New Years resolutions are  hopeless promises to improve ourselves  that eventually get  broken. Well, at least it is in our case. That’s why we don’t make resolutions to eliminate our vices in a feeble attempt to clear a new path for a better life in the new year. We know we have issues, extreme tendencies and severe obsessions that warrant change. So we set goals for ourselves every day of the year, therefore everyday is a focus to be better people. We do try our best. Or maybe we just need therapy!

2008 was an extremely monumental year for us because it was the year of the blog. We had started writing a few random thoughts down on our simple Mac blog to share with family and friends in Spring 2007 (which no one ever visited). But it wasn’t until January 2008 (exactly one year ago!) that we discovered all of your food blogs (yes, we lived in a cave, in our garden).  We spent hours exploring our very first food blogs from all around the world and were amazed at how large, talented,  and well connected this blogging community is.  Receiving our first comment in mid-January 2008 (thanks NakedSushi!!) was thrilling and everything else just evolved from there. Since then, our world has changed, completely.

Thank you for all of your support and blog friendship! We look forward to 2009, to more blogging, cooking, traveling, gardening, and sharing  and we hope that somewhere along the way, we’ll slowly try to improve on all our vices that we mentioned in the above picture (expect for the ones we don’t want to change.)

Marilyn from Simmer Till Done asked to interview us for her Tell Simmer series! What an honor that was to be asked by the wonderful Marilyn! To know Marilyn, her amazing blog,  beautiful writing and wonderful recipes is to LOVE HER!

Marilyn’s interview of us discloses more facts and vices about us. We share “a baker’s dozen of questions about what we eat, what we dream about eating, and where to get the best pizza”, so please stop by her blog for the interview and leave your comments there !

Happy New Year to everyone! May 2009 bring you and your family a bounty of health, happiness & delicious foods!