It was a quick, intensive and deeply gratifying trip to Boulder, Colorado last week. Our super star friend Jen Yu of Use Real Butter organized a food photography workshop and we were invited to teach, along with another rock-star blogging friend, Helen from Tartelette.

The workshop was a smashing success and after the two day event, we were ready to spend some quality time in the gorgeous  and breathtaking Boulder backcountry.

Jen showing us where the beautiful Colorado wildflowers bloom

The always amazing and generous friends Jen, Jeremy and Kaweah made the most of our last day in Boulder and took us on an exhilarating hike to Lake Isabella. Thank goodness they were kind to us and chose the perfect, easy hike because us sea-level living folks would have died at any extreme high elevation activity.

They were kind, gentle and chose an easy, 800 ft elevation hike to some beautiful high elevation lakes. Even at 10,000 ft, we did well, didn’t gasp for air and spent a wonderful day sharing what we all love so much, being in the outdoors with Kaweah.

To finally play, meet and see Kaweah swim in the icy cold lakes was a true treat. Ater 2.5 years of reading Jen’s blog and always loving every single photograph, especially of Kaweah, we finally were able to play with Kaweah in the lakes. Well, we didn’t jump in the lake, but throwing a stick for Kaweah to fetch was still a huge treat. We love Kaweah!

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stream crossing……hold that camera tight!

Diane and Jen talking wildflowers

Kaweah swimming the ice cold lakes! What a rock-star dog