Most of the time, the loss of a loved one is a time of mourning, sorrow and questioning. But often times, we look at this painful time as celebration of life and legacy that he/she has impacted on our lives. We celebrate the love and memory of our loss to carry us through this difficult time.

Todd’s in-law family has gathered together to pay respects to the loss of a loving uncle, brother and man, Dean. Because of this loss, we are again reminded of how valuable every moment of life is, how precious loved ones are to our daily breath and how we should celebrate each passing minute that we have with each other.


After several days of intense funeral planning and estate organization, the family took a much needed break from the chaotic week. We all decided to visit the tidepools at Crystal Cove State Park, hoping to find ocean life lurking behind the rocky crevices of the seawater filled pools. This refreshing get away exposed us to beautiful life brimming and basking in the warm sunshine: barnacles, sea anemones, mussels, sea snails, crabs and starfish, all living a glorious life in this unique ocean habitat.

Everyone found their special place along the beach and at the tidepools. The kids played in the water, dug in the sand and chased miniature crabs in the tidepools. The adults took in a deep breath of the ocean air and found peace in the crashing waves, the beautiful sights of birds skimming the water and life inside the rocky pools.


Both Todd and I photographed and shot video footage of each special moment and indulged ourselves in the beautiful, gorgeous and healing sunset. This evening was a celebration of family, friendship, love and life.