What do you NOT like to eat?

An interesting conversation came up on our Facebook page the other day about foods kids like to eat. We asked parents what their minions like to eat because we’re planning some kiddie menus for an upcoming project.

We’re kid-less, well at least with the two legged kind. We do have two of those four-legged kids but they eat just about anything, even the bark off our trees. So you see, we can use some help.

Thank goodness for you Parents. What would we do without your input? You can see some of the great insight here.

We grew up eating what ever our parents out on the table. If we didn’t eat, then we starved. There wasn’t such a thing as a “Kids Menu” for us when were growing up. We always believe that when we had kids of our own one day, they’ll eat whatever we eat as well.  Starting them when they’re young to become familiar and open minded to different flavors and textures is the goal. But we know there will be foods that they’d frown on and ultimately ask for a chicken fingers or mac and cheese. We’re totally cool with that because we love our share of chicken fingers and mac and cheese too.

While that my be our philosophy, we certainly don’t expect guest kids to eat the same. They grow up in different environments, different comforts so expecting these kids to eat our stuffed squid, whole fried fish and garlicky fish sauce is totally unrealistic. So we always have a back up menu because that’s the premise to a great dinner party– to have the everyone happy, including the kids.

But we also understand that kids aren’t the only picky eaters. Adults and grown-ups also have our list of things that we’d prefer not to eat.

It’s perfectly ok to have foods we don’t eat. For what ever reason, there are always some foods that don’t resonate with our taste buds or diets.

Food brings us joy, comfort and satisfaction. And most importantly, pleasure.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re pretty open to eating “almost” anything someone feeds us and are always grateful for good home cooked food. But if certain dishes don’t bring us pleasure or joy to eat, we just stay away. Or politely pass it up.

We don’t eat foods for competition, for shock value nor to prove a point. We eat foods that make us happy.

So we’re wanting all of us adults here to lay it all on the table and admit that we can’t scorn little kids for being picky. Adults also have things we don’t like to eat too.

“What foods would you rather not to eat?”

Here’s our list:

Diane: I won’t eat exotic zoo animals, nor most pets. Though if you had a cute pet pig, I’d probably play fetch with it then stay away from bacon for a few weeks.

And I was a vegetarian for almost 20 years and started eating simple meats again since 2008. So any game meat, exotic meat or even lamb and veal will be last on my list.  Lastly, I just don’t like to eat chicken feet. Dad loves it but growing up, I hated it. Gives me the eebie jeebies. No thank you!

Todd: There’s not much I won’t try at least once, although there are some things I won’t go out of my way to eat. I’m not a zombie so I’d rather not eat the brains of anything, although if it were an Indiana Jones moment and it was eat or else offend the host, I probably would try a bit.

Growing up on a cattle ranch, with neighbors few and far in between,  horses and dogs were my friends. No way I’d partake of them unless tricked into it. And fetal duck eggs. They just gross me out.

So whatcha got? What foods are on your “ick” list?


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  1. mcdowelljack1

    I hate anchovies! They’re just slimy and salty and the texture is gross. You can see the tail and the head. They’re just wriggly and damp and gross. Ugh!

    1. Todd & Diane

      Yup, a lot of people have anchovies on their list too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Patti

    I hate offal except in a sausage especially liver, exotic animals, fetal anything, Andrew Zimmerman type meals, bugs, blood or blood cake, most raw fish, live things, frogs, snails and other garden dwellers. I am growing to think chicken wings and chicken in general is gross after 50+ years of consuming it, stinky tofu is too stinky for me, rotten anything, thousand year old eggs, horse, donkey or cats and dogs, raw eggs, the goes on. Loved all the comments especially Gesa Zoellinger Schneiderlist’s comments

  3. Lisa

    I’m a texture person so anything slimy doesn’t work for me. I am also not fond the mealy texture like over ripe apples.

