Super cool kitchen beakers to use as measuring cups via White On Rice Couple

Summer isn’t over yet. So we’re closing our eyes and ears to anything that’s remotely related to pumpkins and Halloween costumes. We’re still squeezing out more tomatoes from the garden and we’re not likely to be giving up Summer at least until next month. And so far, we’ve had a blast this Summer with the pups road trip and best of all, finding some new kitchen tools that we’ll be sharing over the next few weeks. Well the pups road trip was actually the best of all, but the new kitchen tools are pretty cool too.

Todd’s find: To start, we’ve been collecting some these fantastic kitchen beakers in so many different shapes and sizes. I don’t know what it is, but we love beakers. Funny thing is, we love, love, love using them in certain situations, like juicing or making cocktails. However when cooking, we still keep reaching for our ole measuring cups. Although I think its mostly due to only have metric measurements on most of the beakers and some day’s my head doesn’t want to do the conversions. We need to find a well made set with both measurements and we’ll be totally happy. Until then, at least we’re stocked up for Halloween parties! Oh wait, we aren’t letting go of summer yet. Pause that thought for another month. You can purchase the beakers here and here for the flasks.

We’ve also made some time to browse the web and came across so many cool and delicious finds on Pinterest:

– Crazy amazing loaded nachos that fill a whole sheet pan. The video leaves you screaming for a few beers too.

– Make homemade ravioli. It’s so easy. And baked? Pronto.

– Healthy can still be delicious without the carbs. These Zucchini noodles are brilliant.

Vegetarian tacos all the way. With spicy crema!

– Can’t believe we never made this before. Marinated mushrooms are so fabulous!

Have a great weekend everyone,

diane and todd