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Our Victory Garden


Welcome To Our Victory Garden

Victory Gardens can simply be defined as a movement to grow your own food. Started back as far as World War I, the government encouraged the public to help support the war’s effort by producing  their own food and growing them in their own “war” or “victory” garden. This in turn helps alleviate the pressures of food  supply, rationing, labor and transportation brought on by the war. But today, Victory Gardens have much more significance.

Two wonderful sources of victory garden information can be found at San Francisco’s Victory Garden Project and this article in LA Times by Julie Stern. This big movement to grow your own food has meant replacing plants that were once just “pretty” to now edible.  Landscaping with edible plants is one example of how food can not only nourish, but also beautify our homes at the same time.

Kalamansi Limes (Calamondin Oranges) and Key Limes

We started our very own Victory Garden in 1996, on a little patio of a tiny upper story apartment. Back then, our garden flourished out of small terra cotta pots and other mix matched pots that we found on sale at our local garden store. Our budget and patio space back then limited us to two fruit trees and an army of herb and vegetable seedlings. From that tiny space, we squeezed in what we could fit and afford, and in return, we were rewarded with fresh vegetables and fruit.

So you see? A garden isn’t about having to start with a gigantic back yard space or lots of acreage. Today, victory gardens flourish in front yards, back yards, patio’s, pots, roof tops and window sills.

Today, we have a larger back yard that is the source of our Victory Garden inspiration. Having an edible garden gives us a whole new perspective and appreciation for food production and having  more control of where our food comes from.   From our annual herbs & vegetables, to fruit trees providing fruit all year round, they not only keep us busy and get our hands dirty, but they provides us with a better understanding of what it means to eat locally and seasonally.

It’s empowering to throw seeds into the land, watch them grow, then harvest and prepare them for our daily meals. The garden not only nourishes our bellies, but our minds and spirits as well.

Go grow something today. Start your Victory Garden.

Hooray for home gardeners! Our garden does not take nearly the same amount of effort to run and manage like a working farm, but it certainly keeps us busy and allows us to continue to grow our annual favorites and to experiment with new and exiting varieties of plants and vegetables. We’ve definitely had our fair share of bad luck due to bad plant choices, management, over-watering, under-watering and diseases. But it doesn’t hinder our desire to see something sprout from seed to a full, fruit bearing plant. Now, that is gratification, even if it took 4 attempts.

Below is a little video that we put together of why we love our garden. We once had our whole garden inventory listed on this one page. But the amount of information and pictures was making it difficult for our readers to access. So, we split up the pages into different categories for easier viewing and loading.

Our Garden Inventory: Here is a tally of what we have grown thus far, what has died, marginally survived and what is currently flourishing in our continually evolving garden. { this section is in need of updating. soon! }

Click on the pictures below to visit the sections of our garden:

fruiting-trees-pages Victory Garden Fruiting Vines Page Victory Garden Herbs Page

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Vsit our post HERE, Video # Our Victory Garden Tour to read about the history of our farm-yard .

Watch our Victory Garden Video to get an up close and personal tour

So this is what we do in our spare time, gardening. Hope you have fun in your garden. Even if all you can grow is an herb pot in the window sill of your apartment, just grow something. That’s how we got started, with just one small pot to now a garden of earthly delights!

Go grow something today. Start your Victory Garden.