  4. Rae

    the only thing i really can’t stand is raw oysters, they just look like slimy boogers. bleh. other then that, i’ll try anything once.

    on a more delicious note, what are the dishes pictured in this post? the mushroom noodle bowl looks so good!

  5. Helle

    Foie gras, horse and any kind of meat from factory-farmed animals – plus liver – I hate the taste. Shark, blue fin tuna, lobster from those tanks somebody mention further up. Basically any kind of animal that is either threatened or just not treated well. I’ll eat all vegetables and fruit, some I might not like enormously, but there are none I wouldn’t eat.

  6. Val

    olives, pickles…anything really briny…

  7. Dani G.

    I’m with Todd – definitely no brains for me. My mother used to make scrambled calves brains with eggs. Urg. As I age, meat is also moving to the bottom of the list for several reasons. 1. I don’t like the way it’s often raised – won’t eat veal ever, for example and 2. it hates me. I just can’t digest it well anymore. But we were also raised to try a bit of everything, even if just to be polite, so I can suck it up when necessary! 😉

  8. Ann

    Natto. Can’t even look at it. DH loves it, grew up eating it. So there are always a few little styrofoam boxes of it in our freezer. Ick!

  9. RV Goddess

    I’m easy. Any non-kosher animals and offal.

  10. Jaclyn

    I’ve always hated the chewy texture of mushrooms, and the sliminess of tomatoes (even though I love both of the flavors). A recent move to California has me enjoying much better produce and I’m learning that not ALL mushrooms and tomatoes are chewy or slimy! I think this means I’m growing up…

  11. Abbe@This is How I Cook

    Oysters. Love seafood, but not oysters. You might be able to slip them in fried. Don’t like green lipped mussels either. But love PEI’s. No offal. Don’t like slimy dim sum like dishes rolled in steamed rice paper. Oh, and refried beans from a can. The smell reminds me of opening a can of Kennel Ration dog food. Sorry, but my dog did love that. Other than that I’m down for most anything. My kids were good eaters though they wouldn’t touch a salad until they were 7 and saw a friend eating a Ceasar. After that they were good. And both avoided fat on meat, such as on a steak.

  12. Liz N.

    I’ve never been a fan of offals. There are just certain organ meats that creep me out, no matter how well prepared or tasty they may be touted to be. My hubby is a chef and he loves offals. He finally convinced me to try sweetbreads and actually thought they were fine. Liver is off limits. I don’t like the flavor or texture. Finally, I refuse to eat any meats cooked in blood is just NASTY to me (I’m Filipino so I’m referring to ‘dinuguan’). It grosses me out when Filipinos try to describe this dish as ‘chocolate meat’. It’s the furthest thing from the truth! Ick!

  13. Lin

    I did not like any fruits other than apples and bananas growing up. I do like most now, but have to have citrus fruits cut up. It is a texture thing with me. I also ate meats most of my life, but started cutting back due to the humane issues and now I do not like the taste of beef at all. I will eat bacon sometimes and a little chicken and shrimp. I prefer to have the chicken and bacon from a local farm that treats the animals well and has none of those hormones, etc. So basically I eat mostly vegetarian most days. I did not like hominy growing up but did like grits. It is possible I might like it now, just have not tried it since being an adult. I have learned to like so many new foods since eating mostly vegetarian. I always asked my kids to try something, but my grandchildren are almost all very picky!

  14. Jennifer B

    coconut…weird, huh?

  15. Sheila Best

    Great thread…fun to read. I don’t care for organ meats except for pate. Texture is important to me so some sausages give me the heebie jeebies. Also, don’t care for fatty meats, but I can trim it off with amazing skill (lots of years of practice). No balut,…. yuck, no pets or animals killed for sport. I’ve done the insects… been there, done that, don’t need to do it again. I raised my kids to try everything. They had to at least try everything on their plates. So I have vegetarian who is very picky, one who will eat most foods and another who will eat and try anything.

