The Courage of Ideas – Video: Michael Ruhlman Had Something To Say

We’ve always been drawn to hubs of ideas. Terrific thoughts that are different and that pull us from our everyday norm. Ideas that  inspire and stimulate us, lighting a spark which leads to inspiring creative outbursts, open minds to different perceptions, challenging viewpoints and standards. Without them we’d be bored beyond imagination, and we don’t like to be bored.

Moments of inspiration that ignite a fabulous idea can come often, but it takes courage to follow through with them, especially if they’re ideas that challenge your skills, strengths or comfort level.

So, we had this idea. A storytelling idea which would give people a different perspective on food ideas and opinions and we’d produce it in such a way that we’d remove ourselves from the typical protocols of filming. And we knew the perfect subject, orator, and thought provoking mind, Michael Ruhlman.

We’ve gotten to know Michael on a more personal level over the last year. His insatiable curiosity and fervid intellect inevitably lead to extraordinary conversations and arguments.  The type of intellectual tit for tat which lead everyone involved questioning their own perceptions and beliefs.  Sometimes it will be revelatory, other times it fortifies your beliefs and resolves, but it always makes you think. Through this profound respect for Michael Ruhlman, we were roused to form this project with him.

We found the courage to discuss this idea and Michael had the courage to trust us. A fun collaboration was born and it spun a web of ideas which produced a series of videos that we’re beginning to sharing with everyone today.

ReadMichael’s postand written thoughts about cooking and Thomas Keller.

Have an idea, get excited about it and find the courage to make it become a reality.

Thank you and hope you enjoy the videos,

Todd and Diane

Michael Ruhlman “Cooking”

Michael Ruhlman “Thomas Keller”


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  1. Vivian

    I don’t know how I missed this, but I am glad I finally got to see these videos. What a great idea! You did a fantastic job and really there isn’t anyone more perfect than Ruhlman for something of this nature. I cannot wait to see more.

  2. Shanna ~ My Favorite Everything

    wow. speechless. once again your talent is awe inspiring. thank you for sharing!

  3. John K.

    Wow…what a beautiful and inspiring piece of film making. I have a Canon &D, and it will shoot video like that…..if only I had the talent behind mine that you two do. Your skills just amaze me, and inspire me. Thank you so much for producing this!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      John- thank you john. It just takes a little patience and you need to start with one small video project at a time! have fun.

  4. scott

    very interesting piece, inspirational. how can we get in touch with you Todd & Diane about possibilities of expanding this concept? i shall be in los angeles november 19, any chance of meeting to discuss?

    creative director, the 1billionhungry project

  5. Shaina

    You guys are fabulous. I love this: “Have an idea, get excited about it and find the courage to make it become a reality.”

  6. Chris Brandow

    I don’t mean to be a downer here, but as much as I love, love, love Ruhlman’s writing, I think he is preening just a bit too much here. I know he is fired up about cooking, but his writing is a much better vehicle to express that. I know it’s off-the-cuff, etc. and I really like the idea here, but it’s a bit much. but by all means keep trying this concept out. it has lots of potential.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Chris- thanks for the constructive input. We appreciate the great feedback.

  7. Pooja

    I don’t know if you meant the videos to be inspirational. But I was inspired. This was a brilliant project, and I am glad you did it and shared it with the world!

    I cannot wait to see what is next!

  8. Clare

    Your talents never cease to amaze me, Todd & Diane! I think of you both often, especially as the Irish food blogger scene is just beginning and your names are referenced a lot (was at Kilkenny foodcamp on Friday to celebrate formation of Irish Food Bloggers Association – your names and your Food Blog Forum came up!). Miss you both and hope you can make it out here someday. I will be home for the holidays and would love to meet up! 🙂

    1. White on Rice Couple

      clare- miss you lots, hope to see you soon. xoxo

  9. Sues

    Just about 50 million more reasons why I love Michael Ruhlman. Thank you so much for posting these!

  10. Victoria

    Am I listening to MR discussing Thomas Keller while Yo-Yo Ma plays in the background?

    I LOVE IT!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      victoria- yes! it’s his Bach Cello Suite and beautifully played too.

  11. Nancy@acommunaltable

    Another beautiful production by WORC!!! I completely agree with you regarding Ruhlman – I don’t always agree with him but he always make me think.
    To Gretchen – the book Ruhlman references is this one:
    Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human by Richard Wrangham – it is now available in paperback.

  12. Cory

    A great idea with one of my favorites. I never buy cookbooks for recipes, it is all about the stories they they and Rulman is a very good storyteller. He tells a story on film almost as well as in his writing.
    I will watch for more.

  13. Fran

    Loved the commentary about Food Making Us Human at BlogHer and it resonated here as well.

    The “…Had Something to Say” series idea is brilliant and can’t wait to see what’s next.


  14. Andrea Meyers

    You have outdone yourselves, what a wonderful idea for a video series! I hope to hear him speak live someday.

  15. Heather @ Multiply Delicious

    I love this! I was a BlogHer Food and was moved by Ruhlman’s speech! I’m so glad you captured it on film for more to see and hear. Spectacular!

  16. GretchenJoanna

    Yes, in the first video, since what he had to say originally came from someone else, he might have told us who and where.

  17. sale e pepe

    I am so inspired!! Everything about this is incredible: lighting, set, music, camera angles….

  18. Prerna@IndianSimmer


  19. Kristina

    The “Cooking” video is fantastic; it’s passionate, exciting, and makes us think.

    Now I want to go find that book he refers to which says “cooking made us human.” Do you know the name of it?

    1. Shaina

      Here’s the book:
      Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human, by Harvard Anthropologist Richard Wrangham

      Ruhlman has it on his site. 😉

      1. White on Rice Couple

        shaina- thanks for the info

  20. Monica

    “Cooking DOES make us HUMAN”… Love it!

  21. anne

    First is provocative. The Keller video is ho-hum

  22. Cookin' Canuck

    “Eating is a good reason not to be an asshole.” Love it! Great thoughts about cooking making us more human. You two are getting really good at this video thing.

  23. Taylor

    Once again another great video! I can’t wait to see what you create next.

  24. Maria

    I am glad Ruhlman had something to say and I am so glad you captured it. Amazing!

  25. David

    Awesome…..This is great!!

  26. Liz


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