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Flowering trees, plants & vines

Flowering Plants, Trees & Vines: There are too many to mention, but here is a list of some of our favorites. We’re continually adding new plants and it’s always exciting to see what we’re able to bring home.

1. Flowering Japanese Cherry – a stunning favorite in Spring Time! When the wind blows, the delicate petals display an impressive shower of pink “snow” of petals.

2. Flowering Peach  – another Spring Time favorite. These two magnificent trees are in the front yard. It’s  especially fun to see our neighbors get excited about them every Spring. It’s a joyous occasion for the whole neighborhood!

3. Himalayan Champaca (photo coming soon)

4. Angel Trumpet Trees (photo coming soon)

5. “Orange Dream” Vine – a spectacular vine that explodes with orange trumpet flowers. At it’s peak, the block wall that it climbs over is stunning and covered with orange blossoms.

6. “Madrone” Strawberry Trees – Beautiful red trunks and bark is the hallmark and highlight of these special trees. We have 8 trees and they’re trellised on two arbors, which create a wonderful arch walkway in the garden.

7. Wisteria – a Spring favorite that drapes right outside the window. Looking outside to see this gorgeous vine lets us know that Spring has arrived!

8. Orchids – way too many to count, but they’re mostly cymbidiums that bloom in late Winter, early Spring .

9. Climbing Roses : Red Eden and Pink Eden – gorgeous favorites! We have two iron arches that these roses climb over.  They’re delicate, showy buds are a show stopper in mid summer.

10. Iceberg Roses : White and Purple – what can we say? We LOVE our Icebergs. They bloom continuously and always grace the garden perfectly with their delicate buds.

11. Yellow Honeysuckle – yet, another rapid growing vine that explodes with beautiful yellow flowers. Wow!

Last but not least, our little pond:

Water lilies and lotus, little fishies and some frogs too.

Garden wildlife: Bull frogs, where are they?

More garden wildlife: Sierra, the “White Jaws”

Dante, the “lazy one”

Our Garden Inventory: Here is a tally of what we have grown thus far, what has died, marginally survived and what is currently flourishing in our continually evolving garden.