  16. Eileen

    No organ meats, no veal, no balut, and never EVER any durian! So vile! I have a great menudo story…wouldn’t have that again either, unless thoroughly Americanized. I avoid most processed and fast food, but once every two years or so, I have to have a big mac.

  17. terri

    i think i’d try most things once (depending on the context). however, i have an unfortunate sensitivity to cruciferous vegetables. i can’t eat broccoli or cauliflower in any form unless i want to spend several hours curled up on the floor in agony afterwards, but the others are (mostly) okay if cooked (so no coleslaw for me). sad, i know, because broccoli is good for you.

  18. Missy

    From a taste perspective, there are only a few things I can’t tolerate: Olives – just awful, even the smell. Fennel/star anise/aniseed. Anything coconut. The only coconut exception is Girl Scout Samoas – I could eat my body weight in those cookies!

    From a general aversion perspective, most of the more abstract meats and organs – especially dog. In Hanoi, I lived down the street from at place that only sold thit cho and had to run by it every day. Also, blood sausage. Just knowing that the main ingredient is congealed blood makes me shudder with disgust.

  19. cindy

    I could never do an eyeball and brains would be a struggle too. I don’t want/need to eat pets or exotic animals, so I don’t. There are a few other foods that aren’t my favorite, but I’ll try different preparations if offered…and, I kind of hate raisins. I feel like I should like them, but I just don’t.

  20. Ma ry Anderson

    Fetal duck eggs??? Ewww. Who knew you could ever be served such a thing. The only thing that I have actually tried that I do not care for is Octopus. It’s a texture thing *shudder*. As for my children…My daughter is living proof that one can live on pasta and cheese for a decade. And my son would have eaten lasagna every day of his childhood if I had let him. I did some things to combat these tendencies that I think worked. Number one, while I did give in often to their entree choices, I had a rule that they had to take one bite of everything served since tastes change as we get older. I always served a big salad into which I thew every raw vegetable I had on hand. Most kids will eat anything covered in ranch dressing. I also had fruit (grapes, berries, apple slices, etc.) on the counter (this part is important, kids and husbands cannot seem to find anything in the fridge) washed and ready to go. Often I would put out veggies and ranch dressing (see above) as I would cook dinner and they loved it. One final note. You can hide vegetables in spaghetti sauce, etc if you puree them first. Also many kids will eat things they normally would not if they are on a pizza or in a quesadilla. I have even put soft tofu into mashed potatoes to give my daughter some protein. Hope this helps.

  21. Catherine McCord

    Lamb! I just can’t do it!

  22. Auntie Em

    My top 3 dislikes (in no particular order): salmon, olives, and cantaloupe. I don’t care for the flavor of cantaloupe at all. I keep trying salmon and olives, because they are so good for you, but I still don’t like them.

    I grew up (and still live) in the Midwest, and have eaten lots of game, like deer, rabbit, and pheasant. I have also tried chucker (small game bird), elk, and wild boar. When my brother and I were growing up, our parents would have us eat as many bites of something we didn’t like (or thought we didn’t like) as we were old (9 years old, 9 bites). It didn’t work very often, but my brother and I both have palates that encompass a wide variety of likes and dislikes (he’ll eat sushi, but refuses to eat cooked fish of any kind). I’m so glad they made us try new things!

  23. Penny

    Very interesting comments. I didn’t realize that there were so many edible animal parts – but have to say I would not be so adventurous in that area. Since I moved to Pennsylvania, I have been amazed at how people LOVE their scrapple – though I have no desire to try it. Tofu – I would have to say no thank you to that one too. Growing up, we used to have bologna steaks on the grill – at the time, I thought they were great – but no longer a fan of bologna, Spam, hot dogs or anything deep fried.

    I would much rather flavor food with spices and seasonings than processed flavors and too much salt. I love fresh food, grilled meats, all veggies and fruits. I love to cook at home – restaurant food isn’t as appealing as it used to be.

