Pizza is one of those foods that makes all adults and kids happy. But homemade pizza is one that can not only warm the home, but get everyone excited to start creating custom “pies”.

Last month we traveled to Minneapolis to shoot the promo video for Jeff Hertberg and Zoe Francois’s new book, Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five minutes a Day. Both Jeff and Zoe have best selling books out already that you might already have. If you don’t already have these books, then they are a must on your bookshelf. Their creation of their no-knead dough has everyone making fresh bread so quickly and easily. When one thought that making fresh bread took a life time and a Ph.D degree, Jeff and Zoe proved them wrong and made fresh break making accessible, fun and successful.

Now their new book tackled homemade and handmade pizza in the same time it would take you to pick up the phone and call out for pizza delivery. Making homemade pizza is so easy and most importantly, fun. They have a wonderful recipe for quick and crusty pizza dough, along with a plethora of different pizza topping ideas. The selection of pizza recipes that they have in the book left us hungry even after eating 2 pizza’s each.

We set up the scene as a fun pizza party. Zoe and Jeff invited their friends and food bloggers: Stephanie Meyer, Laurie Jesch-Kulseth , Shaina & Ole Olmanson Michelle Gayer. Within a matter of minutes, we had Zoe’s beautiful, clean kitchen filled to the brim with fresh toppings, pizza dough and tons of flour on the floor. No pizza party is complete without flour dustings on the counter.

So hope you enjoy the video and join in on the Twitter pizza party. On November 15, make your pizza from the book, post it, and twitter it out to Zoe and Jeff at @ArtisanBreadin5 with the hashtag #PizzaPartyin5.


diane and todd

Video for #PizzaPartyin5 . You can also read the write up on Jeff & Zoe’s website :

Some scenes from our #PizzaPartyin5 Video Shoot:

Zoe & Jeff prepared an endless array of pizza toppings

above: Moroccan flatbread with preserved lemons, cured olives, homemade harissa

custom creations made by pizza party goers: homemade pesto, ham, roasted peppers, feta cheese

Steph from Fresh Tart makes a gluten free pizza

simple yet satisfying pizza with fresh tomatoes, sauce & blue cheese

mozzarella, pimento & black olive pizza

hot, homemade sausage & thyme pizza from the oven