creating this lasting gift for Jennie and her girls.

    Thank you for sharing your passions for food, love, light, and community with us time and again.

  136. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    What a beautiful, touching tribute and gift for Jennie and her family at a time like this.

    I posted a peanut butter tribute on my blog earlier today. It’s amazing how many people and this blogging community is rallying together to help support Jennie during this time.

    My deepest sympathies are with her and her family.

  137. kim/reluctant renovator

    I am one of Jennifer’s non-foodie blog friends. Your video left me speechless and teary-eyed in the best possible way. Thank you.

  138. Alana

    Gorgeous and heartbreaking.

  139. Tara @ The Butter Dish

    Beautiful, poignant, touching,..what are the right words for such a lovely gift?
    I see so many comments from bloggers I follow and others I know, it’s really amazing to see how connected this community is. That’s what we really are, a community and like a community we support, love, cherish and care about each other.

    This will be a gift and forever reminder for Jennie and her girls of the field of flowers that was there to buffer their fall. And when they find their breath and strength to stand, these flowers will be here to lift them up into the sun once again.

  140. Heather

    In tears. Thank you for the beautiful video and reminder. Xoxoxo. Love deeply every chance you get…everytime you get the chance.

  141. Isa

    Soooooo beautiful and touching

  142. Renee - Kudos Kitchen

    It is through tragedy that we find the purest of love. I hold Jennie and her girls in my heart.

  143. Andrea Meyers

    What a beautiful and heartwarming gift you’ve made for Jennie, for all of us. Love you two.

  144. Jamie | My Baking Addiction

    Simple. Beautiful. Profound. Well done.

  145. Bebe


  146. Wenderly

    Stunning. Moving. Eloquent. Perfect.

    Thank you for sharing in video form, such a gorgeous snippet of the love, the heart and the caring of this most wonderful blogging community.

  147. Jimena A

    “tears”… really!
    It’s a beautiful gift to Jennifer and her family. And it’s incredible all the support of her friends and people online. My heart goes out to Jen and her family.
    Thank you guys for sharing this beautiful video. I am almost crying once again and I really didn’t know them in person.

  148. ciaochowlinda

    Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I watch the video, knowing how much it hurts to lose a husband, but also how beautiful this tribute is to Mike, Jen and her family. exquisitely done with love.

  149. Bonnie Banters

    I didn’t know Jennie and Mikey. I learned about Jennie’s loss through Facebook. This video was an amazing and beautiful tribute to this couple…it was very stirring and brought tears to my eyes. I lost my husband a few months before I started my food blog, and I’ve met some incredible friends. The food blog community is like no other I’ve seen. I wish Jennie good years ahead and peace.

  150. Danielle

    You guys captured the spirit of this gesture so well. I found myself thinking about the family and wishing them well when making this pie too, even though I hardly know them. So happy to be a part of a community like this, to see people rallying around a cause, for someone they may or may not know.

  151. Kate @ Savour Fare

    This is lovely.

  152. sabriena

    Beautiful and touching video

  153. Susan @ SGCC

    What a beautiful and touching tribute to Mikey, as well as a reminder to all of us to hold our dear ones close. Your talent, creativity and generosity of spirit is an inspiration to all of us.

  154. Ellie

    You did the most beautiful tribute to your friend….I am so impressed with the outpouring of love from the food blogging community…I have read you , followed you, strived to be like you (no luck ), felt at times close to you, found myself caring about you…… became overtaken with grief for Jennie and her little daughters…watched “One Last Dance” and sobbed…made a peanut butter pie and shared it with someone I love.. thought about the people in my life and how perhaps I don’t tell them enough how much they mean to me..I send love, comfort and solidarity to Jennie…….

  155. Stacy

    With tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, I thank you for sharing this video.

  156. Beth (OMG! Yummy)

    Beautiful art. Beautiful message. Thanks for sharing.

  157. Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking

    Absolutely beautiful, and a gift of love Jennie will have forever.
    It is so incredibly wonderful that so many bloggers have come together to show their support and love for this family. It is an honor to be a part of it.

  158. Ariella

    This is really perfect, thank you for making such a lovely, touching tribute.

  159. VeggieGirl

    This is SUCH a wonderful tribute. May Mikey rest in peace.

  160. Curry and Comfort

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    I found this passed on from another blogger. I shared peanut butter recipes and their story yesterday and now on my fan page and personal pages, I have passed on this incredible tribute to Mikey and Jenn. Thank you for making me proud to be a part of this community.

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    Thank you from Ukraine. I don’t know you or Jennie.. I didn’t know Mikey, but I know what is loss, tears and love. I read your blog to catch some photography tips. But you give more then recipes, tips etc. You give your hearts and simple human values for beautiful life. Thank you. My heart with Jennie and you.

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    P.S. You did find the perfect song!

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    I don’t know the family and only heard about Jennie as I follow a few food bloggers – but the outpouring of love and support through the #apieformikey was hard to miss on twitter and facebook yesterday.

    a true reminder to go hug your loved ones and make every minute count


  197. Susan in the Boonies

    Your beautiful video made my cry.

    This is a very personal and real issue for me. But for the inexplicable mercy we were shown, I might have been a widow myself today. Not quite 3 months ago, my 56 year year old husband had a heart attack.

    It happened completely out of the blue, with no warning sign whatsoever. He felt a little tired, and went outside into the surprisingly chilly (for May in Nashville) 53º air to chop some wood to get his blood flowing. This turned out to have been almost a famous last thought for him, since his blood actually WASN’T flowing through his Left Anterior Descending Artery, the big one on the front of his heart, the one they call the widow maker. Two blockages in that artery: it was 95 and 99% blocked.

    Thank God he came back inside and told me that he took two swings of the axe and broke out into a sweat on that chilly day. Had some chest pressure. Felt a little dizzy. Thank God I called the ambulance. Thank God he had open heart bypass surgery and got that blood vessel rerouted into his left mammary artery.

    He wasn’t overweight. He had no high blood pressure. His cholesterol was totally normal. But he did have a family history of heart disease.

    Husbands are a valuable commodity, and worth taking care of. (So are people of any gender, for that matter.) MAKE them (or YOURSELF) go to the doc and get a stress test, so they don’t end up giving themselves their own stress test out by the wood pile.

    Heart disease can be completely asymptomatic until it kills you.

    We’ve had 3 months of bypass surgery recovery and cardio rehab. He’s changed his diet, and I’ve changed my cooking somewhat, although we have always avoided all processed foods and eaten a healthy diet.

    Peanut butter pie won’t be on our menu today, for very good reasons, but it won’t be because our HEARTS don’t go out to Jennie in the loss of her Mikey. They do, with deep empathy. We’re just trying to keep the hearts we have a little healthier.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      thank you for sharing this, your amazing story. Everyone reading it here is a better, more inspired person from your experience. xoxo

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    I am sorry for your loss but what a great tribute to your dear friend Mikey.
    It is amazing how food can bring us together in remembrances of a loved one. I too loss a dear friend at the age of 47 from a sudden heart attack, three months ago. His favorite cake is German Chocolate, which I would bring ever year when we met for lunch, our tradition for six years but no more. I shall always remember him through this cake.
    I am new to your blog, thank you for sharing the Peanut Butter Pie, I shall try it and remember Mikey.

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