  24. Angee Robertson

    I wish I was one of those kids whose parents had her discover different foods at an early age. I am a picky eater. I mean I don’t just eat chicken fingers and mac & cheese but I don’t like cauliflower or most vegetables. I like the basic veggies, corn, acorn squash, green beens, broccoli, carrots and I even like roasted brussel sprouts. I am big on texture so that is part of my problem. If it is squishy or jellied, I don’t want it. I live in Florida and I wish I loved oysters but I don’t. Really stinks because we have some great ones here. Fruit is another thing I am very picky with. I live most berries, oranges, apples, bananas and I wish I loved cantaloupe. I have tried and tried to like it but just can’t. My mom makes it look so good as she would cut the cantaloupe up in to wedges, add salt and pepper and then dive in slurping because the juice would be running down her chin. She made it seem like it was so good. As I get older, my tastes are changing and I am eating more things I never thought I would so maybe there is hope yet!

  25. angelitacarmelita

    Oddly enough, what I really want now are the ramen in the lead shot…. those look amazing…

  26. Cynthia A.

    As a former chef I was constantly blown away by what people would not eat. My all time favorite was a woman who did not like peas. She ordered a salad for lunch which had fresh peas on top. Instead of telling her waiter she didn’t like peas, or was allergic to them, or quietly rolling them onto her bread plate she got rid of them herself by jettisoning them off to the four corners of the dining room with her fork. That’s right, she flung the peas with her fork away from her salad, hitting other tables, customers, and the floor in the process. The waitstaff and floor manager didn’t know what to do other than call me to witness this insanity. Can you say crazy?
    Myself, I like pretty much everything, including peas.

  27. harveys mom

    Great question, Diane and Todd,
    Happy New Year!!!
    I don’t eat beef, lamb, pork. But the one thing I really haven’t acquired a taste for is Papaya. I love mango, pineapple, cheramoya, all fruits and veggies. Maybe green papaya camoflaged in a dish.
    How are the puppies?

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Happy New Year! Pups are good. Sierra is under constant harassment from Lexi, who is now bigger than Sierra. Lexi is a bratty puppy teen. But she has her sweet moments ;).

  28. Martha

    Bok choy …..taste like urine smells…..sorry

  29. angelitacarmelita

    This is crazy… I will literally eat ANYTHING, tendon, yes, even chicken feet, but I cannot get my head around liver…. oh I’ve tried, pate, beautifully presented chicken liver at special Holidays, even rumaki for gosh sakes and that’s got bacon wrapped around it! and I really, really want to like it, but I just can’t get it down with making a face. The other thing that I won’t even pretend that I’d like to eat, although again, I’ve tried several times is sea urchin, or uni, for some reason, the flavor is disgusting to me…

  30. amy

    I’m a pretty adventurous eater…However I’ve never been a big fan of bitter melon. Never found one I thoroughly enjoyed.

    For the most part…I’ll try anything at least once.

    I don’t mind offal at all so as long as it’s properly made (as in….They make it so it tastes good!)

  31. Maria

    Green peppers and offal. Not big on oysters and mussels, either.

  32. Brandon

    I had a mental list of foods I didn’t like when I saw this post on your front page, but reading your text and all the comments, that list has tripled! I’m actually a chef, but I guess I’m also a picky eater (although I’ll try anything). I actually just had kidneys a few months ago, and they were great! The items on my list that surprise most people are shellfish (shrimp and lobster especially disgust me), arugula, and cilantro.

  33. Eva @FoodVegetarisch

    Since I remember, which means even when I was a child, I loved to eat all kind of vegetables and I hated to eat meat… no ideas how this has happened because there were no vegetarians at home. And these days I still do not like any experiments when it comes to meat (which I also still eat reather seldom) and I am still a vegetable lover.

  34. Gloria - The Ginger Snap Girl

    Olives. Anise flavored foods. Salmon.

