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Vegetables: These are some basic staples we grow every year. We are pretty much out of garden space right now, but if we had more, there are so many other vegetables we’d like to try to grow. We’re thinking about possibly rotating the vegetables and growing one every other year. But we can’t decide which one to delete from our annual list.

1. Tomatoes, tomatoes and many more tomatoes : Brandywine, Yellow Pear, Sun Golds, Mr. Stripey


Yellow Pear


2. Bell peppers, many varieties : Red, Yellow, Orange, Ivory and Chocolate peppers too!





3. Japanese Long Eggplant (top) and Bianca Rosa eggplant(bottom)


4. Many varieties of carrots : Danvers Half Long, Imperator , purple haze


7. Many varieties of chili peppers. Everything from “oh, thats nothing” to “holy moly! my mouth is burning!”


8. Lots of lettuce: Red leaf, green leaf, red oak, red romaine, green romaine


  • Pineapple salad in two ways: salad with pork and springrolls
  • Vietnamese stuffed squid with lots of garden lettuce

9. Cucumbers: lemon cucumbers


10. Strawberries! -Sequoia & Chandler varieties

11. Carmen Radhiccio

12. Chives

13. Cilantro

14. Beets


15. Swiss Chard


16. Sorrel


17. Fennel Bulb

fennel bulb

Braised Fennel & crispy prosciutto

Our Garden Inventory: Here is a tally of what we have grown thus far, what has died, marginally survived and what is currently flourishing in our continually evolving garden.


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  1. lena

    You guys are an inspiration! We live on the country side of Northern Maryland and have just started our own Victory Garden. Our seedling have sprouted indoors in our sunroom and will soon be ready for transplant into our outside space. What’s going into our garden?
    5 varieties of Heirloom tomato
    Yard Long Cucumber
    Sumter Cucumber
    Baby Yellow , Red, Green peppers
    Summer Squash
    Italian Basil
    Mexican Cilantro
    Red Radish
    2 varieties of Strawberry
    Shorty Carrots
    Baby Spinach
    3 Varieties of Lettuce
    Moon Flower
    Butterfly Weed
    and…. lots of love

    We look forward to watching more of your creative vid’s.

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