Flowering trees, plants & vines

Flowering Plants, Trees & Vines: There are too many to mention, but here is a list of some of our favorites. We’re continually adding new plants and it’s always exciting to see what we’re able to bring home.

1. Flowering Japanese Cherry – a stunning favorite in Spring Time! When the wind blows, the delicate petals display an impressive shower of pink “snow” of petals.

2. Flowering Peach  – another Spring Time favorite. These two magnificent trees are in the front yard. It’s  especially fun to see our neighbors get excited about them every Spring. It’s a joyous occasion for the whole neighborhood!

3. Himalayan Champaca (photo coming soon)

4. Angel Trumpet Trees (photo coming soon)

5. “Orange Dream” Vine – a spectacular vine that explodes with orange trumpet flowers. At it’s peak, the block wall that it climbs over is stunning and covered with orange blossoms.

6. “Madrone” Strawberry Trees – Beautiful red trunks and bark is the hallmark and highlight of these special trees. We have 8 trees and they’re trellised on two arbors, which create a wonderful arch walkway in the garden.

7. Wisteria – a Spring favorite that drapes right outside the window. Looking outside to see this gorgeous vine lets us know that Spring has arrived!

8. Orchids – way too many to count, but they’re mostly cymbidiums that bloom in late Winter, early Spring .

9. Climbing Roses : Red Eden and Pink Eden – gorgeous favorites! We have two iron arches that these roses climb over.  They’re delicate, showy buds are a show stopper in mid summer.

10. Iceberg Roses : White and Purple – what can we say? We LOVE our Icebergs. They bloom continuously and always grace the garden perfectly with their delicate buds.

11. Yellow Honeysuckle – yet, another rapid growing vine that explodes with beautiful yellow flowers. Wow!

Last but not least, our little pond:

Water lilies and lotus, little fishies and some frogs too.

Garden wildlife: Bull frogs, where are they?

More garden wildlife: Sierra, the “White Jaws”

Dante, the “lazy one”

Our Garden Inventory: Here is a tally of what we have grown thus far, what has died, marginally survived and what is currently flourishing in our continually evolving garden.

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  1. Bobby Liu


    was trying to look up the name of herbs called Xuong Xong and came across your website. Great info, and i’m sure our chef will be happy to sample some of your recipes. like to know if you’ll ever be coming to Hanoi, would be keen to do an event. my restaurant will be opened in June, after renovation from the current bar.

    btw,, what’s the English name for La Xuong Xong? the leaves used to wrap the dish Cha Xuong Xong.

    much appreciated.

    Bobby Liu

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