  35. Herbivore Triathlete

    I don’t eat animal products of any kind; meat, dairy, eggs, etc. I’m also not a big fan of olives. I avoid pineapple due an allergy. Otherwise, I’ll pretty much try anything.

    This thread is great, I love to see what others will and won’t eat!

  36. Jaimie

    I can’t eat onions or bell peppers. Onions will make me outright sick. I love shallots, leeks, garlic, and scallions, but regular onion is unbearable. If it’s cooked into something, like a marinara sauce, I can tolerate it, but raw onion is a no go. Bell pepper I just don’t like. It seems to overtake any dish it’s in. I hate papayas. I don’t like cooked spinach, although I love it raw as a salad. I think chicken and turkey are bland and unappealing.

    I also tend to steer away from pork and veal. Veal for the obvious humane issues, and pork because well, pigs are smarter than dogs and we share 96% of our genes with them, and it just seems really wrong. But all of my meat I try to get from humane sources, like the farmer’s market. I love pretty much all game meat and fish. That krab imitation stuff I can’t stand.

  37. Nicole

    I’m not a picky eater, and can pretty much tolerate anything. People aren’t too adventurous with food in the Midwest where I grew up, so I never felt like I have to say that the one thing I CAN NOT eat is quiche. I don’t know what it is, I like all the individual components. Pie crust (love pie). I like eggs and omelets which are essentially the same thing. It must be the smell of the combination of the two, but I can’t bear to bring it to my lips.
    Many years ago, when I was still living in the Midwest and working as a fundraiser for a large non-profit I was invited to a donors house for dinner. They even asked it there was anything I didn’t like, and of course I said I would eat anything. Big mistake, that night I had to ask them for a huge gift to the organization and as soon as I walked in the door I could smell the quiche. It took everything in me to get through dinner. They realized something was wrong when I turned white and started sweating at the dinner table. It is the strangest thing! Luckily, everyone just assumed I had become suddenly ill. I made it through dinner, but now I always say, “I don’t eat quiche”.

  38. Deanna

    The only thing that really comes to mind for me is bananas. I don’t think its the texture because textures almost never bother me, but I think its the smell. Every once in a while I’ll get a craving for a banana, I’ll eat 1/2 of it, then decide I still don’t like them. I don’t mind them so much when they’re cooked.

  39. Elise

    I’m not a big fan of brains or menudo. Eyeballs are crunchy, have eaten squid eyeballs once, don’t need to do so again. I think my number one avoid has to be natto.

  40. Joanne

    Hmm, when my son was very young, he would eat just about anything put in front of him. Granted he had to eat all the protein, then move on to the veggie, then the starch in that order.. He preferred steamed whole fish above all else. Watching a 3 yo eat a whole large steamed fish was pretty interesting. He didn’t like avocado, even as a baby trying new foods. Doesn’t like anything fried besides french fries. Now he’s a picky teen eater, and only wants typical teen food, but still will inhale fish. Loves eat at the bar at the sushi restaurant. Doesn’t eat as many veggies as he used to. Says he hates asparagus now.

    I will try anything once. I used to like snails, but now I don’t, still don’t like mutton, and never enjoyed sea cucumber.

  41. Jenn

    Several condiments I can’t stand, such as mayonnaise or ketchup. I also have a serious aversion to cooked carrots, though I eat them anyways despite my disdain for them because they are good for you and cheap to buy. I also have never liked drinking milk from a glass. For baking or making puddings and custards? Sure. But drinking it not so much.

  42. Loretta | A Finn In The Kitchen

    I guess I like almost all “normal” foods, but I don’t like tofu, vegetable oil, and margarine. They all gross me out.

    I’ve never had anything too exotic, but I can’t imagine liking brains…

  43. Katy

    Hmm, I have an odd selection – avocado, it’s a texture and flavour thing, it just tastes too fatty for me. I eat very little meat, and can’t stand the fat on it, and I’m not an offal fan, nor do I like chicken on the bone (thighs/drumsticks) or turkey at all. I eat little fish, but love seafood, and I can’t eat cooked carrots on their own (in something else it’s fine, and I love raw ones) I have a deathly allergy to bananas and kiwi fruit, so I avoid them (even the smell of bananas makes me sick). I prefer exotic fruits to apples/pears/oranges, probably due to the childhood in exotic locations!

    Saying that though, I grew up in an ‘eat it or get it for your next meal’ house, so I ate liver and/or kidneys and rice for years when my mother cooked it (no, she never found a way to make me like the taste), and I ate fish there. I’ve eaten a range of game, and actually don’t mind them, but avoid the mad insects and mopane worms!

  44. HunyBadger

    I pretty much agree with the no pets/eyeballs/brains/organs (including liver pate) approach. I also get the heevies from chicken bones, so no buffalo wings, drumsticks, chicken feet etc. Meat, in general is beginning to turn me off as well (except for pork/bacon/sausage – which *I know* makes no sense but there you have it.) I could easily forgo eggplant and okra until the end of time. Don’t dislike lobster but don’t see what all the fuss is about.

    LOVE fennel though and beets! Can’t imagine a day without beets, to be honest. Love fish (without heads) and other things from the sea, including urchin and fish eggs. Insects? sure but no kimchi or fermented shark, thank you very much.

  45. wyatthawaii

    When I started dating my now husband, he wasn’t eating red meat. Almost 28 years later, we still don’t eat red meat but I will say I love the smell of steak on the grill. Other than that, we are adventurous eaters to a point. While we love Asian food of all kinds, we stay away from entrails and eyeballs. Our daughters grew up eating whatever we did and I always laughed at parents who would complain their kids would only eat chicken nuggets and hot dogs – I mean, who was giving them chicken nuggets and hot dogs in the first place? The grandparents had permission to feed them burgers, but my 22 year old made the decision as a teenager to avoid red meat like we did. You do your kids no favors if you cater to them and become a short order cook. Life is full of great food, so go out and try it!

  46. Victoria

    You will be surprised.


  47. Andi

    I am not big on pets (although I inadvertently ate dog once a long time ago in China) and probably most things Andrew Zimmern does, but barring that I can’t stand bitter greens like endives and frisee – I want to love them and try them often, but never like it!

  48. kaela

    The list is long and varied: mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, mushrooms, eggplant, fruit pies, custardy things, foie gras and other organ meats, seafood of any kind (or seaweed – blech), beef and most game meats. I *have* eaten alligator, turtle, ostrich, bear, elk, bison, rattlesnake and Mopane worms, among other things (along with some highly questionable street food during 5 weeks in Korea that we’ll try not to think about) so it’s not a question of not being daring as much as it is that I’m simply a picky eater.

    I often joke that I’m the pickiest food blogger on the planet; but at least it makes me sympathetic with the new normal of everyone having some sort of food restriction.

  49. KG

    Oranges, pineapple, and olives top my list. Oranges and orange juice make me nauseous, though orange-flavored foods, such as orange chicken or orange cake, are usually delicious. Pineapple, on the other hand, I can’t take no matter how you cook it. Olives were a recent addition for me. I’d never tried one, since my mom had always hated them, but when I finally got my hands on one to try, I just about had a revisitation from my lunch. They taste like motor oil to me.

    I don’t eat offal, though I admit I don’t really have a chance frequently, or bugs. I’m sorry. They’re BUGS.

  50. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    I dont eat meat but will thaw out chicken nuggets for my husband or make a him a sandwich with deli meat but I really don’t cook it other than turkey for Thanksgiving.

    My own weird things are I don’t like garlic or onions. At all. Like I hate them! The smell comes out of my pores for days and I can smell it lingering! I never cook with them, either! I also use very very very little added salt in food. Mindful about that. But bring on the cinnamon or vanilla extract, I could and do pour those on!

    Great post & comments to read!

  51. Aleksandra

    I don’t eat meat. I just could not digest it. And oysters. It seems weird for me to eat them raw. Oh, and i’ve got bad childhood memories with millet and pearl barley so i don’t eat them ever since.

  52. Munchabout

    I eat a lot of things. I’m very adventurous when it comes to food.

    I’ve eaten (and liked) grasshoppers, duck bills, liver, tripe, brains, sweetbreads, balut, raw horsemeat and chicken (only in Japan where I trust it to be safe). I’m a huge fan of smelly cheeses, durian, and kimchi. I can even eat stinky tofu and natto.

    But there’s one food item that I steer clear of.

    Chicken breast.

    It has zero flavor, and is often tough, dry and overcooked, sometimes to the point that it feels like I’m chewing on a mouthful of sawdust.

  53. jamie @ green beans & grapefruit

    I always find what people won’t eat interesting. There are so many reasons behind the aversions and it’s funny how subjective flavor and texture can be.

    I myself will pretty much eat anything but my taste buds just don’t take to olives or beets! I SO want to like them, but just don’t. (If they’re properly paired with other flavors I can sometimes make myself tolerate ’em!) Fun post!

  54. Karen

    This is so interesting! No lobster (my grocery store has a tank – I find it incredibly sad, seeing those creatures piled in there, shuffling around their mere inches of space – I’m scarred for life, I think). No shredded coconut (it’s a texture thing … a very, very bad texture thing. Coconut milk, marvelous; shredded, gagging ensues). No organ meats (I do support the respectful practice of nose-to-tail consumption, but I just can’t stomach … so to speak … liver, kidney, etc.) Meat pies – oh, goodness, the quickest way for me to lose my appetite is to place a meat pie before me (and that includes shepherds pie, chicken pot pie, hachis parmentier … {shudder}. I have no idea the source of that aversion, but strong it is). Habanero chilis – in my college years, I once stuffed a scotch bonnet pepper (habanero’s cousin) in my mouth, whole, thinking it was an adorable little sweet bell pepper. And then tried to put out the fire with water. There may have been hallucinations, and possibly some lost time, I’m not sure, the incident is all a blur. But I now give all cute little pillows of chili peppers a very wide berth. Although I do love sriracha and harissa. Go figure.

  55. Kate @ Savour Fare

    To be fair, you asked what kids (generally) like to eat. Not what your kids like, or what you feed your kids. I feed my kids mostly what we eat, and have since thing 1 was tiny (last night was pot roast and salad, though she demanded kale salad) but she’s not a reliable fan of anything except her own quirky list — carbs and sweets, ham sandwiches, salami, bacon, carrots, any fruit, coffee, yogurt. Though she’ll surprise me by inhaling things sometimes (garlic creamed spinach, brussels sprouts with nuoc cham), that’s never an indicator that she’ll eat the same thing next time I serve it. And I know some of her friends who won’t eat ANYTHING green (vegetarian family), or ANYTHING at all. Anyway, that’s a long way of saying “Kids eat what they eat – the parents’ habits only play a small role, and every kid is different.”

    What I won’t eat – I will try almost everything to be polite, though I, too, draw the line at pets, and I don’t like lots of organ meat (liver is OK, and marrow, but I dislike the texture of sweetbreads and brains, and the flavor of tripe and I cannot abide the taste of kidneys). I am also not a big fan of cucumbers, though I’ll eat them at, say, a kaiseki meal (I will pick them out of grocery store sushi or banh mi, however). I’ve eaten insects and they were fine, but I don’t regularly add them to my diet, and while the deep fried crickets were OK, I drew the line at waterbugs and grubs (ewwww). I like a lot of things that others don’t, though – looking at the list above, lamb, sea urchin, fennel are all major favorites of mine.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      kate- I didn’t realize there was a difference on what I asked, and based on the answers, we all generally got the point. All great answers. 🙂

  56. Manda

    Brains. I’ve had them and they taste…brainy. No domesticated pets (wouldn’t say no to hare but not fluffy bun buns). Cilantro and raw onions with the exception of taco truck tacos. I’ve never had balut and it’s something I’m willing to try if I’m in the mood and one was presented to me. Bittermelon though it is tolerable when my Filipino BF’s dad cooks it.

  57. jaime @ sweet road

    I am actually a pretty adventurous eater, but I don’t eat land meat for personal reasons. If I were a meat eater I would try anything once! I have been having some trouble with fish lately… I love fish, but every now and then I come across some really fishy fish (teehee!) and I just can’t do it.

  58. cheryll

    Fish. I can tolerate shellfish, but anything with fins/scales tastes gamey – “fishy” and I just don’t like it. I wish I could, since it’s healthy, but can’t.

  59. Carla

    The only thing I won’t eat is celery… It’s just… Weird…

  60. Gesa Zoellinger Schneider

    No brains of any kind. No veal. No fertilized eggs. No sea urchin (yuck) nothing that is still alive with the exception of an oyster. Cartiladge? Ohhh no no no! makes me want to gag! no tripe. no stomach. no rocky mountain oysters. eeew! no turtle, no shark fin soup; oh and no beets. i find no value in a beet. no heart of any animal…..no big cats; no antilope or exotic animal. I’d rather eat beans and veggies instead. Interesting thread!

  61. Heather

    I’ll pretty much eat anything except meat. It’s a curse.

  62. saVUryandsweet

    hi diane and todd! happy new year 🙂 i’m a very bad foodie and a worse vietnamese daughter. i don’t eat chao long, balut (hot vit), offal, bean sprouts, fish eyes (mom’s fav), or much fish for that matter, insects, the list goes on. i ain’t no zimmern and i’m proud of it.

  63. TheKitchWitch

    No offal. Just can’t do it. I dissected a raw chicken wing in 4th grade and haven’t eaten one since; just watching people eat them skeebs me out. A fellow fennel hater. Stuffing–it’s soggy bread, people! Quail is just too tiny for me; I picture eating a parrot or something. After working for a catering company in high school, I will NEVER eat tuna, chicken or egg salad that someone else has made. *shudder* The one leftover thing that I hated as a child that I still hate today: cooked carrots. Gag.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Dana- Parrot? lol!!

  64. Kris

    Arugula! I know that is some sort of cardinal sin for a food-enthusiast, but I honestly cannot stand the taste. At least I can say Julia Child hated arugula too. =P

  65. Gerry @ Foodness Gracious

    There’s nothing I wont try once but I hate the jelly around pate! I have to scrape it off…. 🙁

  66. Kristina Waters

    for me, brains and eyeballs that look like eyes are an instant no go. Brains because I’m terrified of mad cow, and eyeballs, I’m ok if it’s fish, or shrimp, but if it’s big and looks human, however vaguely, I can’t.

    Cartilage I can’t eat, because I don’t like the crunchiness of it-I shudder every time the Badger chews the cartilage off his chicken.

    Fennel is something I steer clear of, because I can’t deal with the anise flavor.

    Other than those, I can’t really think of anything I “won’t/wouldn’t” eat.

  67. Sean

    Oranges. Never liked ’em. In fact the smell of freshly peeled orange rind nauseates me. Also not a big fan of organ meats in general. Though sweetbread, treated well, can be lovely.

  68. Caroline

    Unfortunately I don’t like fatty meat so even though everybody raves about pork belly, I can’t imagine biting into this much fat! I used to hate mushrooms with a passion but lately I have been eating some again and sort of enjoying it so there is hope. I don’t want to eat those fetal duck eggs either, or shark fin’s soup, horse meat, insects,…Can’t think of anything else right now but I am sure there is a lot more…Oh yeah, beef heart (tried it in Peru and hated the chewy rubbery texture).

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